April - May 2018
State Academy (SAPA) News
There are still two more SAPA events this spring and lots more to do before summer comes around. Curious? Read below:
Upcoming Events
Two SAPA events will occur in May. They are:
  • May 10th - Candid Conversation: Homeland Security - Lessons Learned since 9/11
  • May 21st - SAPA Public Service Excellence Award Ceremony.

Visit our Event Page for full details!
By-Law Changes Proposed
Fellows in good standing (which means you have paid your 2018 dues) can vote on three changes to the SAPA by-laws. The most significant of these will be to add two new categories of membership: Associate Fellow and New Professional Fellow. The SAPA Board has determined that these changes are important to recruit members, to expand involvement in SAPA by the greater public administration community, and to support a healthy future for the organization.

The by-laws require that an "...affirmative vote of two-thirds of those voting will be required for adoption of an amendment".

The ballot with these proposed changes will be sent to Fellows during the first week of May.
Mentors Sought for New Mentoring Program
This fall SAPA will offer a mentoring program for newer public administrators. For this to be successful, we are asking current Fellows to participate. If you are interested in becoming a SAPA mentor or would like more information about this program, contact us at nysapa@gmail.com. This is not expected to be time consuming and is a way for you to lend a hand to public administrators who are new to their profession..
SAPA Elections - Last Call
SAPA will have three Board vacancies beginning July 1, 2018. Last call if you are interested in being on the Board. Contact Paul Shatsoff at nysapa @gmail. com to convey your interest and learn more about being a Board member.
A SAPA Fellow in the News!
Congratulations to Dr. Richard Rose, a SAPA Fellow and Board member, for being the recipient of the Daughters of the American Revolution 2018 Medal of Honor Award.

According to Marion Clas, a vice-regent for the Schenectady DAR chapter, "This isn't something that happens every year, so we were very proud to have somebody like him that we felt we could nominate for the award. He has served his country, his state and his community. His resume is very impressive, and everything about it made him such a worthy candidate. What sticks out to me is his total commitment to our country."

To read more about Richard's many, many accomplishments, here's the DAR article. So lucky to have Richard on the SAPA Board!

Note: We like to acknowledge accomplishments of SAPA Fellows. Don't be modest. Send an email to Paul Shatsoff at nysapa@gmail.com if you or a Fellow that you know has a noted accomplishment.
SAPA Mission Statement Revised
In rethinking SAPA's future, one of our Board members opined that the mission statement was too long. He said that it ought to fit on a small plaque that you can read while boarding an elevator. So here's what we came up with and adopted at the last Board meeting:

"The State Academy for Public Administration (SAPA) promotes excellence in public service and fosters commitment to the highest standards of performance and integrity in public administration throughout New York State."

How do we get there?

  • Engaging public service professionals in support of public administration;
  • Recognizing and celebrating excellence in public service;
  • Convening public servants to discuss existing and emerging public policy issues;
  • Providing leadership development for public service professionals;
  • Providing connectivity and networking among the public administration community.
Looking Ahead to SAPA's Annual Meeting
Our 2018 Annual meeting will take place in September and will be a combination of a business meeting (as required by the SAPA by-laws) and recognition of new Fellows, and an introduction of SAPA's Board of Directors and Officers. Date, time and place will be announced as we get closer to the date.
Last Call for 2018 SAPA Dues
Ballots for the Board election and the vote on by-law changes will only go to Fellows who have paid their SAPA dues. A small number of Fellows have not yet paid. Dues are necessary for us to offer the programs that we do and for you to retain our membership in SAPA.

Remember the 1966 song by by the legendary Temptations, Ain't to Proud to Beg? Well we ain't. So please pay your dues now. Just click on this link. And you do not need a PayPal account for on-line payment. Not sure if you paid your dues? Send an email to Paul Shatsoff at nysapa@gmail.com.