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Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 9:15 and 11:15 a.m.
"Living with History"
Sermon by Rev. Terasa Cooley, Interim Senior Minister
Historical reflections tend to be of two kinds: unambiguous celebrations of achievements, or attempts to learn from a dismal display of the worst of humanity. How do we hold an understanding of the past that is not so clear cut, that allows for a recognition that people are capable of great acts of goodness as well as either petty or dramatic evils. The history of Unitarian Universalism is full of this complexity, as is the history of this congregation. What do we attend to most?

Robert Blinn is our Worship Associate. Music provided by the Chamber Choir and John Bohman, on his last Sunday with us, will sing How Can I Keep from Singing.
Upcoming Services

February 3, 9:15 and 11:15 a.m. “Peering into the Future” - Sermon by Rev. Terasa Cooley. Music by Sanctuary Singers led by guest conductor Charles Brown.

February 10, 9:15 and 11:15 a.m. "Gratitude as Theology" - Sermon by guest minister Rev. Kate Walker.

February 17, 9:15 and 11:15 a.m. “The Holiness of the Heart’s Affections” – Sermon by Rev. Terasa Cooley, 

More details on upcoming services here.
Friday Morning Devotions
We invite you to smooth the path into the weekend with a half-hour of meditation followed by shared reflections each Friday morning beginning at 7 a.m. Please contact in advance either David McTaggart ( ) or Gregg Forte ( ). A ride is available afterward to Ballston Metro.

Date: Each Friday, 7:00 a.m.
Location: Room 20 (Youth Room) 
Jazz Vespers
Come for a vespers service--a service of meditation and prayer--accompanied by the warm and soothing sounds of jazz music by UUCA's Free Spirits jazz ensemble.

Date: Sunday, January 27, 4 p.m.
Location: UUCA Sanctuary
Church Matters
Beyond Categorical Thinking Workshop (and Lunch!)
Ministerial Search Committee invites you to Beyond Categorical Thinking (BCT), A Congregational Workshop

This workshop is "designed to promote inclusive thinking and prevent unfair discrimination during a congregation’s search for a settled minister” and will be led by UUA Transitions Director Rev. Keith Kron. The UUA Resource Guide describes BCT as “one of several efforts that the UUA is making as part of our institutional intentional effort to attract, affirm, and serve a diverse membership.” The workshop will be customized for our congregation and will also include discussions of case studies and situations that have occurred at other UU churches. 

Date: Saturday, February 23, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location: UUCA Sanctuary
Ministry Matters
Rev Terasa head shot
In the Meantime
By Rev. Terasa Cooley, Interim Senior Minister

It’s hard to believe that we are at the mid-point in the church year! Time has flown by, especially with so much happening in church and the world beyond. 

The leadership (Board, ministers, committee and task force chairs) will be hosting a “Mid-Year Report” meeting on February 16 from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. You can hear reports about church programs--Music and Religious Education, an update on building safety, reports on social justice efforts including the 8th Principle, updates from the Ministerial Search Committee and an introduction to an Appreciative Inquiry process we’ll be starting on March 10. And the Governance Task Force wishes to explore what they have been learning in their process and gain some input from you. 

Lots to talk about! We hope to see you there. I’ll be sending out a written summary after, but hope you’ll join us in person. 
Intersection of Policy and Theology
By Walter Clark, Ministerial Assistant

I am not a “polity wonk.”

I first heard this turn of phrase in seminary. Every UU minister has to take a class about Unitarian Universalist history and its polity. This absolutely astounded my wife when I told her that governance had its own class. “Just how complicated can it be?” she asked.

Oh, Honey.

How we govern is a core aspect of Unitarian Universalist identity. Our model of governance comes out of a document called “The Cambridge Platform” which was ratified by the Puritans in 1648 in order for them to govern themselves fairly. It was a model unlike other Christian denominations because the authority came from the group up and not the top down. The people had the power, not the popes, deacons or cardinals. The congregations called their ministers, set their covenants and accepted (or excluded) members. It was through these ideas of giving power to the people that you can see the essence of our principles (which wouldn’t come into existence for another 300 some years). This is why so many of our religious leaders are also “polity wonks.” Policy is a great example of how the values of our faith and the actions our faith calls us to intersect. How we govern shows us where our values are.

This includes our national government.

Looking at the 2018 election, we saw levels of voter disenfranchisement in Georgia that rivaled pole taxes from the 1950’s. Districts are redrawn solely to keep the political party in charge in power and lessen the voices of those in need. Businesses seem to have unlimited access to politicians and constituents often go unheard. This grand experiment of democracy called America becomes less and less about its citizens every year, and our faith calls us to do better.

This summer at General Assembly, the UUA will be voting on a Statement of Conscience regarding fair election processes. It covers our national government as well as how we govern ourselves. You can read a copy of the statement entitled Democracy Uncorrupted on the UUA website. It has some wonderful ideas of what we can do as a congregation to help further the cause of a just democracy (some of those things are already covered through our work with VOICE) and just tightly the ideals of democracy are tied to our faith.
Lifespan Religious Education
Hottest Event of the Year!
Chili Cook Off is This Sunday!

Come hungry to sample all the delicious and varied vegetarian and meat chili. We have close to 30 entries!

You be the judge and cast your vote for your favorites!

All proceeds support the Youth spring service trips to Hopi and West Virginia.

Date: Sunday, January 27, 12:15- 1:30 p.m.
Location: Fellowship Hall and Center Gallery
Parents of Infants and Preschoolers (PIP)
Come connect with and find support among other families with young children through playdates and other fun activities! Our next events:
  • Meet-and-greet between services Sunday, February 3, 10:30-11:15 - Room 7
  • Playdate Saturday, February 23, 3:30-5:30 (location TBA soon!) 

Visit the PIP Facebook group or contact Vanessa Chang, or Jennifer Bhartiya,, to join the email list.
Winter Adult Education Workshop
Conflict Transformation
While conflict can be scary and divisive, it is also possible for conflict, when approached in a healthy manner, to be an opportunity for growth and learning. Rev. Terasa is trained in the approach of “Conflict Transformation” that assumes that conflict is not something that can be “managed” so much as processed in a way that can be transformative. This method has been used in contexts such as the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation process, and in peace negotiations in Ireland. We will explore our own personal responses to conflict, look at what brain science has to teach us, examine system theories, and practice ways in which groups can create opportunities for healthy conversations. Check here for registration. 

Date: Saturday, February 9, 1 to 4 p.m.
Location: Activity Room       
Wheel of Life
Our condolences to Rick Morris and family on the death of his wife Karen Kumm Morris. Karen died January 11 after a long fight against cancer. A service in celebration of her life will be held Saturday, January 26, 2 p.m. in our Sanctuary.
Congregational Life
Furloughed Folks and Friends
The word is out! On Wednesday at noon the place to be is at UUCA! Our lunch crowd is growing! On our third week of the staff hosting lunch for furloughed workers, we had folks from: U.S. Tax Court, National Science Foundation, U.S. Dept. Agriculture, Coast Guard, Environmental Protection Agency, Housing and Urban Development, plus others. These lunches are a great opportunity to connect with fellow federal workers and also with our ministers and staff. Please note, EVERYONE is invited to join us! You don't have to be furloughed. Come for fellowship. Come to share your stories. Come to show your support. Come for lunch! Reservations aren't required, but if you can let us know you're coming, it helps with menu planning--email Plans are to hold our Wednesday lunches until the end of the shutdown. Next week we have a covenant group scheduled to host. If you or group are interested in helping host a lunch, please contact Here's a time we look forward to needing to cancelling an event!

Resources for Workers Affected by Furlough
February Day Alliance Meeting
Legacy Fund Discussion followed by talk on the Latest Neurosurgery Treatments for Psychiatric Conditions
With Fuad Issa, M.D.
The February 12 Day Alliance meeting begins early at 10:30 a.m. when the UUCA Legacy Committee discusses the church legacy fund and answers any questions you might have.

Our guest speaker, Fuad Issa, M.D., will begin his talk at 11:00 a.m. Dr. Issa is a psychiatrist and clinical professional at George Washington University Hospital. His talk covers a successful neurosurgery treatment for some resistant psychiatric conditions. Dr. Issa is currently involved in research involving Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)--a neurosurgical technique where high-frequency electrical impulses are applied to a specific brain region. He will explain the procedure and share remarkable patient successes.

Please plan on staying after the talk for fellowship and a catered lunch. Watch for lunch sign-ups in next week's newsletter.

Date: Tuesday, February 12, 10:30 a.m.; Legacy Talk. 11 a.m.; Guest Speaker; 12 p.m. Catered Lunch.
Location: Center Gallery
Happiness is UUCA's Happy Hours
Sanctuary Singers hosted our January 10 Happy Hour, bringing smiles to all who attended. Don't miss out on our next Happy Hour on February 20. No meeting, no agenda, just a casual gathering of UUCA members and friends enjoying each other's company. Mark your calendar for Feb. 20 now!
Faith in Action
Share-the-Plate for January 27: Equality Virginia (EV)
Did you know that it is still legal under Virginia’s laws to fire a hardworking employee, or deny someone an apartment, or refuse service in a restaurant, simply because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender? Equality Virginia (, our statewide non-partisan LGBT advocacy organization, is committed to gaining full equality and fairness for LGBT Virginians. Through EV’s efforts, Virginia has avoided much of the harmful legislation adopted by other southern states (like North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” or Mississippi’s “religious refusal law”) and moves ever closer to passing LGBT civil rights protections. Nondiscrimination bills for housing and public employment have passed the Virginia Senate by large margins in the current 2019 General Assembly. If the bills get to the full House of Delegates, they are expected to pass. Equality Virginia works to improve public school nondiscrimination policies in areas like Stafford County, where a transgender student was left by herself in a hallway during a lockdown drill. Through the Transgender Visibility Initiative, EV brings educational forums, advocacy training, community building, and hope to transgender people and their families across Virginia. Equality Virginia’s vision is for a truly inclusive Commonwealth where everyone is valued, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.  Stop at the Equality Virginia table in the Center Gallery after service to find out how you can get involved.  

Donations are accepted for each week's STP recipient through the following Saturday at midnight.   Make online donations here. 
Energizing Social Justice at UUCA
Save the Date: February 9
2nd Annual Social Justice Breakfast

What’s happening at UUCA with social justice? What do we need to be doing? How can we energize ourselves and our dedication to social justice here and throughout the world?  

Breakfast at UUCA on Saturday, January 9 is a good way to tackle these questions and jump-start our individual and collective efforts.  Walter Clark, Ministerial Assistant, will facilitate; attendees will share our ideas about visions and actionable missions; together we will build plans for concrete actions to empower UUCA’s commitment and explore how we can partner to strengthen our UUCA social justice efforts.

So, bring yourself, a friend, and a dish to share on Saturday, February 9, 9 a.m. to UUCA’s Center. For more information contact Walter Clark,

Date: Saturday, February 9, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Location: Center Gallery
8th Principle Congregational Vote March 31
The UUCA Board of Trustees has voted to call a congregational meeting for members to vote on the 8th Principle on March 31. Please mark your calendars for this important vote! Between now and March 31, the 8th Principle Task Force will be in Fellowship Hall each Sunday, will put more info in Connections regularly and hold informational meetings. The next informational meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 2 after both services in the Board Room. Also, Facebook users will find lots of information on our Facebook page. Please follow us!

As part of accountably moving Unitarian Universalism towards a vision of a multi-racial Beloved Community, the 8th Principle Task Force at UUCA has been educating ourselves about UU’s racial history, as well as learning from the powerful leadership of people of color within our faith community. Among the most prominent voices is the Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU), which grew out of the broader Movement for Black Lives, of which Black Lives Matter is a major player.  Read more >>
Joint Kol Ami and UUCA Book Study Group
Congregants from UUCA and Kol Ami are meeting regularly on the last Sunday of each month at 7 p.m. in the UUCA Chapel to study and discuss books related to Israel and Palestine. On Sunday, January 27, the discussion will be stories 13 through 16* from Kingdom of Olives and Ash: Writers Confront the Occupation. The book is edited by Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman and contains a collection of true stories by them and 24 other international writers.  Herb Levy of Kol Ami (the Jewish congregation that meets here at UUCA) and Allan Kellum of UUCA’s UUs for Justice in the Middle East Chapter are convening the study group. This book study group is open to all from UUCA and Kol Ami who are interested. Questions?Contacts Herb (703-380-3151) or Allan (703-599-2560).

*Stories Nine Through Twelve:

**Biographical information

Date: Sunday, January 27, 7 p.m.
Location: Chapel
Better Angels Workshop

“When you understand someone, you are less likely to fear them”
- Jan 12 workshop participant

More than 20 members of the UUCA community gathered last Saturday for a workshop exploring how to build trust and understanding between people from different political perspectives. It was an intense and wonderful session that reaffirmed the importance of embracing diversity of all kinds, including political diversity. To help continue this difficult but rewarding work, UUCA will host another Better Angels workshop on March 23. This Red/Blue workshop will bring conservative and progressive participants together for a day of structured conversations, with the goal of increasing mutual understanding and seeking common ground. All are welcome to attend! To register, visit this link. Questions? Contact Sarah Yue,

Date: Saturday, March 23, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location: UUCA Activity Room
Register Today
UUCA Peace Camp 2019: June 24-July 5
Help your child explore a path to peace in a unique and enriching summer camp program--Peace Camp. Campers (ages 5-14) explore cooperation and conflict resolution in a safe and supportive environment. At Peace Camp, campers discover that peace begins with them. 

Campers can attend both weeks or just one. Registration is now open here.  

Week 1: Mon 6/24 to Fri. 6/28
Week 2: Mon. 7/1 to Fri. 7/5, except Thurs. 7/4

Peace Camp is a partnership between UUCA Peace Ministry and Little Friends for Peace.  
Music Ministry
Capital Area Bluegrass and Old-time Music Association Jam Comes to UUCA
The new year brings "new" old-time music to UUCA! CABOMA jams are now being held here at UUCA on the second and fourth Sundays of each month, from 2:00-6:00 p.m. Anyone interested in CABOMA is welcome to come and visit and/or participate in a jam. At most jams, you will find a wide range of music skill levels, from beginners to professional musicians. We encourage participants to bring and play traditional, acoustic bluegrass and old-time music instruments. For more information on CABOMA, visit

Date: Sunday, January 27, 2-6 p.m.
Location: Parlor and Rooms 14, 16

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