E-Messenger May 7, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Over the next few weeks, in our worship services, we will offer special prayers for mothers, teachers, and at the end of the month, students. Normally we would honor our teachers and Sunday school teachers in a worship service. We would have flowers at church for our mothers, and, of course, we would celebrate Youth Sunday. Unfortunately, as we are all aware, this is not a normal year.

In the Midwest, many churches will hold a "harvest festival" in the fall. It is a time when communities celebrate a successful farming season and a safe completion of the harvest. My hope is that when it is safe, we will be able to hold a harvest festival, one in which we honor the work of so many.
With that being said, as states begin to reopen, and as churches begin to gather, I think it is important to remind everyone that we are a church that is a part of a diocese. Our bishop has extended his current restrictions on church space usage, building usage, and in-person worship until May 31. A promised update will come sometime before then.

Many people have asked what "my" plan is for re-opening. As of now, while I have ideas regarding a stage-based approach to regathering safely, including small groups that can physically gather while respecting boundaries of personal space, they are nothing more than ideas. We are a denominational church. We will wait for direction and guidelines from our diocese, our bishop, and our Presiding Bishop. The most important thing in terms of our church coming back together is all of our collective safety.

When this all started, Susan Prinz preached a beautiful Maundy Thursday sermon. Her words then are important now: "We separate ourselves because we love each other. Our love is what keeps us virtually together, but physically apart." If you have not heard her sermon, I commend it to you. You can access it HERE , via our YouTube channel.

In our Gospel this week, Thomas asks a question that has echoed throughout history. "Lord," he asks, "We do not know where you are going. How can we know the way?" And Jesus answers, "I am the way, the truth, the life." As our state begins to reopen, as people slowly start to emerge from their homes, I encourage you to be safe! Refrain from judgment of others, refrain from being too hard on yourselves, and remember that Jesus is the way. Fix your eyes on him. 

In Christ,
SUNDAY, May 10
Join us for church this Sunday
via Live online worship with YouTube
Join our Live online worship with YouTube at 10 a.m . this Sunday
(May 10) . The Bulletin is attached, or you may access it below. And please continue to add your prayer requests during the prayers.

Click HERE for the readings.
Click HERE for the Book of Common Prayer.
Click HERE for the Order of Service.
Then join us after church
 for a Zoom coffee hour!
This is a great way to catch up with one another. You will need Zoom on your device to join. If you do not have Zoom, when you click HERE , you'll be invited to download Zoom and join the meeting.

Once you are in Zoom, you will need the following to join the meeting:
Meeting ID: 924 4926 0578
Password: onthepoint

If you want to join by dialing in, call   253.215.8782
Meeting ID: 924 4926 0578
Password: 236317
Take a nature walk and make a card for Mom!
Taking walks together is one of the great ways to give everyone a change of pace during this time when so many of us are at home. Dads, plan a walk on Saturday with just the kids. While on your outing, have your kids collect bits of nature that they can then come home and make into cards or pictures for Mother's Day like these trees made by Mia Stockard, 5, above, and Lily Stockard, 7, below, daughters of Amanda and Eric Stockard.

  • When you get home: You only need paper and good old Elmer's glue for the children to create a beautiful nature card Mom will love. But do wait until Saturday so your treasures are fresh and colorful.
  • Added bonus: Your walk gives Mom a little time to herself.

Click the button below for a few other ideas
if the nature walk doesn't work for your crew:
Tucked-in at Bedtime Storytime this Sunday at 7 p.m. , on the church's YouTube channel . These stories are also posted on the Children's Ministry's Facebook page at the same time.
Learn more about this week's Gospel for kids and parents by clicking on the picture or HERE.

More about the story HERE.

Activities for this Sunday:
All 9th-12th graders , our Zoom gatherings are now Lunch at Noon on Fridays . Grab your lunch and log in to be with us.

Our middle school youth are invited to Zoom Lunch at 12:30 p.m. Thursdays. Fix a sandwich and log in to have lunch together.

To join either group, click HERE . Questions? Contact Courtney Baker .
We know everyone is missing the music that makes St. Martin's worship so beautiful. In case you did not catch it earlier this week, the video above is a Mini Mendelssohn Concert, provided by English. Click on the image. You will also find it on our YouTube channel.
Tuesday Morning Bible Study
Join our Tuesday Morning Bible Study, which begins at 7:30 a.m. every Tuesday. T he video call is protected by a password to keep us safe. You can obtain that password by clicking HERE . After clicking in, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Lectio Divina with Susan
During the Easter season (through May 19), the Rev. Susan Prinz will be offering a Lectio Divina (Holy Reading) class via Zoom from 3-4 p.m. on Tuesdays. You may join any week. Click HERE to receive instructions for logging in . You will then receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Questions? Contact Susan Prinz .
Commons Threads stitching their time over Zoom
If you would like to join the camaraderie of doing needlework or other hand-sewn projects, contact Stephanie Whitson so she can get you your Zoom invitation for the Common Threads gatherings taking place weekly on Sundays at 3 p.m.
We're turning the community garden that Davis Holt made for his Eagle Scout project into an Outreach effort! (Davis is the teenage son of Robyn Holt, our finance administrator.)

A few folks have been hard at work this week getting the area prepped, planned, and ready for planting to grow vegetables to donate to local food pantries. Mitch and Caitlyn enjoyed a round of rototilling this week, tilling the plot for planting.

Details about physically-distanced volunteer opportunities will be coming soon. Watch this space for how you can sign up to take part. 

In the meantime, we need the following items, which can be dropped off at the Parish Office door: 
  • Four sets of handheld garden tools (handheld trowels, pruning shears, and cultivators);
  • Multiple sets of gardening gloves. 
We need 178 more masks!
We are have committed to provide 200 handsewn, reusable masks for:

  • Our housing-insecure friends in Columbia on behalf of Candyman Homeless Outreach.
  • The Department of Juvenile Justice through Mutual Aid Midlands, a community assistance consortium.

We have received 22 thus far. Thank you to those who made these -- they were delivered to the homeless this week. To donate additional masks, please sew as many as you are able and drop them off in the mail slot at the church office. Thank you!
Today (May 7) is the last day to give
to our special Harvest Hope effort
May 10
Summers Poteat
Valerie Pruett
Kellen Riley

May 11
Emily Barrett
Brandon Pharis
Allison Rashley

May 12
Sher Baechtold
Michael Langley
Hunter Maass
May 13
Carolyn Fisher
Janet McMurray
Nancy Reamer

May 15
Nettles Green Jr.

May 16
Michael Collum
Elvie Graves
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