TTC monthly news & updates
August 2018
President's Message
200! Actually 204 TTC members as of this moment. While numbers are important, they are only part of the story. The real story is that we have recruited lots of new members this year. Many of them are beginners that have joined by way of our Beginner Training Program. Along with these new members is a lot of enthusiasm. We are experiencing great turn out at all our events and lots of small training groups are forming within the club.
Beyond the numbers is a bigger story. Through our board members and the strong volunteer support from our club members, we are building the infrastructure for long term sustainability, growth, and commitment to serve our members and our community. The board is currently reviewing our bylaws and our roles and responsibilities, as well as, program planning and delivery.
Please let us know if you have any particular areas or concerns as we plan and shape the future of the Triangle Triathlon Club.

Fred Arnold
Next BIG Club Event - Lake Logan
Yes, another big club event! You can race or volunteer, then stay for the cookout.

Post Race Cookout - Saturday, August 4th, 2018 @2:00PM

Please RSVP if you plan to attend the Cookout - here

ALSO we still need a few volunteers. We got a discount for this race and in return they race organizers asked us to supply a few volunteers. Sign up here
Triangle Triathlon Recap
TTC was all over the Triangle Sprint Triathlon course. Lots of TTC kits on the course. Lots of TTC club members volunteering! Then we had a nice cookout. And we raised $$ for a local charity - the YMCA scholarship fund.

Here is a link to some great pictures that Dennis Geiser took at the race: Race Day Pictures
TTC On-line Store
We have a small quantity of Tri Suits and other items IMMEDIATELY available in our TTC on-line store.

Headsweat hats and visors and a limited range of sweatshirt sizes are immediately available in our local store

TTC on-line store here
Go strong to go long.
Tri Stacey
It's August. It's hot. We're tired. And fall 70.3 events and full distance races can't seem to come soon enough. 
Here's an idea to cool you down: Get to the gym and do your strength training!!
Sadly, the diameter of your beach biceps has no correlation with your run speed. So what this really means is functional strength, the stuff you may not like to do as much. It's not as sexy as benching your body weight or squatting the equivalent of your family, but it's essential. 
Here are a few examples: 
1. You need pelvic stability on all planes.  Ever seen an unstable runner with their "chicken wing" arms out to the sides? Great example. Ask them about their IT band pain.  
2. You need strong connective tissue and muscles that can withstand your training load. Injuries occur when some parts of the kinetic chain aren't as strong as others. Is that old injury still flaring after long runs? Did you "graduate" from PT and stop doing those eccentrics? 
3. You need great posture. This is not just for great pictures, but because posture and economy of movement are related. Think about all the core control behind that good-looking form you desire. Body balance, symmetry, loading patterns all play a roll. Do you have it and if so, can you hold it? 
Think about strong and long together. Train smarter incorporating strength work in addition to your endurance. It works!  
Join in my small group classes posted on Race Reach or schedule some time to get started. 

Stacey Richardson
Professional Triathlete and Coach
USAT level II, USATF Level I
USA Cycling Elite Level 1
TRX Instructor
919 423-4361
Base Performance
Many athletes racing today are wanting to "try" BASE Hydro and the BASE Real Bars for their 2018 season. So here is an opportunity we created for you. BASE Hydro comes in 5 amazing flavors. And BASE Real Bars come in 5 flavors.
Use code : TTC18 for 20% off! Available all year around. 
BASE Hydro has zero artificial colors. It has 3 sugar sources (Maltodextrin, Dextrose and Fructose) so that the body has an easier time absorbing and processing the sugars. Hydro is loaded with Sodium to keep your electrolytes firing.
BASE Real Bars not only taste absolutely amazing, but they are Certified Organic, Certified Non-GMO, Certified Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, and Zero Artificial Ingredients. The ONLY sugar in the bars comes from either the fruits, the honey, or the dates. Try all 5 flavors today.
Base Performance
Be sure to enter code
TTC18 at checkout to save!
Tips for the traveling racing triathlete
BritFit logo

By Jackie Miller, Owner of Britfit Personal Training & Coaching.

The chances are at some point you will have a race that takes you out of state or even out of the country.

It’s always fun to race away from home. You can turn it into a ‘race- cation’, meet new friends and visit new places.

Aside the obvious extra logistics that set apart an International race and a more local event, I have some tips for you to help reduce the stress and hopefully get you to the starting line healthy and with your gear in one piece!

Transportation Mode tips

1.       If you are driving afar, check your car is serviced and running well.

2.       Book flight layovers that allow adequate time, (2 hours minimum) it takes time to collect and transfer your luggage through customs or connecting flights. The bike needs to arrive!

3.       Research the airline policies. Know the charge for flying a bike, print off the policy.

4.       Before breaking the bike down, photograph it. That way you have proof of its identity.

5.       Check with your insurance carrier on coverage for your bike. Some cover damage, through Home Owners, not all will cover abroad.

6.       ALWAYS pack the bike in a hard case. Bubble wrap EVERYTHING! Pad it out with other items. I used to carry on my bike shoes and helmet. Now I just carry on my race uniform, run shoe orthotics and timing device. Sometimes you have to accept some things are out of your control.

7.       NEVER pack co2 cartridges!! You can buy these anywhere. Keep white powdery nutrition in its original packaging. A customs officer in Cancun taught me that tip!

8.       If you are on a Race-cation abroad, consider sending your bike back home post-race. There are various companies that do this. I guarantee the cost offsets the hassle of car rental and storage with a bike case.

Be prepared for mechanical issues

1.       Employ the help of a professional bike mechanic to break down the bike for travel if you feel unsure. Watch and learn. Over time, you should be able to do this yourself. Upon arrival rebuild then take to the local bike shop for a final tune up. Then go and test ride it.

2.       Buy some essential spare parts that could be damaged in any mode of transportation, even from your car rack. A rear derailleur hanger and a bike seat post clamp are must haves!

3.       Pack your own small tool kit and chain lube. Know the basics of a working bike.
Show up healthy and ready to race
1.       When traveling allow yourself a couple of extra days between arrival and race day. Scope out the venue and course and get some rest.

2.       Practice good hygiene where ever you go. Avoid unnecessary germs that can ruin your day.

3.       Get sleep! Taking a daily dose of 1-5mg of melatonin 2 days before any change of time zone racing. Taken 90 minutes before bedtime can help. Continue to take as you settle into the new time zone, if overseas.

4.       Pack your own pre-race nutrition and don’t try anything new on race day! Avoid unnecessary GI surprises and stick to familiarity.

Preparation of logistics is key in any race, there are just more to do the further afield you travel. However, it can be done and racing afar can be so much fun. There are so many great races to get out and do, in amazing destinations.

Don’t be afraid to contact me for any advice on this topic.

Happy travels!

Jackie recently traveled to Denmark to compete in the 2018 ITU World Triathlon Long Course World Championships, for Team USA.

Jackie Miller , Owner
Britfit Personal Training and Coaching LLC
ACE Personal Trainer, since 1996-USA Triathlon Coach, Expert Level II, since 2007
Functional Movement Screen Specialist, since 2007
Cell: (919) 818-7096 
Reminder: 2018 TTC Members receive a discount for all FS Series races.
The discount code is listed in the Members Only Deal section of the TTC website: go here
Come cheer on our Beginner Group 2 as they complete their first Sprint Triathlon at Rex Wakefield
Volunteers needed at Rex - Wakefield
Bike Course pointers are needed at Rex Wakefield. Go here to signup to volunteer.
Monthly Post Ride Socials Mellow Mushroom - Cary
August 7, 7:45PM

Starting in April, on the first Tuesday of each month (through September), we will have a post ride social at Mellow Mushroom - Cary. We generally meet on the indoor patio about 7:45PM. You don't have to ride to attend the social. The club buys the first beer or soft drink for all club members. We do ask that you RSVP on the club calendar. 
The ride starts at 6PM at Inside Out Sports - Cary. There will be an "A", "B" and a no drop "C" group. "C" group calendar entry
Knightdale - Mock Tri
Sun, Aug 26, 2018 @ 7:30 am
Knightdale Wellness
Clayton, NC

Prepare for the Knightdale Sprint Triathlon on September 16 by working directly with IRONMAN Rodney Jenkins in a mock triathlon which will take you through the full swim, bike, run course.

Please RSVP here if you are planning to attend.
Want a Free Sample? Keep Reading.
You're doing it! Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, you're doing it. Putting in the hours. Perfecting your craft. Keep it up! Want to know something crazy?

It is August! How in the world is it already August?

Here in Texas (home of 2Toms), we experience our hottest days in August, just like North Carolina. For our Triathletes, this is the month that chafing can really take a toll. Add sweat, salt from sweat, and repetitive skin rubbing ... and you have a recipe for pain. It's YOUR CHOICE to keep getting chafed. Promise. It is. How do I know? 2Toms is one of our brands that has a cult-like following. 2Toms SportShield Anti-Chafe is a heralded product amongst elite runners, ultrarunners, and triathletes.

Why? Because it doesn't wear off. You put it on once and it stays through sweat, through water, through the hours. You can find rave reviews about 2Toms SportShield and 2Toms ButtShield (cycling) all across the web. We believe in it so much we want to give you a FREE SAMPLE so you can believe it for yourself! Keep up the hard work and don't get sidelined from preventable injuries. More of our rehab, stretching, and injury prevention brands at
IRONMAN Augusta 70.3
TTC Recon / Pre-ride the Course
Sunday, August 19th

Are you racing Augusta 70.3?

Here is an opportunity to pre-ride the course and checkout Augusta before race day. Courtney Mickel will be leading this mission. Please RSVP here if you plan to attend.

For more details please contact Courtney. email:
Tips for Training & Racing in the Heat
By  Chris Newport, Head Coach & Nutritionist

The heat is on. Literally.

We’re smack dab in the middle of North Carolina, which is well known for heat and humidity. And this year is no different. In fact, we went right from winter to summer.

Whether you’re getting ready to race IRONMAN Raleigh 70.3 or any other event in the heat (soccer, training rides, marathons, etc), try these tips for training and racing in the heat so you can stay cool and maintain your performance.
It’s All About Core Temperature
Exercise raises your core body temperature. Exercising in the heat raises your core body temperature even more. If your core temperature gets too high, you either have to slow down or stop to avoid heat exhaustion or exertional heatstroke, or EHS (when you’re core temperature exceeds 104 degrees F).

Certain people are more prone to EHS if they are not trained, not acclimatized (which takes about 14 or more days), have been recently sick (especially with diarrhea) or are using certain medications like diuretics, excessive NSAIDS, or laxatives.

But just because you’re trained and acclimatized doesn’t rule you out for having heat related issues.

The greatest risk for EHS is when the temperature is over 82 degrees F during high intensity exercise (>75% VO2Max) ( source), which is pretty much the case in any running or cycling race or triathlon in the NC summer.

Know What’s In Your Sweat
Sweat is your body’s method of evaporative cooling. Everyone’s sweat is like their fingerprint:  it’s unique.

Some people have very concentrated sweat (high in electrolytes like sodium and chloride), while others don’t. If you have rings of white residue around your face after exercise, you’re likely losing a good amount of electrolytes.

Most athletes randomly sports drinks or electrolyte replacements, which can put you in danger of dehydration or worse, hyponatremia (the over dilution of electrolytes, causing sloshy stomach, vomiting, confusion or even death). By consuming the right amount of electrolytes and fluid during exercise, you reduce your risk of cramping, EHS, or poor performance.

The best way to know what’s in your sweat is to get it tested. Luckily, we can help with our  Sweat & Hydration Formula.

Using our sweat testing, we’ve seen athletes sweat as little as 12oz and 250mg of sodium per hour, while others have been over 50oz and 5000mg of sodium. Stop guessing and get tested!

Wear White Before Labor Day
We all know that dark colors absorb light (and make us hotter) than lighter colors.
So if possible, wear light colors, or even try or white cooling sleeves like  these.

For the complete article including a pre and post hydration check list, go here

Chris Newport, MS, RDN, LDN, CISSN, EP-C
office:  (919) 230-7897
mobile:  (919) 2 70-7020
1040 Darrington Dr #104  Cary, NC 27513
Connect:  Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram YouTube Blog
Book Your Session  Here !
Base Performance and ButtShield - 50/100 Mile Ride Series
A TTC monthly (June-September) 50/100 mile bike ride sponsored by BASE Performance and 2Toms-ButtShield. The ride starts/ends at Bottle Rev Chapel Hill, an awesome beer & wine store that sponsors TTC. There are several food options available for purchase post ride.


  • Sunday June 17 - Done
  • Sunday July 22 - Done
  • Sunday August 19 - Signup
  • Sunday September 23 - Signup

Cue Sheets:
100-mile route **6:30am start**:
80-mile route **6:30am start**:
50-mile route **9:00am start**:

1) Please park on Prestwick Road to avoid being towed from the retail shopping parking area in front of the store.
2) There is an 80-mile route option on the 100-mile route, in case someone needs to cut it a bit shorter.
3) TTC will have an aid station with water and BASE Nutrition approximately halfway on the routes.
4) Cue sheets will be available at the start of the ride. You can download the route into your bike computer by using the links above. You can also download PDF by clicking on the route name above, under "Cue Sheets".
5) One free pint from Bottle Rev CH for participating TTC members post ride.

Also planning training on IM Chattanooga course for Saturday July 15 and Sunday July 16. Be on the look out for more details.

We will have ButtShield samples available at each of the rides and a drawing for a full size Butt Shield at each ride.

We will also have Base Performance Hydro at the aid stops.
Weekly Run / Bike - Down East - Garner
We now have a weekly run starting at Full Bloom Coffee Roasters(Tuesday) and weekly ride (Thursday) from Garner. Please check the TTC Calendar for start times and location.

Thanks to Rod Jenkins and Trey Jolly for organizing these events.
Frank Rexford, Senior Mortgage Banker
Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc
As a member of the Triangle Triathlon Club and a long-time member of the local triathlon community, it is important to me to support our community, which is why I am thrilled to be a sponsor of the Triangle Triathlon Club for another year. 

I have been originating mortgages since 2005, and I have the experience and ability to get your loan closed smoothly and on time. And I am honored to have provided home financing for many local multi-sport athletes.

I strive to carefully guide my clients through the mortgage process. Understanding the many financing options available is the key to making decisions you will be comfortable with, and I will provide clear explanations all along the way, from preapproval to the closing table.

Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company. We work with many investors who will compete for your business, which enables us to provide competitive rates and fees.  We have been lending since 1997, and offer Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, USDA, and VA loans at competitive rates.

Our Commitment
  • We maintain control over every step of the loan process – from the appraisal and processing/underwriting to closing and funding, ensuring that your loan proceeds quickly and efficiently.
  • We can always be reached by phone, in person, or via email.
  • We offer competitive mortgage rates and mortgage programs.

News and Awards
Triangle Business Journal - Top 25 Mortgage Lender & #1 non-depository lender
Triangle Business Leader - Top 100 Small Company
Triangle Business Journal - Fast 50 Company (2010, 2013, 2016. 2017)

More information please visit
Reach the Beach
Saturday, September 15, 2018
  • 100-mile one-way bike ride from Buies Creek to Wilmington primarily on Highway 421
  • Registration NOW OPEN
  • Event benefits World Bicycle Relief
  • Sponsored by Waterline Brewing Company in Wilmington
  • Post-event party & meal at Waterline Brewing Company for all participants.
  • Snacks and beverages included on the charter bus for the return trip.

† Reach the Beach ride has optional return transportation on a charter bus (including bike transport).
For questions about either of these great events please contact:
Triangle Triathlon Club | Email | Website