Volume 16 | February 18, 2021
The Presbyark Update
Keeping the Presbytery of Arkansas informed.
February 18, 2021
146th Meeting of the Presbytery of Arkansas
The Presbytery of Arkansas will hold its Spring meeting March 5-6, 2021 utilizing Zoom technology. All are invited to attend!!!  Click here for details.
“We’re Listening”: February 23 at 11am
Pictured is the ‘littlest’ volunteer in the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance’s “Gleaning Program,” one of their many, creative initiatives in combating hunger in Arkansas. Their director Kathy Webb will be our guest on “We’re Listening” February 23rd at 11am on the Presbytery’s zoom room. Click here for more details or email Carol Clark (cbclark05@aol.com). To visit the Alliance’s website go to www.arhungeralliance.org
Presbytery Profiles
Kim Palmer, the Presbytery's Administrator, has been on staff since September of 2019. Click here to read about her "crazy wild background" and discover how she keeps us all organize.
Pastor/Church Professional Meetings:
New Look, New Time
In this New Year, we thought we would try some new things with our Pastor/Church Professional meetings. We will be scheduling some of them around the various ways that people serve - retired pastors, pastors with children, pastors currently serving, people in validated ministries, etc., or we may designate a meeting with topics that we think pastors might enjoy 'chewing' on together. All of the meetings will be very relaxed, advice free unless advice is requested, not strictly focused on the topic of the day, and a time to enjoy and get to know one another.  

Our next meeting will take place Wednesday February 24th at 1pm for all Pastors/Church Professionals with the light-hearted topic "My most embarrassing moment in ministry or things in worship that went horribly wrong, but turned out allright"  

Youth News
The registration deadline for Youth @ Presbytery has been extended to this Friday, February 19. Click here to register. Click here to watch a video from our Youth Moderator Lindsay Seme encouraging us all to join her for Y@P!

To register for March 7th "Sundays Together"click here.
Matthew 25 Challenge
The Youth A-Team is challenging the Presbytery youth and YA’s to collectively donate $1,200 to the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering! This offering is collected nation-wide and supports the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Presbyterian Hunger Program, and Self-Development of People. 

How do you participate?
1- Collect donations from your group for the One Great Hour of Sharing offering throughout the season of Lent.
2- All donations will be handled through your church. 
3- Report your group collections by clicking this link.

Join us for the Matthew 25 Challenge!
Ferncliff high-lighted by Presbyterian Mission
LOUISVILLE — For those looking to experience Holy Week in a new and interesting way, the Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center has a solution, Easter-in-a-Basket. More...
Don't Miss This Easter Planning Webinar!
At our Lenten Forum a few weeks ago, we talked about having an Easter brainstorming webinar, BUT, I watched a webinar last week sponsored by Amplify Media that did a such a great job that now I highly recommend everyone click here and watch this one. The panelist talk about worship and programming ideas for all sizes of churches.

Access a list of other resources to help spark your imaginations in planning for Lent/Easter 2021. This Resource List is updated regularly.

Contact Julie Price at 501-626-6477 or julietannerprice@gmail.com with questions and comments.
A PCUSA Ash Wednesday Service
If you missed your Ash Wednesday service due to the winter weather, here is one you can participate in that the Presbyterian Church (USA) has provided for congregational use online. It features liturgy and music in English, Spanish and Korean. The 40-minute pre-recorded service was filmed at the Center's chapel in Louisville, Kentucky. Click here to read more and access the video.
Congregational Directory
Thanks to our new in-C database, we now have a public congregational directory of all the churches in our Presbytery available on the presbyark.org website at the bottom of the home page. Thanks to everyone for helping us make this accurate. Click here to access and anytime changes or additions need to be made, please notify Kim Palmer at kim@presbyark.org.
NEXT Church National Gathering, March 5-7
This year’s NEXT Church National Gathering will be a FREE “live-streamed” event for all church leaders. Usually, people will travel from all over the country for a conference that features presentations, workshops, worship services and discussion groups. Due to the pandemic, this year’s National Gathering does not require any travel to attend. 

Perhaps some of you are unfamiliar with NEXT Church and are wondering what it is. From their website – “NEXT Church is a network of leaders — church members, ruling elders, youth leaders, educators, pastors, seminarians — across the Presbyterian Church (USA) who believe the church of the future will be more relational, more diverse, more collaborative, more hopeful and more agile. We provide hopeful space for robust conversations about the theology, culture, and the practice of ministry, support strong, faithful leadership in a time of adaptive change, and encourage collaboration and creativity across congregations and geographies. We are fostering a conversation about how to follow Christ in our particular day and age. We are a movement seeking to strengthen the relational fabric of the PC(USA) so that our congregations are strong and healthy enough to be a sustained, effective, faithful and moral voice that is engaged in the transformation of our communities toward the common good.

You can find more information and register to attend the free conference at nextchurch.net.  
EV Charging Stations at Your Church
Is your church interested in doing something to help make a positive impact on the environment? Then look into putting EV charging stations in your parking lot. Click here to read a message from Scharmel Roussel with AR Interfaith Power and Light to learn more about how your congregation can take part in this project.

This is time sensitive for applying for grants.

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