Volume 10 Issue 2| January 25, 2021
University News for Faculty and Staff
January 12 Celebration
Due to the coronavirus, this year we didn't enjoy our annual January 12 celebration in the Golden Dome. Here is the link to the highlights of the celebration that took place in Holland. The speakers included President Hagelin.

The full celebrations from January 12th are available here:

New Staff
MIU has hired Chris Taft as our new Dean of Students. Chris graduated MIU in 2015 with an MA in Maharishi Vedic Science and has been a TM Teacher since 2008. He has also owned and operated successful businesses in Colorado and Iowa. In the past, Chris has served MIU in administrative positions, such as Director of U.S. Admissions, Associate Dean of Men and Director of Campus Safety. Welcome back Chris!
Open Positions
Administrative Assistant for Career Services - Compro Department
Duties include front desk, communications, administration, customer service, database maintenance. Send resume and cover letter to jgarrett@miu.edu

Dishwasher for Golden Dome Market - maintain kitchen work areas, equipment, maintain utensils in clean and orderly condition 

Please contact cpassos@miu.edu if you know of anyone who is interested and qualified to fill any of this open positions.

Maharishi School is looking to fill three positions:
Facilities Care: help clean the school and assist with lunch service. Full-time, weekdays, 5:30am-1:30pm.
Lower School Lunch and Recess Supervisor: 11:50 - 12:50 on school days.
Children’s House Assistant Preschool Teacher: weekdays 8:30 – 1:00
Contact Terry Weiss at tweiss@maharishischool.org

Maharishi Foundation's Communication Depart is seeking an Internet Consultant and Legal Liaison to monitor the internet, review websites and social media platforms, and identify compliance issues.

Contact slamothe@tm.org

Maharishi International University is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Health and Wellness
Back to Basics: Recharge Your Routine for the New Year
Daily Detox
Every night while you sleep, your body is quietly cleaning house and sending waste and toxins (ama) to the proper elimination channels. When you wake up in the morning, the first order of business is clearing those channels, which will leave you feeling bright, clear, and ready to tackle your priorities throughout the day.

Self-Massage with Warm Oil

January’s not over yet! There’s still time to start the new year off right by setting some wellness goals to fortify your mind, body, and spirit. Explore our Fresh Start Sale and take up to 50% off our bestselling Ayurvedic products. There’s something for every wellness goal—from better digestion and sleep to bone and joint health, prostate protection, immunity-boosting, and healthier Ayurvedic eating. 
Celebrate David Lynch's Birthday with a Gift for Yourself and Others!
It’s David Lynch’s 75th Birthday
and here’s how you can celebrate him!

This week marks a milestone birthday for our founder and dearest friend, David Lynch! In celebration, some of David’s biggest admirers, friends, and colleagues are donating their time to support the David Lynch Foundation, and David couldn’t dream of a better birthday gift!

You can join us all in making David’s birthday wish come true. We’re partnering with Charitybuzz to hold a virtual online auction, celebrating David with proceeds benefiting our work providing the Transcendental Meditation® technique to those who need it most. You can bid on a gift for yourself that doubles as a birthday gift for David.
Bid now on experiences and perks from Stella McCartney, Rian Johnson, Edgar Wright, Michael Sheen, Eli Roth, Katya from RuPaul’s Drag Race, and more.

Visit Charitybuzz.com/DLF to see all our auction items.

If you would like to support DLF without entering the auction, please consider making a contribution—100% of the money you give is tax-deductible and will be used to help bring meditation to those who need it most, including children and adults in need, frontline healthcare workers, veterans with PTS, at-risk youth, and so many more.

Thank you for your support and interest in David Lynch and our work!
Top 10 Achievements for 1st Semester
Today, as we honor Maharishi in our traditional January 12th Founders Day Celebration, we celebrate our successes of the past semester. Your support has given children access to the #1 ranked private school in Iowa and the benefits of Consciousness-Based education. That is the foundation for all of our achievements as we close out 2020.

Outside is the joy of the drop. Inside is the joy of the ocean. —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
New eBook for 12 January - Maharishi's First Sight of Guru Dev
In a very moving lecture from 1971, Maharishi recalls that blessed moment when he first saw Guru Dev. Maharishi begins by saying, "It’s a very great fortune to have found him; and from the time I had a glimpse of him, it was a flashy glimpse of light."

This eBook includes audio and text from Maharishi’s lecture. Also included are exquisite paintings by Frances Knight and Werner Bandel. Werner has two new paintings that are featured on the cover and second to last page, and Frances’ paintings are shown throughout the eBook.

To open the eBook, click here or on the picture above. We highly recommend viewing it on a computer with Google Chrome as this gives a very full and enjoyable experience. Please turn the pages slowly and wait for the audio bar to begin playing on the selected pages with audio. The first audio bar appears on page 4 after the title page.

To view more eBooks, please click here.

We kindly request not to repost this Maharishi eBook on any social media platforms.
Curbside Service for Box Lunches Now Available to Everyone!

Available to anyone and everyone in the greater Fairfield area, including Maharishi Vedic City!

Order Here: 641-470-1375

IMPORTANT: The pick-up location will be in the Ladies' Dome Parking Lot-- not in front of the store.

IMPORTANT: The pick-up location will be in the Ladies' Dome Parking Lot-- not in front of the store.

$10 for 1 Boxed Lunch
Dahl $3.50 for a bowl or $2.00 for a half

$4.50 Whole and $2.50 Half

MENU This Week

Monday, January 25th
Noodles & Nuts (GF)
Mustard Tofu w/ Kale Vegetable Pot Pie (G, D) 
Broccoli w/ Carrots 
Butternut Squash

Tuesday, January 26th
Lemon Rice
Paneer W/ Green Beans in Coconut Sauce w/ Toasted Coconut (D) 
Spinach Pie (G, D)
Zucchini, Corn & Tomatoes
Roasted Beets

Wednesday, January 27th
Sweet and Sticky Tofu w/ Celery & Bok choy 
Creamy Cheesy Polenta w/ Pesto & Vegetables (D) 
Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Carrots & Butternut Squash

Thursday, January 28th
Pasta Pesto (GF)
Chana Masala
Spinach Enchiladas (D)
Green Beans w/ Walnuts and Tarragon Acorn Squash

Friday, January 29th
Chinese Sweet & Sour Tofu Balls Nut Burgers (G, D)
Zucchini Tian (D) 
Potatoes Au Gratin (D) 
D= Dairy, G= Gluten, GF= Gluten Free

Café Phone Number
Order Here: 641-470-1375

(Menu subject to change based on the availability of vegetables from our suppliers).
Upcoming Events and Courses
Maharish's Early Years of Teaching: 1965 - 1975 Starts Monday January 25 at 8:00
January 25 – February 25, 2021
Monday and Thursday Evenings 8:00 - 9:15 pm (US Central TIme)

Dr. John Boncheff will present Part Two of his fascinating and popular course, Maharishi’s First Years of Teaching: 1954-64. This new course will begin with the year 1965 and continue until Maharishi proclaims the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment on January 12, 1975. It includes:
  • Rare talks by Maharishi on enlightenment, higher states of consciousness, and world peace.
  • Many pamphlets and news articles will be presented for the first time.
  • Maharishi’s trips to South America and to Iran in 1967 will be covered in his own words.
  • Maharishi’s interactions with many celebrities, including the Beatles, will be covered, as well as several rare talks in which Maharishi reviews these events. Rare footage and news articles describing these events will be presented.
  • Maharishi talks about the beginning of scientific research on TM.
  • Maharishi talks about the unique structure of the Science of Creative Intelligence.
  • The Teacher Training Courses from 1966 to 1970 in Rishikesh will be covered, as well as the courses in Estes Park, Mallorca, Fiuggi, and La Antilla.
  • Several talks by Maharishi in which he describes sudden insights that cause him to change the direction of his movement in 1971 and 1974.
  • An examination of how Maharishi gradually unfolded his seven states of consciousness, including a sequential unfolding of Unity Consciousness over a three-year period.
Free Talk: Sunday, January 25, 2021. Live 8:00 pm – 9:15 pm US Central Time. Click here to view the free talk.
Prerequisites: This course is open to all Meditators, Sidhas and TM Teachers. (Maharishi's First Years of Teaching: 1954 - 64 is not a prerequisite for this course.)
Course schedule: January 25 – February 25, 2021  Monday and Thursday evenings 8:00 pm – 9:15 pm US Central Time (Ten classes)

These Zoom sessions are live and will be recorded and posted for anyone who is unable to view them live.
Course Fee: $75 is the reduced course price for everyone during this difficult time of the coronavirus. (Normally, it would be $125.)

Join Us for our Next Live Webinar
Discovering Elements of Vastu in Ancient Cities
Tuesday January 26th, 1:30 pm or
Thursday January 128h, 7:30 pm
Jon Lipman, AIA, Maharishi Vastu(R) architect for North America, and Wojtek Skalski, Vastu architect for Europe and Asia, will explore the Maharishi Vastu principles of architecture and city planning that can be found in ancient cities and cultures. As always, the presentation will be followed by answers to your questions. Click on the links below to access the appropriate registration page for either event.


At the time of registration, Zoom will send an email confirmation with your personal link to the online event and will also send a reminder email one day before the event.

The webinar will be broadcast twice:
Tuesday, January 26th at 1:30 PM CDT, US (8:30 PM CET)
(click on THIS link to register for the Tuesday webinar)

Thursday, January 28th at 7:30 PM CDT
(click on THIS link to register for the Thursday webinar)

You may submit questions in advance to: info@maharishivastu.org, or submit your questions through the Q & A feature during the webinar.

We look forward to sharing the timely and extraordinary knowledge of Maharishi Vastu architecture from the perspective of two of its most experienced architects.

You’re Invited: Dr. Tony Nader Speaks to Healthcare Pros via Zoom
An invitation to healthcare professionals to join a special Zoom presentation by Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR, to Loyola University and the Stritch School of Medicine, where we teach the TM® technique as a credit‑bearing elective.
Talk by Dr. Nader

  • A TM Class at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine: January 27, 2021, 12:00 pm Central Time.
  • Topic: The Purpose of Meditation

We are delighted to share this Zoom talk by Dr. Tony Nader hosted by Psychiatry Grand Rounds and by Stritch School of Medicine, and are hoping to interest MDs and medical thought leaders in Dr. Nader’s talks and in hosting Transcendental Meditation in their schools and programs.

For doctors:

For other health care professionals:

For Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors:

“Vedic sounds are the sounds of Nature, from where the unity of silence reverberates into diversity. Vedic sounds—they are very, very beautiful. ‘Beautiful’ means Total Natural Law reverberates in those sounds.
“That is our main theme for redressing stress-ridden world consciousness: through Vedic recitations. Vedic recitations redress the topsy-turvy, disturbed value of the fundamental field of reverberations.” —Maharishi

With the U.S. deeply divided and facing challenges at home and abroad, we are reminded of Maharishi’s loving desire to spare us any roughness, missteps, or calamities on our path.

Indeed, Maharishi’s great legacy and parting gift to us was a bright future secured through the power of Yog and Yagya. He gave us the means to neutralize challenges as great as any we face today—and greater.

But, in order to un-girdle the full, nourishing power of Yagya, we need to apply this technology on a scale sufficient to produce the required effect.

We need the largest National Yagyas that we can muster.

The Sankalpa (intention) of the next U.S. National Yagya will be:
Coherence, peace, health, and prosperity
for the United States―and all of its people.

Please CLICK NOW to offer your support.

Better still... join our Monthly Giving Circle to assure continuous, ongoing support for the National Yagya program and national coherence. CLICK HERE
With a donation of $1,250 or more, you, your family, someone you designate, or your company will be acknowledged by name on each day of the Vedic performance.

May the full power of Nature’s Creative Intelligence guide and uplift America, and may Maharishi’s legacy of peace and enlightenment permanently bless the human race.
Take control of your health in the New Year with online Good Health course
Good Health through Prevention

Eliminating the basis of disease by bringing life
in accord with natural law

Live online with recordings available for three months

Open to everyone

13 February – 6 March 2020

10:00-12:00 and 15:00-17:00 CET

198 euros*

*There is a reduced price for lower-income countries;
please see the application form. The 198 euros price listed is excluding VAT.

Have you been enjoying the wonderful, new videos from Dr. Tony Nader and other TM speakers. Where can you find the replays ?

Please note: Replays will usually be posted within 2-3 days after the live event.
Maharishi YogaSM Asanas and Pranayama Online Group Instruction and Practice

Followed by a 20-minute Online Group Meditation.
Offered two times per week!

Led by Maharishi International University Faculty
TM Connect: Daily Morn­ing & After­noon Large Group Meditation More

No re­serv­ations needed. Just call in.

Meditate with thousands around the country! Bob Roth will host the call, lead a Group Meditation, and share insights about TM and brain functioning, with tips for balance in life.

► Connect by phone: dial (929) 205-6099 or (253) 215-8782, then enter Meeting ID 177 174 913#
Special Articles
Fairfield, Iowa - A Community with 3,000 Meditators

Amid the lush, rolling farmlands of the Midwest, the small town of Fairfield, Iowa, has become an unlikely mecca for entrepreneurs, sustainability, creativity, and, most of all, the Transcendental Meditation program.

This traditional-looking, southeast Iowa town, gazebo in the town square, historic courthouse with steepled clock tower, is the home of Maharishi International University  (MIU). At this unique, fully-accredited, liberal arts university, everyone meditates—students, staff, and faculty—and cutting-edge knowledge of consciousness and the "transcendental experience" are integrated into every academic discipline. MIU is the first university in the world to provide fresh, organic, vegetarian meals.

But the university is just one aspect of the Fairfield meditating community. There's also Maharishi School, nearby Maharishi Vedic City, The Raj health spa, an eco-village, and much more. In addition, a progressive high-tech business segment has prompted journalists to dub Fairfield "Silicorn Valley."

A broadcaster recounts his life, and the evolutionary history of life on Earth.
“During meditation, we enliven that level of life which is the basis of all activity in the world. It’s by enlivening that basis of all life that we get the support of nature everywhere,” says Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, TM Founder.

Michael Brauer, legendary record mixer of Tony Bennett’s Grammy Album of the Year, Unplugged, has seven Grammy Awards, for Coldplay’s Parachutes, John Mayer’s Continuum, Angélique Kidjo’s Eve, and Calle 13’s Multi Viral. He discusses the art and science of music mixing and the importance of his TM practice.
Humor Corner
TM in the News
'Cricket In Vedic Times': Players Wear Dhoti Mundu During Match, Commentary In Sanskrit

By: ABP News Bureau | 12 Jan 2021 

Maharishi Cup Cricket Tournament was played on Sunday to commemorate the 104th birth anniversary of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at Ankur Maidan in the city.

Players Wearing Dhoti and Mundu During Cricket Match in Bhopal Take Netizens by Surprise

JANUARY 11, 2021
The match organised by the Maharishi Vedic Parivar, saw all the players of both the sides wearing dhotis under T-shirts.

Cricket played the Sanskrit way in Bhopal

Ramendra Singh Jan 10, 2021
A unique match in whites that weren’t quite ‘whites’ played out at Bhopal's Ankur Stadium on Saturday when priests took up bat and ball in the Maharishi Cup tournament to commemorate the 104th birth anniversary of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

The idea of an India trip came to them in a concretised form when in August 1967, they attended the spiritual guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s seminar on Transcendental Meditation in Bangor, Wales. George Harrison’s long-standing enchantment with India and its culture added a motive in favour of the trip. “We have all the money you could ever dream of. We have all the fame you could ever wish for. But it isn’t love. It isn’t health. It isn’t peace inside, is it?” Harrison said to Saltzman. A conditioned society indoctrinated with the stereotypical binaries associated with the West and the East typically didn’t approve of this idea. The group, however, desperate to find a leader/guru, as per Donavan, shut out all the noise and prepared for their journey.

Travelling in two groups, the team was joined by John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr’s wives, McCartney’s girlfriend, Donovan Leitch, Mia Furrow, Mike Love, ex-road manager Mal Evans along with few other friends and family members. A huge team of reporters followed the band as well, intent on prying on their retreat, but was kept outside the ashram fences. According to Donovan’s account, the first meeting with the yogi was steeped in awkward silence until Lennon pulled one of his antics and patted the yogi on his head saying “there’s a good little guru,” which tickled everyone present to their core.

Their days were dedicated to the practice of stage four of the seven steps of consciousness, which was “pure” transcendental meditation. Mystic as it might sound, the basis of this practice was more scientific than religious with the aim of building up concentration and alertness. 

Lakehead event this Sunday highlights legacy of Fab Four
Virtual event includes access to The Beatles in India documentary, live lecture/concert with musicologist
It's been over 50 years since the Beatles travelled to India to stay at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, an experience that forever altered the group and led to the writing of 40 songs.