Volume 1 | Issue 1 Fall 2018
Rally Commission Newsletter
At the Rally meeting held Race Week 2018, communication between the Rally Commission derby families was a top concern. One solution for this issue resulted in the implementation of this newsletter. There will be a Rally Commission newsletter 2-3 times each year. There has also been a Rally Commission page added to soapboxderby.org where you can find more information and updates.
What is the Rally Commission?
The Rally Commission, as appointed by the International Soap Box Derby Inc., is the body responsible for overseeing the Rally Program. Responsibilities of the Rally Commission includes writing, reviewing, interpreting and enforcing Rally Program Rules. C-1.01 ISBD Rule Book.

Who are current Rally Commission Members?

We are members from various regions all over the country that have been involved with soap box derby in both the Rally Programs and the Local Programs.

Our objective is to ensure fair and honest competition. We are a group of creative thinkers that like to explore alternative solutions & ideas to problems through collaboration.

We meet once a month throughout the year, by teleconference, to discuss issues, ideas, rule changes and anything else that will help race families. Our elections are done at our annual meeting held during race week. 

Chair:    Alan Howe
2nd Chair: Gene Blackwell
Secretary: Lisa Carpenter
Members: Jamey Allen
         Bo Donovan 
        Bill Graham 
        Brian Graham
        Marco Juarez
        Buzz Pankoff
        Anne Taylor

Congratulations to Lynne Collier on her retirement. We thank her for her peerless performance during her many years at ISBD. Lynne’s work with our commission has been marked by unsurpassed efficiency and excellence. She has been an inspiration to us all. We will miss her very much. We wish her all the best!
Thank You!

The Rally Commission thanks Morgan Garner for the tremendous job that she has done for the derby over the past few years as Events Manager. Congratulations and best wishes to Morgan on her new job.

Q & A

Q: When can you start the single elimination race for a division?

A: When the final four in the double elimination race for that division has been reached.

Current Discussion Topics for 2018/2019
  • Communication and Transparency
  • Newsletter
  • Brainstorming ideas to ensure competitive Rally racing beyond the 180-point guarantee.
  • Points system
  • Race Week Challenge Races
  • Reviewing to make improvements for 2019 and beyond.
  • Penalty after finish line
  • Line judge procedure
  • Communication process between all areas of the track.
  • Reviewing processes for accuracy and efficiency.
  • Continuing education/ certification program for directors
  • Improving the Race Week Rally meeting
Know the Rules
A-5. Attire
A-5.01 A participant must wear adequate foot protection with a continuous sole while racing.
A-5.02 A participant must wear an official AASBD helmet in proper racing position (on the participant’s head with the helmet bill to the front and properly strapped). Participant are not permitted to wear anything underneath the helmet including, but not limited to, bandanas and ball caps.

C-7. Wheel Swap
C-7.01 A wheel swap, either 2/4/2 or 4/4 , must be incorporated into a Rally Race.

C-13. Placement Points
C-13.03 If time or weather precludes racing of (3rd) through eighth (8th) placement of any bracket, a coin toss may be used to determine prizes and trophies, but not to award points.
C-13.04 Undetermined brackets are permitted to be averaged and points must be awarded evenly among the participants involved.

 20 Points (5th Placement)
+15 Points (6th Placement) ______________________
 35 Points (Divided by 2 = 17.5 Points)

Contact the Rally Commission soapbox@soapboxderby.org