Volume 2 | June 23, 2020
The Presbyark Update
Keeping the Presbytery of Arkansas informed.
July 23, 2020
The Presbyark Update should arrive in each of your inboxes every 2nd and 4th Thursday . They will also be posted on facebook at Presbyark Connect and on our website, presbyark.org under News and Events and on the Home page . If you are not receiving this in your email, first check your junkmail and promotions. If it's not there, let Julie Price know at julietannerprice@gmail.com and we will work together to straighten out the problem.

General Presbyter, Stewart Smith , will be taking a much needed week of vacation July 27 - 31.

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Pastors, CREs, Church Leader Meeting Update
Thank you for all your thoughtful responses to our email survey about these meetings. We heard a number of you would like to continue having Friday mornings meetings. Another group requested Monday or Wednesday meetings. Some asked for once a month and others twice month and a few responded that they didn't feel they want any meetings.

We have decided that we will give you four monthly meeting options and you can choose when and how often you'd like to join us. Starting in August, we will meet the first and third Fridays and second and fourth Wednesdays. So our August dates will be the 7th, 12th, 21st, and 26th. All meetings will be at 10:00am on the presbytery's zoom account. Mark them on your calendar now, but we will post reminders in the Updates and on Facebook. Links will be sent out via email.

To finish out July, we will have one more meeting this Friday morning at 10:00am.
Hope to see you there.
The Anti-Racism Capacity Building Series

The Synod of the Sun is holding a series of four webinars on Dismantling Anti-Racism. They will be held on four consecutive Fridays beginning August 14. The Mission of the Church Committee has paid the registration fee for our presbytery, so anyone in Arkansas Presbytery is invited to sign up and participate. We will publish information from the Synod on registering and more on our website and facebook as soon as it's available.
Click Here to read more about the sessions.
We hear so many questions and concerns about when and how to open churchs safely. Here are some regularly updated resource pages with helpful documents for easy reference:
Join the Youth A-Team!
Do you want to help plan events in the Presbytery of Arkansas? Do you want to get to know your fellow youth from around our Presbytery better? Do you want to be more involved with Youthquakes and summer trips?

Then sign up to be a part of the Presbytery's Youth Advisory Team! Check out this video of our 2019-20 YAT seniors! 

We are accepting applications for three types of delegates:
  • Youth delegate – 10th-12th grade in 2020-2021 school year
  • Young Adult delegate – high school graduate through age 22
  • Adult delegate – 23 or older

By applying, you are committing to attending two Youth A-Team meetings (late August and late January), joining a smaller planning team to help put on an A-Team event (Youthquake, Youth @ Presbytery, Summer Trips, etc.), and attending at least one A-Team event.

Apply here by next Friday, July 31, 2020
Presbytery Zoom Offer Will End

Connecting with our congregations during coronavius has made having a zoom subscription a necessary ministry tool. But budgets can be tight, especially these days. The presbytery understands that and wants to help. Contact Julie at julietannerprice@gmail.com today and we will pay for a 1 year zoom subscription for your church.
This offer will end August 31!
Thriving Ministry Grant Update
Many thanks to all pastors and Clerks of Session who gave their time and effort to fill in 3 electronic surveys and to those who were willing to be a part of the 6 follow-up 'listening' sessions.  We also thank the leadership conveners, elders and pastors from our Presbytery who helped conduct the sessions.  These efforts were part of the "Thriving in Ministry" grant, brought to us by Rich Dunsworth of the University of the Ozarks with the ultimate goal of securing a million dollar grant from the Lilly Foundation to help support our pastors and enrich the lives of our local congregations. Phase One should be completed in a number of weeks so that the grant can be submitted.  We'll keep you posted on this exciting opportunity.

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