Volume 9 Issue 23 | November 16, 2020
University News for Faculty and Staff
A Reminder
"Although the members of every government have their individuality and their own opinions of the nation's needs, while engaged in the process of governing, their actions are determined by factors beyond their personal lives—by the collective destiny of the nation.  
.....the ruler cannot rule with full justice, even if his own thinking is right and just, if national consciousness is not coherent and integrated." 
---From Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Government
Open Positions
Golden Dome Market is looking for someone to cover the Monday and Tuesday 4 - 8:30pm cashier shifts
Departmental Assistant in Human Resources
Financial Aid Officer
Departmental Administrator in Student Life

Please contact cpassos@miu.edu if you know of anyone who is interested and qualified to fill any of these open positions.

Maharishi School is looking to fill three positions:
Facilities Care: help clean the school and assist with lunch service. Full-time, weekdays, 5:30am-1:30pm.
Lower School Lunch and Recess Supervisor: 11:50 - 12:50 on school days.
Children’s House Assistant Preschool Teacher: weekdays 8:30 – 1:00
Contact Terry Weiss at tweiss@maharishischool.org.

Maharishi International University is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Health and Wellness
Replay Info for Dr. Nancy's: Sleep, Blessed Sleep
Dr. Nancy's Sleep, Blessed Sleep was a huge success!

You can access the replay (longterm) at www.miutalks.org -- please check the site starting Wednesday.
Wellness at Work
We spend most of our lives working.

Maintaining a nourishing personal and work routine can help keep stress levels down and emotions in check.

Here are a few things you can do to promote self-care in your workplace – even on your busiest days.
  • Sleep well - Remember, your “good day” starts the night before. Eat warm, easy-to-digest dinner at least three hours before bed and minimize screen time at least 1 hour before sleep.

  • Nourish your body with a healthy meal around noon, when digestion is at its strongest. If possible make lunch your main meal of the day. This will support healthy weight management and better sleep. Read more

  • Sip on your favorite dosha-balancing vpk teas (VataPittaKapha) during the day to reduce stress and emotional strain, and consider replacing your afternoon caffeine craving with Raja's Cup.

  • Stress-relieving herbs like Worry Free for the worriers (Vata types) and Stress Free Emotions for the heated moments (Pitta types) can also help you maintain your emotional balance in the office.

  • Consider a daily meditation practice to reduce physical stress and fatigue. Practice Transcendental Meditation, a proven stress-reducing technique or the meditation of your choice.
Day of Awakening - Auspicious for Special Yagyas

Deva Prabodhini Ekadashi, the Day of Awakening in the Vedic calendar, is on 25 November this year.
This day marks a time when all the creative impulses of Natural Law become especially lively and available for spiritual progress, peace and success. This is a highly auspicious date to perform a Well-Being/Special Yagya.

Applying for these Yagyas is very easy and can be done herePlease request your Yagya at least seven days in advance. To read more about the Special Yagyas please click here.

All proceeds from the Yagyas go towards supporting the Maharishi Vedic Pandits in India and are deeply appreciated.
Desktop Version of Maharishi Veda App Now Live!
We are excited to announce the launch of the Maharishi Ved App desktop version! Please click on the button below to sign up.
If you already have the Maharishi Veda App on your phone you can now additionally login to the desktop version. All of the features of the mobile app can be found on the desktop version.

The Maharishi Veda App is free for the first month and then $3.99 per month and one subscription is good for all devices.

After many requests to create a desktop version and months of planning we have launched this desktop version in hopes that the App will reach a greater number of people – both to enjoy the powerful recitations of the Maharishi Vedic Pandits and increase much needed monthly support for this vital project for peace of the world.

Please share the App with your friends.
Maharishi Veda App -Troubleshooting Instructions for login issues
Since we launched the Maharishi Veda App desktop version, the huge response briefly affected people being able to either log in or set up a new account. In most cases, just trying again works.

If you are still having ongoing problems, please go to our troubleshooting page: maharishivedaapp.com/troubleshooting. And if then you still have questions, please contact us at support@maharishivedaapp.com.
Curbside Service for Box Lunches Now Available to Everyone!

Available to anyone and everyone in the greater Fairfield area, including Maharishi Vedic City!

Order Here: 641-470-1375

IMPORTANT: The pick-up location will be in the Ladies' Dome Parking Lot-- not in front of the store.

$10 for 1 Boxed Lunch
Dahl $3.50 for a bowl or $2.00 for a half

Khichari Now Available!
$4.50 Whole and $2.50 Half

How it Works - Please Read Carefully
  • You must 1) Call in your order, 2) Pay on the phone 641-470-1375, and 3) Make an appointment time for your curbside pick-up box lunch.
  • Payment is made over the phone using your Dome Market Account, or by using a credit card over the phone (takes longer).
  • TIP: If you plan on using this service on a regular basis, then it is best to open an account with us. It is quick and easy!
  • Make your appointment for pick-up between Noon - 1 PM. Monday - Friday
  • Call to place an order after 9 AM along with pick-up time
  • The pick-up location will be in the Ladies' Dome Parking Lot-- not in front of the store.
  • Please call the Café when you arrive: 641-470-1375
  • In order to identify you in the parking lot, please put your name in big letters up in the window on a piece of paper.
  • Please have your mask on to receive your order
  • The menu for the box lunches is set and the same for everyone.
  • Substitutions are available for people with food sensitivities or a restrictive diet due to health concerns.
  • Menu items with tofu, wheat, and dairy may be replaced with the grains and vegetables available that day.
  • But you must let us know about your substitution when you call-in your order-- we need to know in advance.
Café Phone Number
Order Here: 641-470-1375

Dear Faculty and Staff,

This is a reminder to continue to log complaints you receive from students. All complaints, including complaints about faculty, grades, university services, housing, or food, should be logged. If you receive a complaint but aren't the person to resolve the issue, you're still the person responsible to record the complaint. After you record it, email the person who will help resolve the issue, including details about the complaint and letting him or her know that you submitted the complaint on the log. 

This procedure for addressing complaints is important: it helps keep our attention on improving student satisfaction and retention. We're also required by both the Higher Learning Commission and the US Federal Government to maintain institutional records of student complaints.

The Complaints Log is HEREPlease bookmark and continue using it.

Student Life
Upcoming Events and Courses
Have you been enjoying the wonderful, new videos from Dr. Tony Nader and other TM speakers. Where can you find the replays ?

Please note: Replays will usually be posted within 2-3 days after the live event.
Last Weekend's International Ramayana Conference

An auspicious event, featuring a profound keynote address by Dr. Tony Nader—"An Amazing Discovery about What you Really Are". 

Dr. Nader's keynote address explores the true meaning of the Ramayana. Under Maharishi's guidance, Dr. Nader discovered the Ramayana is the story of what is happening within us. It speaks of the different aspects of our physiology, and how they interrelate to each other, and how they lead through steps of development to greater and greater coherence and unity, ultimately to the state of Unity Consciousness.
MIU alumnus & DLF producer, Michael Sternfeld, also presented on the Vedanta of the Ramayana.

Living in a Maharishi Vastu Community, Personal Experiences
October 2020
Residents Speak About Living in Vastu, part 2: North Campus Village, a Maharishi Vastu Community

Jon Lipman, our Chief Vastu Architect for North America, interviewed several residents of North Campus Village in a lively exchange about their personal experiences of living in a Vastu community. Click here or on the photo to access the replay.
UPDATE - Maharishi India Courses Current Season
Brahmasthan courses cancelled for this season
We have been actively monitoring the Covid situation in India and around the world to determine if we can safely have courses at the Brahmasthan this season. After much thought, taking expert medical advice, and with the increase in cases in India and worldwide, we have decided that it is best not to hold our courses this season – both for the safety of our guests and the Maharishi Vedic Pandits.

We welcome you to book now for next season, which will run from 25 October 2021 to 14 March 2022. Some weeks are already sold out.

More than anything we wish that you stay healthy and that we continue together to enjoy and expand all Maharishi’s programs, in a safer and more coherent world.
Maharishi YogaSM Asanas and Pranayama Online Group Instruction and Practice

Followed by a 20-minute Online Group Meditation.
Offered two times per week!

Led by Maharishi International University Faculty
TM Connect: Daily Morning & Afternoon Large Group Meditation

No reservations needed. Just call in.

Meditate with thousands around the country! Bob Roth will host the call, offer a few important reminders on correct practice, and lead a Group Meditation.

Special Articles
Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa - Aerial view 10:55

The Super Mind for Coping with Intense Change and Challenge

A discussion with Norman Rosenthal, M.D. 51:12 
Norman Rosenthal, M.D., is a world-renowned psychiatrist, public speaker, and best-selling author. He was the first to describe Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and pioneered the use of light therapy for its treatment. For 20 years he served as a senior researcher at the National Institutes of Mental Health and is currently Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University School of Medicine.

Dr. Rosenthal is the author of numerous best-selling books, including two in the past decade on the TM technique: Transcendence: Healing and Transformation through Transcendental Meditation and Super Mind: How to Boost Performance and Live a Richer, Happier Life through Transcendental Meditation.

Les Crane interviews Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

From September, 1967, Los Angeles
Thanks to Ken Chawkin for this delightful find—early vintage Maharishi—interviewed by a popular LA television talk show host. Les Crane interviewed Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in September 1967 about a month after The Beatles had met and learned Transcendental Meditation from him. They go over the basics of what Transcendental Meditation is and is not. Maharishi is delightful, laughing and quipping throughout the interview. The one-hour show, minus commercials, is 49:30 minutes long.
War and inner peace: ‘Jerry’s Last Mission’
By: CINDY STAGOFF | November 10, 2020

Jerry Yellin co-founded Operation Warriors Wellness at the David Lynch Foundation, which, in recognition of his work with the foundation, established the Jerry Yellin Resilient Warrior Fund to teach TM to veterans and first responders with PTSD. He also co-founded Operation Warrior Shield, which has the same goals.
“His message of hatred to love and reconciliation with his former enemy, after my brother moved to Japan and married the daughter of a Japanese kamikaze pilot, resonated wherever he spoke, and he spoke all over the country,” said Michael Yellin. “He spoke passionately about peace and how we are all the same ‘in the eyes of nature,’ that the labels we use to divide people are really just imaginary. He left quite a legacy, which I hope the documentary will help keep alive.
Hate turns to love: ‘Jerry’s Last Mission’ tells the story of WWII veteran coping with horrors of war
Nov 12, 2020

Watch the trailer here
The story of a World War II fighter pilot from New Jersey who flew the last combat mission over Japan is now the subject of a new documentary film – “Jerry’s Last Mission.”

Capt. Jerry Yellin fought the enemy during the war, only to wage a battle within himself for decades after returning home.

“He hated the Japanese all of his life. When he came back with PTSD and really suffering tremendously in silence like everybody in that generation. They would just not talk about it,” says filmmaker Louisa Merino.

Merino had a chance meeting with Yellin in 2015 when the veteran was in his 90s, and found that he had a story to tell.

“So, it is a story of transformation, but it’s really a testament of the healing process he went through, a journey of healing,” Merino says.

Yellin’s life took a dramatic turn some 40 years after the war when his son, who was in Japan for some time, met the daughter of a Kamikaze pilot and the two planned to marry. Finding himself suddenly with a new Japanese family, Yellin’s once hardened heart opened up and he came to love what he had despised for so long.

“He started learning transcendental meditation,” Merino says. “Something inside him changed where he was able to start letting go of the anger. Start letting go of the horrors he experienced.”

Additional news coverage on Jerry's Last Mission

filmBaristanet: Limited Pre-Screening of ‘Jerry’s Last Mission’ Will Honor New Jersey WWII Veteran, and this comprehensive article by Claire Barrett, who interviewed Louisa Merino and Michael and Steven Yellin for The Army Times, Observation Post: ‘Jerry’s Last Mission’: How WWII’s last combat pilot became a lifelong testament of the human spirit. Steven Yellin was also interviewed by KTVO-TV3’s Beth Waldon: New film helps Fairfield man understand father’s fighter pilot experiences in WWII.
Each weekday, Bob Roth, best-selling author of Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation, releases a new episode of his Stay Calm with Bob Roth series on iHeartRadio. He shares bite-sized personal stories about the power of the TM technique, with simple, practical tips about living well.

In these turbulent, uncertain times, find a moment of calm by tuning in to Bob’s daily podcast. While we may not always have control over outside forces, there are things we can do to find that calm within.

Stay Calm with Bob Roth is a daily reminder of the inner strength we already possess—and how our TM practice helps us tap into and expand that core of silence.

Subscribe for free to this popular new series—already over 70,000 subscribers in the first three weeks! Download and listen to the Stay Calm podcast on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Humor Corner
The Sound of Sirens (Sound of Silence Lockdown Parody)
TM in the News
How to Channel Your Energy in Challenging Times
It seems like the world has given us a time out, and it’s up to us to take advantage of the pause however we can.
By Suzy Batiz, CEO & Founder at Poo~Pourri & Supernatural
The world is rapidly changing before our eyes, bringing along with it many unknowns and uncertainties. In the shuffle of all the social distancing and isolating, rationing and disinfecting and a chaotic news cycle, it’s easy to get caught up in fear and panic.

But what if this wasn’t just a global crisis — what if it’s also an opportunity? An opportunity to recognize how intimately intertwined we all are as humans. An opportunity to stop and reflect on what’s important, what’s vital, and what and who we truly care about.⁠ An opportunity to reevaluate our relationships with ourselves, with others and with the world around us. An opportunity to grow, to shift and to transform.

It seems like the world has given us a time out, and it’s up to us to take advantage of the pause however we can. Whether you’re holed up at home or are continuing on with your duties so others can have groceries, food, medicine or essential services, here are six ways to channel your energy during this unusual time.⁠ (Of course, please prioritize staying safe and being prepared above all!)

Disconnect From Fear Sources⁠
It’s natural to want to stay informed, but a 24/7 diet of cable news will only stoke unnecessary fear and panic within you. (Same with endless scrolling through social media absorbing negativity and gossip.) Seek out smart, reliable, trusted and positive sources.⁠
In a time when external noise seems even louder than usual, a meditation practice is vital. Tuning the outside world out for even just 20 minutes will help quiet your mind and keep you aligned. I’m a huge proponent of Transcendental Meditation but there are also plenty of free guided meditations available including the Headspace app.

Lukas Nelson On Staying Home And Focusing On The Music March 31, 2020

Interview on Morning Edition. NPR's David Greene spoke to singer-songwriter Lukas Nelson, Willie Nelson's son. He spoke with David about missing the human connection of playing live and music taking on new meanings as times change. Listen to the conversation in the audio link below or read the article.
On using music to help block out chaotic and stressful news

I've never felt so inspired to just sit and practice. I've sat and learned an entire classical [guitar] piece called "Classical Gas." Mason Williams wrote it back in the '60s. It's challenging, and I've never had the time to really sit and learn it before. I was always so busy with things that I thought were important — and that were actually important as well. Life has forced me to sit with myself, and I've actually been practicing transcendental meditation every day, doing two meditations a day. The only thing you can do in this time is make the best of what you have.