TIDE Newsletter - January 2021
General Membership Meeting January 14th, 11am - ZOOM link will be sent 24hours in advance.
Attention Members! We are in the process of building a new website to enhance your PBAA membership. We are requesting all 2021 member artists who sell their work to send-
  1. One photo of a selected artwork, JPEG 2-5MG in size, 300dpi
  2. Your name and contact email
  3. Website address, if you have one
  4. Type of medium (oils, clay, watercolor, mixed, wood etc.)
Deadline- January 1st, 2021
“The winter solstice is the time of ending and beginning-
a powerful time, a time to contemplate your immortality.
A time to forgive, to be forgiven, and to make a fresh start.
A time to awaken.” (author unknown)
President's Message
Greetings fellow members. I like to think of the shortest day and the longest night as a reset; longer days are coming and spring will be here soon. The Manley Art Center is emerging from a scaled back operation to one that is promising to be vibrant even with Covid-19 limitations.

Things are happening at the Manley Art Center-
    First, we were able to open the classroom to the art groups again. There are Covid-19 related restrictions and new protocols and everyone is cooperating. Thank you!
    The Festival of Art in Stout Park (FASP) will have a new home in August- Azalea Park. This means better parking, no more porta potties and a larger area for vendors. Leslie Wilkinson, Tory Bowen and Steve Delaire will be working on the event and we will need more help.
    The second annual Art at the Port event is happening in 2021. Nola Range is coordinating this event.
    We also expect the Azalea Festival Art Show (AFAS) will happen. We’ll know soon. We will need a Coordinator for this and other volunteers. In the past, we geared up for this event in January so please think about helping out in some way.

We are all learning new ways to work and be together safely. 12 members joined the Board for the general membership meeting via ZOOM on December 10. It was so nice to be able to see everyone’s faces. I hope you’ll join us on ZOOM for future meetings. This is a safe way for us to continue our business functions and for our members to participate in decision making.

Our website is undergoing a revamping and you’ll soon see virtual gallery tours, updated artist information, and eventually an online shopping experience so that we can sell art! Also, in the works will be plans for virtual workshops, children’s programs and facility upgrades. Our planning committee continues to research funding opportunities to help implement the strategic plan. Check out the PBAA website to watch Sarah Shirk’s strategic plan presentation and the plan summaries are posted there too (pelicanbayartsassociation.org).

One common thread highlighted during the strategic planning process was MEMBERSHIP. Think of yourselves and your involvement with the Manley Art Center as a thread interwoven with all the others to nurture and grow art together. Some threads are fine and thin, others thick and multicolored.

I want to take a moment to thank members who have taken on additional coordinator positions during these hard times- Jenny Dwaileebe for taking on both Membership Coordinator and Garden Coordinator roles, Sharon Guy for continuing as workshop and CAP Coordinator and for adding Scholarship Coordinator to her plate and last but not least, Leslie Wilkinson for the Newsletter, website update and for becoming our new Treasurer.

Patty Nance continues her work every week in the office as our bookkeeper, mail collector and more; our garden elves are pulling weeds and trimming every Monday morning (a good Covid-19 safe activity by the way), members have helped with mass mailings including the holiday cards, and gallery hosts are scheduled for the next month.

A membership run organization relies on its members to function and we need to weave more threads to keep us strong! There is a role for everyone here. Some of you have extra time and energy on a regular basis; others have limited time or other limitations. That’s OK. We can use your time- however you want to give it.

Membership renewals went out in November. If you haven’t yet paid, please do. Your continued support is vital during these tough times. The renewal form asks members to indicate what activities you can help with. Please be sure to complete this information for us. Thank you one and all for everything you do on behalf of the Manley Art Center. Stay safe.

Chaney Delaire, 2021 PBAA President
Art at the Port
Art at the Port was a lot of fun this year and was enjoyed by our community and tourists alike. Start planning now for your 2021 entry. More than $1000 in awards will again be presented to winning participants.
Art Panels will be available at Wright’s beginning March 3, 2021. Art Panels are 16” X 24”, primed and ready to paint. For complete specs, guidelines and tips go to the Art at the Port website: https://www.artattheport.com.
Under “How to Enter” click on the red Download link for “2021 Artists Agreement”. Great news! Leslie Wilkinson is creating a Face Book page for the exhibition! Thank you Leslie!
Nola Range, Chair | Art at the Port
Gallery News by Rachel Gates
January’s second Saturday Art Walk is cancelled due to COVID. A recorded interview with Pete Chaser and Christina Olsen will be posted on the Manley website. An announcement will be sent out as soon as it is posted. Art Change Out is Jan 4th.
I wanted to express my thanks for this opportunity! Although I have seemed somewhat
“invisible” of late, I have actually been a continuous member of PBAA since 2001.
I am Christina Olsen, and I love to play with paint! I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t creating something. I paint with acrylics and watercolors primarily. I paint on fabric, canvas, wood, pottery, walls and accidentally (and frequently) upon myself.
Aside from training in technical illustration, and a few art classes along the way, creating had been a lifelong hobby, rather than a pursuit that I studied for.
I grew up in rural Pescadero, CA on a little farm. I have 2 sisters, and we did not have TV,
so we were feral outdoor kids, who calmed down often enough to read voraciously. We raised lambs in 4-H and learned to sew. We learned responsibility by working in our dad’s deli/ butcher shop. We had boisterous, hilarious family on our dad’s side, and studious, artsy relatives on our mom’s side. Among the “Artsy” aunts, were several creatives who were not seen as practical
by our mom. They became object lessons of how NOT to be, which I am afraid had the opposite effect on me. Creating was all I ever really wanted to do!
But I was raised to be practical, I trained in drafting and technical illustration. It was a good living for a while. I put a spouse through school and had kids. Amid this chapter, I became a single parent, went back to school for a teaching credential. I became the queen of the messy classroom art projects. Amid the ensuing chaos, I noticed that when I noodled with watercolors,
I calmed down and became entranced. This was the start of NOW.
My first shows were in cafes in the Santa Cruz Mountains. People actually bought my paintings! Eventually I was brave enough to also be accepted into Open Studios. I hosted “Art Parties” where we all painted. They were art therapy playgroups for my friends. Also, during this time, I had kids in school and sports, and co-directed a nonprofit Children’s Center.
The move to Brookings happened in 2001. My parents were needing my help, and wanted to live somewhere “similar to Santa Cruz” (climate wise) but not as expensive.  
I met Brian Scott, Horst Wolf and the lovely artists at PBAA. Eventually I got to be one of the managers at Brian Scott Gallery. I was accepted into the amazing Festival of Arts and Artoberfest in Kerby.
The move to Brookings was the real Art Catalyst- I painted more and more, until now when I just cannot be stopped! Today I also am raising a ten-year-old, who is also an artist/trampolinist/ skatepark aficionado. I have him in school, in Santa Cruz to address some critical academic challenges. Thus, I trundle back and forth, which is why you do not see much of me.
I wish I could describe my training and influences, or impart some aesthetically inspiring wisdom. Alas, I just love to paint. My only rule is to have fun with it, and be a joyful celebrant of color.
Christina Olsen 11/2020

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