E-Messenger July 30, 2020

 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I find myself this week thinking about grief. I grieve some of the many things that we can no longer do at this time, and I grieve some things that have been lost.

Next week, I was supposed to celebrate the wedding for two of my best friends. Unfortunately, the wedding is in Washington, D.C., and because South Carolina is a COVID hotspot, I would have had to have already traveled there to begin my two-week quarantine. I grieve for the couple. The original church wedding was planned for 300 guests, then changed to an alternate date with the same guest list. It was then changed to an outside wedding with a guest list of 15. I have gone from participating in the service as a friend to being the priest, and now, at the last minute, the plans have changed again. I grieve.

I grieve the loss of funerals. Funerals are sad; not being able to have a funeral is worse.

I grieve the loss of certain aspects of pastoral care. Yesterday, I longed to hug a person who revealed a cancer diagnosis and yet safety deemed it unwise and unsafe.

Today a baby will be born into the St. Martin's community. Blessing babies and new families is one of the greatest privileges of the priesthood. It is my favorite thing to do. The love in the room is truly unique. The church will be there by phone, but not in person, and just like online Sunday services, it simply isn't the same. Corporately, as a church, we grieve.
I have found that it is important for me to name these things. Working, "powering through," or just moving on to the next task ignores the reality that things are not normal. Sure you can function, but take it from someone who has tried, this sort of functioning only works for so long, and the resulting crash is rarely worth it.

And yet, I have also found that it is important to be flexible. What traditions can be modified like Corn Sunday and thus continued? What traditions can be tweaked and then lifted up? And perhaps, most importantly, what new ministries have emerged? While the grief for what is lost is real, so is the hope for what is to come. Acknowledging grief and looking for hope is a part of the now. It is a part of our current reality. May God guide, protect, and hold us all.

In Christ,
SUNDAY, July 19
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For those who remain imprisoned, notes of hello and encouragement are a very important piece of love and charity that we can show them. Pictures drawn by children are also encouraged!

Here are important details about this effort:
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