Volume 15 | February 4, 2021
The Presbyark Update
Keeping the Presbytery of Arkansas informed.
February 4, 2021
Gratitude for Abundant Giving
On behalf of the Committee on Administration, I want to share great news and heartfelt gratitude for the financial contributions our congregations made to the Presbytery of Arkansas in 2020. During a year when Covid-19 forced a major disruption into our lives and ministry plans, congregations contributed over $585,000 to the Presbytery of Arkansas. This represents over 99% of our budgeted amount of $590,000 and only about $3,000 less than what we received in 2019.  Click here to read more.
Email Scams!
This is another reminder to beware of email scams that pretend to come from one of the staff members of the Presbytery of Arkansas. A favorite trick of email scammers is to send out a fake email that seems to come from someone you know and trust. The emails may say the person is on a trip and has had their money and documents stolen and asking for help. They may say they are soliciting money or gift cards for a good cause. Some of you received an email pretending to be from me (Stewart) this past week. 
Please check the email address closely. Emails from me will come from Stewart@presbyark.org. I will never ask you for gift cards or financial help!!
If you are ever in doubt about such an email, please DO NOT REPLY and feel free to call me or text me 479-466-0195 and speak with me directly. 
Presbytery Profiles
Rev. Carol Clark is the Presbytery Builder. She began this job on March 1 of 2020 and has been a creative, energetic, caring presence on this staff since day one. Click here to learn more about Carol and the work she loves doing.
Pastor/Church Professional Meetings:
New Look, New Time
In this New Year, we felt our regular Pastor/Church Professional meetings needed a makeover. So, we will be scheduling some of them around the various ways that people serve - retired pastors, pastors with children, pastors currently serving, people in validated ministries, etc.  OR we may designate a meeting with topics that we think pastors might enjoy 'chewing' on together such as "The Pulpit and Politics Balancing Act";  "Social Media - the perils and the blessing;" "Regrouping when you're down and out in ministry" and others, including ones that you suggest.  All of the meetings will be very relaxed, advice free unless advice is requested, not strictly focused on the topic of the day, and a time to enjoy and get to know one another.  
Take note of the two February meetings: 
Friday, February 12th at 10am for our retired pastors
Wednesday February 24th at 1pm for all Pastors/Church Professionals with the light-hearted topic "My most embarrassing moment in ministry or things in worship that went horribly wrong, but turned out allright"  

Youth: Sign Up By February 15!
To register for March 7th Sundays Together, click here.

To register for Youth @ Presbytery, click here!
Matthew 25 Challenge
The Youth A-Team is challenging the Presbytery youth and YA’s to collectively donate $1,200 to the One Great Hour of Sharing Offering! This offering is collected nation-wide and supports the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Presbyterian Hunger Program, and Self-Development of People. 

How do you participate?
1- Collect donations from your group for the One Great Hour of Sharing offering throughout the season of Lent.
2- All donations will be handled through your church. 
3- Report your group collections by clicking this link.

Join us for the Matthew 25 Challenge!
Lent & Easter 2021 Planning
Ash Wednesday is less than two weeks away. Do you need access to ideas and resources? We're here to help!

Access an ever-growing list of resources to help spark your imaginations in preparing for Lent/Easter 2021. This Resource List is updated regularly.

Contact Julie Price at 501-626-6477 or julietannerprice@gmail.com with questions and comments.
Our next Presbytery meeting will take place Friday and Saturday, March 5 and 6. This will be an online meeting. About two weeks ahead of the meeting you will be able to register at presbyark.org and packets will become available. Watch for details.

Our June Presbytery meeting will take place Saturday, June 5 and will also be virtual.
A New Training Resource for Ruling Elders and Deacons
The PC(USA) has created a new training resource for ruling elders and deacons. "Coming Alive in Christ: Training for PC(USA) Ruling Elders and Deacons based on the Constitutional Questions" is the first initiative launched as part of the Church’s Year of Leader Formation. The free multi-session resource is offered through EQUIP, the Church’s online training platform. 

Click here to learn more.
"Giving Back For Hunger"
Join the Arkansas Foodbank the weekend of February 12-14 and give back in a hunger weekend. This initiative offers Arkansas’ faith communities special opportunities to serve hungry children and families through volunteering or organizing food and fund drives in their congregations. 

Click here to learn more.

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