SolHIP news & updates
August 2020 | Issue 1
$4 Million secured from MTC for SubHIP Pilot Program
Thanks to STA Board Member, MTC Commissioner, and Solano County Supervisor, Jim Spering, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) allocated to the STA $4 million to fund the Suburban Housing Investment Pool (SubHIP) in October 2019.

And the first project is already underway for a housing development project in the Allison Drive/Vacaville Transportation Center Priority Development Area.

This project received $1.9 million from SubHIP and will include 99 affordable housing units and was approved by the STA Board at their April 8, 2020 meeting.
2nd SubHIP Project receives unanimous STA Board Approval
A 2nd SubHIP project, approved by the STA Board in May, is for an affordable housing development in the Fairfield-Vacaville Train Station Priority Development Area - within a mile of the Fairfield-Vacaville Hannigan Train Station

The STA Board approved $2.1 million from the SubHIP fund to be earmarked in support of The One Lake Apartments, which will be a 190 unit development - all of which are affordable
  1. Create an inventory of housing sites, 
  2. Examine policy options available for Solano’s seven cities and the County (including best practices) that want to provide for more housing options and meet their Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) targets, 
  3. Identify and examine public and private funding sources, 
  4. Identify catalyst housing sites within Priority Development Areas (PDAs), and 
  5. Develop strategies to move these projects towards development, a focus would also be on housing within each community’s downtowns and adjacent to regional transit services (Express Bus, Ferry and Rail)
Actions Already Completed
  • STA Board approved the establishment of the SolHIP partnership
  • All 7 cities and Solano County have signed into the partnership
  • $4 million for a pilot was secured from MTC by Supervisor Spering
  • SB 2 grant applications submitted in November 2019 
  • 1st project approved for Vacaville housing development at the Allison Drive/Vacaville Transportation Center Priority Development Area
  • 2nd project approved for Fairfield housing development at the Fairfield-Vacaville Hannigan Train Station Priority Development Area
STA provides technical assistance for all SolHIP partnerships
SolHIP Partners have access to technical assistance provided by Solano Economic Development Corporation (SolanoEDC) and Placeworks. They have been retained to provide economic and housing development support for research and grant application completion. 
Solano EDC is a public-private, nonprofit, dedicated to economic growth of Solano County and provides a range of economic and demographic resource information. Placeworks is a professional consultant firm specialized in land use planning and transportation. In addition to assisting the County in the next cycle of Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) process, Placeworks is also a key consultant firm for the State’s Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) in the allocation of SB 2 Housing Planning funds.”