Volume II Issue 3 | March 2017
Rockingham County, 
you're in a good place ... for tennis.
RCC Adult Beginning PE Tennis 
Ready to learn to play this game? Beginner Adult PE Class starts Tuesday March 14. Join Coach John Key in the class room and on the newly resurfaced courts at Rockingham Community College. $60

Course Code: CSP-7733-01
Rally the Family Play Day
at Jaycee Park in Reidsville
Play Days are a welcoming way for families with kids age 6-12 to play tennis together. All equipment and FUN provided.  Meet on the courts at Jaycee Park Sunday afternoon March 19 from 3-4:30p. FREE.
RCS Boys Varsity matches begin
RCS Boys tennis teams from McMichael, Morehead, Rockingham County and Reidsville High Schools begin in March.  
Beginner Adult League at
WR YMCA in Mayodan
We need a SUB to join three new players on the indoor courts at WR YMCA in the USTA
Adult  Fun League. Saturday mornings through March. Is it YOU?
RCS Wellness Summit 
We met RCS PE Teacher to talk tennis.  Watch for our nets to pop up at Moss Street Wellness Fair, Douglass PE class and Field Day at Monroeton this spring.
New Vision School Fitness Club
Fist and Second graders gave tennis a try in the gym during the after school Fitness Club at New Vision School hosted by RCS teachers Jessica Scarbat and Jennifer Stevens.
 RC Tennis Board Meeting
RC Tennis Board members met USTA NC's Amy Franklin for a retreat to plan how to help grow our tennis community.
Registration is open to join our 
Rockingham County
USTA Junior Team Tennis

Junior Team Tennis grows and changes as your child grows and changes. We introduce children to tennis on smaller courts with lower nets and softer balls. As they grow, the courts and equipment change to fit their new skills.

Our Rockingham County JTT Spring season kicks off with a Free Play Day for ages 6-18 on Sunday April 23 from 3-4:30p at Jaycee Park in Reidsville. 

Players who register will play 3 matches and a USTA Level 6 tournament on the following 4 Sunday afternoons.

Rockingham County Tennis Association |   RCTennisAssociation@gmail.com | www.rockingham.usta.com
Shelby Rhyne, Executive Director

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