E-Messenger April 23, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This Sunday we will read together the story of the disciples' encounter with Christ on the road to Emmaus. Like in last week's gospels, the disciples were scared, probably "puffy-eyed," to use a term from Caitlyn's sermon. They were stressed, and, in this case, they were stressed and on a walk.

The road to Emmaus would not have been a difficult journey. These were a people who walked everywhere. Historians believe the trip was only about seven miles long, and while the road would have had rocky parts, the trip would have been mostly a gradual downhill. The walk for the disciples would have been easy enough for them to get lost in conversation. Much like some of the walks Denise and I have taken in recent weeks. Walks where fears, hopes, dreams, uncertainty and longing have all been discussed.

It is in this walk that Jesus shows up. Jesus shows up and lets the disciples know that everything is going to be okay. That "all will be well." With the governor's announcement that schools will be closed for the year, with economic uncertainty facing us, with fear, loss, and mixed emotions flooding us, Jesus' words now are more important than ever. Words like "peace be with you," words like "all shall be well."

As you walk this week, as you sit outside or work in your garden, as you travel to work or home, I encourage you to think of the journey to Emmaus, Jesus met the disciples back then, and I believe he will meet us now. "Peace be with you" and "All shall be well" will be his greetings, prayers, and promises to us all. I encourage you during this time to lean into Jesus and His love.

In Christ,
SUNDAY, April 26
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So many ways to enjoy
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Support Harvest Hope
Harvest Hope has asked St. Martin's to support them during this time by participating in an electronic food drive.  Go to this link to buy and send food directly to Harvest Hope through Amazon.  They maintain this list with their most current needs, and the requested food is delivered safely to them. 
Volunteeer to deliver meals to school children
The United Way of South Carolina and the S.C. Department of Education are asking for volunteers to help school food authorities prepare and distribute meals to children across the state.

If you are over the age of 21,  would like to volunteer in a school district, and have NOT experienced any symptoms of illness in the past 14 days, please register at  www.VolunteerSC.org  under the ongoing need entitled "Statewide - School Meal Preparation and Distribution.”

After registering,  a confirmation email will be sent, and, if needed, a representative will contact you regarding scheduling.
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