Friends of Tamarancho
Winter Season 2020-2021

We are pleased to announce that the new "Friends of Tamarancho" membership trail passes are now available as shown below, with an introductory discounted price if you purchase for yourself (individual) or family before Monday, January 18, 2021!

With the CoViD-19 pandemic affecting all areas of our lives, this has been an unusual year for mountain-biking. Our trail network is suffering under extraordinary use while people have more flexible time working from home, or need to escape to the beautiful outdoors at Tamarancho. There is news from the mountain-biking community, so read through this e-newsletter to find out how you can be involved and have more fun out on the trails!
Friends of Tamarancho Membership
2021-2022 Trail Passes Now Available
(discounted if purchased before Monday, January 18, 2021)
Your current Friends of Tamarancho 2020 Annual Pass or 2019-20 GOLD Pass will expire very soon on December 31, 2020. (Be Sustainable . . . Recycle/Reuse as a luggage tag!)

The new 2021 ANNUAL Pass is valid for unlimited riding until December 31, 2021. The regular cost is $50 for the Individual Pass and $75 for a Family Pass (2 adults 18 or older living in the same household, and up to 2 youth 16 or 17 years old).
The 2021-22 GOLD Pass is valid for multiple years until December 31, 2022. The regular cost for a GOLD Pass is $95 per Individual or $125 for the Family plan (2 adults 18 or older living in the same household, and up to 2 youth 16 or 17 years old).

SAVE $5 OFF any ANNUAL or GOLD PASS if purchased before Monday, January 18, 2021!
To purchase a membership online with a credit card, visit the Tamarancho Mtn-Biking webpage with links for the various passes. If you don't want to purchase through the website, or if you want to pay by check, print out an application form: FoT Application and mail it to the Marin Council office.

Notes about the 2021 and 2021-22 passes:
For your FoT membership purchase, the appropriate plastic card pass displayed above will be sent to you by US Mail with our new helmet/waterbottle sticker shown here; please allow up to 30 days to receive your official pass. In the meantime, print your receipt or store a digital copy on your cellphone, and you can start riding the trails the same day!
One-Day Trail Passes cost $5, and are available online; click here to purchase a 2021 Tamarancho Trails day-specific pass. When you buy one, print out the pass receipt on your own printer or save a digital copy on your cellphone, and carry it with you for verification when you ride at Tamarancho.
Also, One-Day Passes are available at the following locations: Split Rock, Sunshine Bikes, and the Marin Museum of Bicycling (all in Fairfax), Caesar's Cyclery (San Anselmo), and Mike’s Bikes (San Rafael).

All Friends of Tamarancho Trail Passes are considered a donation and therefore tax deductible. If you have any questions, email the Friends of Tamarancho!
Tamarancho Trail Pass Patrol Volunteers
All mountain-bike riders at Tamarancho must have a current One-Day pass, or an ANNUAL or GOLD pass. Some riders have day pass stickers from a bike store, some have the plastic membership passes attached to their bikes or packs, and others have pass receipt saved on their cell phone.

Overall compliance has been fairly good, but still there are a number of riders who are "poaching" on the private property owned by the Marin Council, BSA. This is a youth recreation facility, so technically as with school grounds, any adult trespassing without a Friends of Tamarancho pass constitutes a felony violation if identified and reported.

Expect to see volunteer Tamarancho Pass Patrol members in orange vests checking passes on the trails. These volunteers will also be available to give directions, answer questions, and handout information about the membership program. Support bike-legal singletrack in Marin. Make sure you and your friends you are riding with all have a pass!
Mountain-Biking & Outdoor Ethics
As a Friend of Tamarancho, you agree to abide by the Tamarancho Trail Rules. Critical concepts to maintaining our network in top condition for the enjoyment of everyone, are the following ideas to help you recreate responsibly:
  • Know Before You Go. Our trail hours are during daylight only, sunrise to sunset. Most importantly, all trails are closed after heavy precipitation during winter storms. We say, "when it rains, let it drain." A good rule of thumb is for every 1" of rainfall in central Marin, the trails need a day to dry out! We will be installing signage at the bottom of Iron Springs Road, and at the entrance kiosk to indicate trail closure. Please ride somewhere else and let our trails rest a while.
  • Practice Physical Distancing. Six feet while hiking or resting, and 20 feet while riding are good physical distancing practices, and not just during these CoViD-uncertain times. Riding the loop is also restricted to traveling in a clockwise direction to improve social-distancing when encountering other riders on the trail.
  • Plan Ahead. Always bring plenty of water and trail food, as well as clothing appropriate to the weather conditions which can vary dramatically from down in Fairfax or San Rafael. Have a Tamarancho Trails map with you and know the Tamarancho Trail rules.
  • Play it Safe. Don't mix alcohol or drug-use when riding the narrow singletrack trails. Ride with a buddy for an extra measure of safety in remote areas. Always ride in control at a speed appropriate to the trail conditions and your skill level in order to reduce your risk of accident and injury. Reception can be quite spotty in the rugged Marin hills, so carry a cell phone and understand the Hold Harmless Agreement you committed to when purchasing your trail pass.
  • Explore Locally. Limit your travel on narrow, busy Marin streets, and make use of local parks, bike trails, and County open space preserves as alternatives. Be mindful of your impact on the local communities, their traffic, businesses and residents.
  • Leave No Trace. Respect the land, water sources and wildlife. Whatever you pack in for food and containers, please pack out! To practice more environmentally-sensitive mountain-biking recreation download these Tread Lightly TIPS!
  • Build an Inclusive Outdoors. Be an active part of making the trail network safe and welcoming for everyone. Report any hazards or concerns to the Marin Council ASAP. You are a "Friend of Tamarancho!"
Trail Work Days Scheduled for January 2021
The Tamarancho Trail loop and extended network around camp was constructed by hundreds of local volunteer mountain-bikers over a 6-year period from Spring 1995 to 2001. The work was supervised by trailbuilder extraordinaire Jim Jacobsen, who at that time was president of Bicycle Trails Council which paid for much of the construction materials.

Since then, we have needed trail workdays each winter to maintain and improve the trail surfaces. However, this year it is apparent that the loop is getting a lot of use, perhaps as much as 150% over normal due so many people working from home and having greater time flexibility to get out and ride. Slope erosion and drainage challenges are the biggest trail damage issues, and repairs involve clearing channels, cutting back foliage, removing invasive plants, and cutting and filling the singletrack. This is your chance to give back to the best mountain-bike trail system in Marin County! No experience necessary . . . WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Our enthusiastic trail work leadership could only manage some individual work days this fall, and one socially-distanced work party on the first Saturday in December. It was a great turn-out of volunteers and we got 300 feet of trail erosion mitigated utilizing 500 feet of rebar and over 20 redwood logs. We developed solid protocols for CoViD work guidelines, which anyone who volunteers would need to agree to and sign. We restricted group size and enlisted many other practices to protect ourselves and the volunteers from each other. That was the last group trail work day for the year due to the re-enacted SIP that took effect Tuesday 12/08. Now all we can do is step back, lay low, and be safe.
DATES: hopefully we can resume in January 2021, and currently have work parties scheduled on these four Saturdays: January 9, 16, 23, 30. Each day consists of 2 trail crews with 10 volunteers each. Participate in two full Saturday shifts and get a Tamarancho Trail Crew long-sleeve tech-tee/jersey! Register here now!

TIMES: we meet at 8:45am in the main camp parking lot on Fairfax Ridge Road beyond the white entry gate at the top of Iron Springs Road. Drive up, or better yet, ride your bike to camp and then out to the trail worksites! Trail Crew work concludes by 1pm.

BRING: outdoor clothing to get dirty, gloves, face mask, hiking shoes and a water bottle. We supply all tools and training, expert guidance and concern for safety, eye protection, snacks, and hand sanitizer.

Steady rain cancels these work parties and closes the trails. For more information about the Tamarancho Trail Crews, email Vernon @ Access4Bikes or Jim @ Friends of Tamarancho. Don't miss out; register HERE for this fun weekend activity! | 1000 Iron Springs Road, Fairfax, CA 94935