Well, it looks like Spring is finally here. I’m delighted and I’m sure you are too.
I know everyone is missing Camp Sunshine. Unfortunately, we have not had any updates as to when they feel it will be safe to have camp sessions again. We are, however, continuing our SDS Live presentations and have some interesting shows planned for the near future, beginning with a show to discuss the results of the survey we posted. Nancy Cincotta, who helped us develop the survey, will be on this show, as well as the newest member of the Board of Directors, Honey Denson. Honey has taken on the task and title of Patient/Family Education Chair. Honey will discuss her plan to help families with school, psychological, and behavior issues. Honey will be assisted by several SDS mothers/educators who have agreed to assist with this project. We are thrilled to have Honey join us. She is a great asset. You can read her bio in this newsletter.
This newsletter also contains a copy of the Diabetes Study poster/announcement. SDS patients are at higher risk of developing diabetes than the general population, because of the involvement of the pancreas. This study is extremely important, as it is the first study aimed at identifying, and hopefully stopping the progression of diabetes in SDS patients. It is well established that diabetes has its own serious side affects which complicate patient care when the patient also has SDS. Diabetes causes many problems. Diabetic patients can have difficulty fighting infection, it can also cause problems with the kidneys and neuropathy. When a patient is already dealing with SDS, they do not need any additional health issues making the situation worse. The study is very easy to participate in. We’ve had some patients participate and some results have been obtained. There are openings for more participants. We urge all patients to enroll. Simply email and we will forward your info to the research team.
We have had a lot of conversations about the safety of the COVID vaccine for SDS patients. We encourage everyone to talk to your child’s SDS specialist about this.
We all look forward to the summer and being able to get outside and enjoy a little more freedom, following a long, dreary winter. 
Stay SDS Strong!

Joan Mowery
Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome Foundation
Meet Our New Board Member
Honey Denson
Honey Denson is a mom to Luke, Joshua, and Lucy. Luke had SDS and passed away in 2017, from Leukemia. She is an educator and has taught middle school, high school, and for Tennessee's Early Intervention System. She currently teaches English at Middle Tennessee State University.

Honey is working on a parent empowerment manual to aid parents as they navigate through the educational system and prepare their children to be proactive adult SDS patients. 
February 28th, 2021, was Rare Disease Day! Shari St Hilaire, an SDS mom, has so graciously put together a T-Shirt Fundraiser for Rare Disease Day with all proceeds going to SDSF. For those who wished to participate, she has redesigned the original t-shirt she made in 2019, to include on the back the newest names of our SDS warriors as well as those who have lost their battle with SDS, but will forever be remembered. 

Orders can still be placed by visiting the link below.
SDS Live
Thank you everyone for helping make SDSF Live such a success.

Our upcoming scheduled shows include:
April 18, 2021 at 6:30 pm CST - We will be presenting the results of our Empowering Patients SDSF survey. Guests include Nancy Cincotta and Honey Denson, Board Member.

We welcome any suggestions for future shows. Please send any ideas to
Join the Diabetes Study
Join Roman and our diabetic research study to determine if you might develop diabetes. See the information below.

Click the button below to email us and inquire about the study.
10th Annual SDS International Congress
The SDS Congress website states that they will update everyone in early 2021, about a possible virtual and in-person sessions to hopefully take place this year. Check their website to learn more.

Help Us Find a Cure
SDS Awareness Ribbons
The long awaited SDS Awareness Ribbons are finally ready! These ribbons are custom made double layer ribbons to bring awareness to SDS. Each ribbon will arrive assembled with a gold pin attaching them.

Ribbons are $5 per ribbon, or 3 ribbons for $12. Domestic shipping is included.

There is only a limited quantity of these - act fast!

These are great to spread awareness! Fill out the form below to place your order.
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Amazon Smile, please set Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome Foundation as your charitable organization. Every little bit helps us fund research so help find a cure for SDS!
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