Volume 9 Issue 18 | September 8, 2020
University News for Faculty and Staff
Dear Faculty and Staff,

This is a reminder to continue to log complaints you receive from students. All complaints, including complaints about faculty, grades, university services, housing, or food, should be logged. If you receive a complaint but aren't the person to resolve the issue, you're still the person responsible to record the complaint. After you record it, email the person who will help resolve the issue, including details about the complaint and letting him or her know that you submitted the complaint on the log. 

This procedure for addressing complaints is important: it helps keep our attention on improving student satisfaction and retention. We're also required by both the Higher Learning Commission and the US Federal Government to maintain institutional records of student complaints.

The Complaints Log is HERE. Please bookmark and continue using it.

Student Life
Open Positions at Maharishi School
Maharishi School is currently interviewing for the following positions for the 2020-21 school year:

1. Middle School CCLS, Social Studies Teacher – A TM Teacher is preferred for this position. Teaching grades 6-8 Consciousness, Connections and Life Skills, grade 6 World Geography and grade 7 World History. See Job Profile
2. Enrollment Management Director - Responsible for leading enrollment, admissions, marketing, recruiting, onboarding, and summer camp efforts within Maharishi School. See job profile.
3. Alumni Relations – 10 hours per week. A school alum is preferred for this position.
4. Central Office Manager - 8:00–4:30 during the school year

Contact Terry Weiss, Human Resources: tweiss@maharishischool.org

Please submit your resume, specifying the position in which you are interested.

It is the policy of Maharishi School not to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, religion, age, political party affiliation, or actual or potential parental, family or marital status in its programs, activities, or employment practices.
Health and Wellness
Team Up for 10 on October 7!

Join us on October 7 for the Healthiest State 10th Annual Walk, presented by Delta Dental of Iowa. Registration is now open!

In 2020, we invite all Iowans to Team Up for 10 – to help us celebrate 10 years of the annual event.
We know that, due to COVID-19, your walk event may look different this year or you may not know all of the details yet. That's OK! We still invite you to "team up" – whether that means in a small group, in a socially-distant fashion or even as a virtual team – and walk for 30 minutes!
NEW THIS YEAR! Register your household to walk together on October 7! 

We know that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your walk event may look different this year. We still invite you to "team up" – whether that means with members of your household, in a smaller group, in a socially-distant fashion or even as a virtual team – and walk with us on October 7!
Video Presentation from MIU's College of Integrative Medicine
New Book on Maharishi's Contribution to World Peace
A new book that discusses the contribution of Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology of Consciousness to the creation of world peace was released on August 22. Entitled "Living Peace: The Contribution of Maharishi Vedic Science to Global Security," the volume was edited by MIU PhD graduates Lee Fergusson and Anna Bonshek, former MIU faculty Dr. Geoffrey Wells and Dr. Wendy Cavanaugh, and current MIU faculty Dr. Kenneth Cavanaugh. 

The book is published by Maharishi Vedic Research Institute in Australia, founded by Lee Fergusson, Anna Bonshek, and Geoffrey Wells (https://maharishivedicresearch.org). The volume consists of nine chapters on individual peace, world peace, the Maharishi Effect, invincible defence, and global security. It features a Foreword by Dr. Tony Nader, leader of the organizations offering Maharishi's technologies of consciousness worldwide, as well as chapters by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Dr. Bevan Morris.

In the Foreword, Dr. Nader states that "This book ... provides hope for a better future. It seeks to systematically present a viable and trustworthy approach to world peace, based upon a clearly articulated set of propositions, principles, and theories and a well-documented series of empirical technologies and global programs which explain and demonstrably show that peace is not only possible but within easy reach of every society. These theories, technologies, and programs, rooted in the ancient Vedic tradition and built on a reliable foundation of creating peace within the individual, are the work of one man: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi." Dr Nader concludes: "I recommend the book to the world’s well-wishers who seek to find a viable, scientific approach to creating a long sought after and lasting peace for the world."

As quoted on the book's cover, Maharishi explains that the basis of peace is invincibility of the nation: "The only effective defence is prevention; that means disallow the birth of an enemy, that means we must learn how to be friends with Nature, because natural law is the only invincible force. The nation can be invincible only when national life is behaving in accordance with all the Laws of Nature... The practical technology for achieving this is Transcendental Meditation practiced by the people."

Copies of the book may be obtained by contacting MVRI Press at: Editors@MaharishiVedicResearch.org.
New eCard - Young Pandits recite Soma Sukta of Sama Veda

Young Maharishi Vedic Pandits in training at the Brahmasthan of India, reciting Soma Sukta from Sama Veda. This flowing recitation enlivens purity, softness and silence in life. Click here or on the picture to view the eCard and listen to the recitation.
Box Lunches at the Golden Dome Market Now Available
Only available to MIU/Maharishi School Faculty and Staff, MIU Students. Also, IA Grant participants who live on campus.

  • $10 for 1 Boxed Lunch (a little over 1 pound of food).The menu for the box lunches is set and the same for everyone.
  • Substitutions are available for people with food sensitivities or a restrictive diet due to health concerns.
  • Menu items with tofu, wheat, and dairy may be replaced with the grains and vegetables available that day.
  • But you must let us know about your substitution when you call-in your order-- we need to know in advance. The weight of the box lunch is the same for everyone.

Dahl $3.50 for a bowl or $2.00 for a half (available on Tuesday's and Thursday's only)

Desserts are available in our dessert case in the Market.
Desserts often include Chickpea Burfi and Gluten-Free Cookies.
Fresh bread is also usually available.

  • How it Works (please read carefully.) You have to call in your order before picking up inside the market.
  • Café: 641-472-7000 Ext. 5310
  • We open at 9 AM and can take your order starting then.
  • Choose a pick-up time when you call.
  • Pick-up your order between 12 noon - 1 PM downstairs in the Market.
  • No customers are allowed upstairs.
  • We cannot take orders after 1:00 PM.
  • This box lunch service is available Monday through Friday.
  • No curbside service for box lunches at this time.

MENU This Week
Monday, September 7th

Closed For Labor Day

Tuesday, September 8th
Turmeric Rice
Sagg Paneer (dairy)
Aloo Gobi - Potatoes & Cauliflower
Sesame Green Beans
Butternut Squash

Wednesday, September 9th
Schezwan Tofu
Vegetable Quesadillas (wheat, dairy)
Summer Squash w/Corn

Thursday, September 10th
Coconut Rice
Tandori Paneer (dairy)
Spinach Pie (wheat, dairy)
Vegetable Curry w/Garbanzo Beans

Friday, September 11th
Sesame Tofu
Walnut Burgers (wheat, dairy)
Carrots w/ Thyme
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy (dairy)

Café Phone Number
Order Here: 641-470-1375
What to do with a suspicious email
Here is specific, step-by-step guidance of what to do in the moment – even if you already replied or clicked

You get a suspicious email. It addresses you by name, but the wording, which urges immediate action, is odd. 

This may happen to you many times a week. Do you know what to do – and what not to do – with emails like this? Do you know what to tell your parents and kids and employees to do when they open these emails? 

How to spot a suspicious email
Some scam emails can be very convincing, with brand logos and official language. Remember to pause anytime an email urges you to take immediate action that could reveal private information. Look for these warning signs of a scam email:
  • The sender name is vague and the sender’s email address is long or convoluted
  • The email’s subject line is attention-grabbing or alarmist
  • The email urges immediate action of some kind
  • An offer of a major discount is dangled 
  • The email cites some pretense for seeking your personal information, including log-in information to a website.
  • The email urges you to click hyperlinked text without clarifying where you are clicking
  • Many scams and phishing emails cite offers that are too good to be true, or they try to trick users to quickly click on a link with language like ‘click to win’ or ‘see who's watching you’.
Once you have identified the email as part of a scam:
  • Don’t click on any attachments, which can install harmful malware.
  • Don’t click on any links, especially if the email urges you to go to a website and provide any information. 
  • Do not reply to the suspicious email or use a phone number or other contact information in the email. 
  • Look closely at the sender’s email address and any web addresses in the email for deviations from the official name of the business or sender.
  • If you are using your work email account, contact the IT team. They may want you to forward them the email but ask first. 
  • If you are using personal email, and a message claims a business is urgently trying to reach you, you can call or reach out to the business by looking up contact information online or on an old bill. Do not use any contact information provided in the suspicious email. 
  • Your personal email platform may allow you to report phishing. On Gmail there is a drop-down menu next to the reply button with that option. 
  • You can also forward a phishing email to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission at spam@uce.gov and reportphishing@apwg.org
  • If you already replied to a suspicious email, clicked on an attachment or link, or provided personal information, tell your company’s IT team if you are at work or go to IdentityTheft.gov. There you’ll see the specific steps to take based on the information that you lost.
  • Get two-factor authentication on your email program, and consider changing your email password and any other related passwords. 

It’s also worth noting that scams don’t just come in the forms of emails, and it’s important to keep your wits about you when you’re contacted in any form and asked for personal information or access to any of your devices. Scammers will try anything to get their hands on your data from phishing emails, smishing attempts, hacking, and even support fraud.
Tuesday, August 25 was our first day of school, welcoming back students both in person and online. The video tells the story. This shift to a new way of teaching and learning took endless hours of planning over summer break. We are forever grateful to our dedicated and responsive team of teachers, staff, and administrators. The children are worth every drop of effort invested in them!

We are very inspired to be back in school doing what we all love best!

With much appreciation from the students, faculty, and staff of Maharishi School, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your steadfast support.

Laura Bordow Development Director
Upcoming Events and Courses
After a very successful and universally appreciated Part 1 of this course, Part 2 will continue unfolding the full range of Maharishi’s Vedic Science with this special curriculum of Total Knowledge. In Part 2, Dr. Peter Warburton further reveals more profound details of the structure and fabric of consciousness by means of engaging presentations, intriguing charts developed under Maharishi’s guidance, illuminating recordings of Maharishi, and fascinating personal stories of Dr Warburton’s time spent with Maharishi. 
Dr Warburton worked closely with Maharishi, Founder of Transcendental Meditation, for 36 years and was trained personally by him to offer these Total Knowledge courses.
Course schedule: Tuesday, September 1 – Saturday, October 10 (Tuesday and Saturday Afternoons – 12 Sessions) 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm US Central Time Online via Zoom. 
(3:00 pm ET | 2:00 pm CT | 1:00 pm MT | 12:00 noon PT and in the UK, it’s 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm in Holland.)
These Zoom sessions are live and will be recorded and posted for anyone who is unable to view them live.
Course Fee: $75 is the discounted price for everyone during this difficult time of the coronavirus. 
Prerequisite: Prerequisite is Part 1 of this course, which is still available. (Please see below.) Or any other Total Knowledge course will also satisfy the requirement.

For more information, please visit: https://miu.edu/total-knowledge-and-higher-states-part-two
“Darkness will disappear
and we will see peace in the world”

As we enter more deeply into the phase transition which is currently underway, we are fortunate to be blessed with powerful technologies of consciousness that are capable of achieving the goals of ALL peace-loving men and women. These gifts from Maharishi allow us to embrace the goals and process of transformation in a coherent way—without getting pulled into the surface level of discord which can accompany changes of this magnitude.

Maharishi explains how we need only,
“…raise the quality of collective consciousness, and then society will naturally do better and better.
“Ancient wisdom is always held by small numbers, throughout time, who hold the Vedic tradition.
“Darkness will disappear and we will see peace in this world.”
Maharishi, March 28, 2006

Our National Yagyas, performed by deeply trained Vedic Pandits, are an effortless technology to increase coherence and raise collective consciousness—into, through, and out of this momentous period in our nation’s history.
What greater gift can we give to our nation, to our families, and to ourselves?

The purpose (Sankalpa) of the next U.S. National Yagya will be:
Bringing coherence, harmony, and peace
for the United States―and all of its people.
Sign up by Saturday, September 12.

Please CLICK NOW to take advantage of this particularly auspicious time.

Now Online: Courses for Self-Knowledge and Personal Growth

Maharishi International University offers a wide range of online noncredit courses for personal development. These courses have no exams and no required homework assignments—just deep learning about fascinating topics. Here are some exciting ongoing and upcoming courses.
Create a healthier, more balanced physiology by learning and practicing Maharishi YogaSM Asanas and Pranayama (breathing exercises) in a group.
Sessions are led by Maharishi International University faculty and followed by a 20-minute online Group Meditation.

Now offered two times per week
Fridays at 5:00 pm ET (60 min.)
4:00 pm CT | 3:00 pm MT | 2:00 pm PT
Followed by a 20-minute Online Group Meditation

Sundays at 11:00 am ET (60 min.)
10:00 am CT | 9:00 am MT | 8:00 am PT
Followed by a 20-minute Online Group Meditation

Course Fee: FREE
Prerequisite: Suitable for all Meditators, Sidhas, and TM Teachers

TM Connect—Group Meditations with Bob Roth
Wish you could participate in a remote Group Meditation led by a TM teacher? You're in luck!

A brand-new program called TM Connect is available twice a day, every day, in all U.S. time zones. This program is complimentary for everyone who has taken the TM course.

Celebrated TM teacher Bob Roth, David Lynch Foundation CEO, is hosting the conference calls at scheduled times each day. He provides a brief reminder of correct TM practice, then leads everyone who is connected in a 20-minute Group Meditation.

Please note: TM Connect is very popular, and Zoom has been overloaded. We apologize if you've had problems connecting. These instructions should make it easier, but please let us know if you have any difficulty.
How to connect:

For best results: Connect by Zoom. Download the Zoom app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and use this link: https://zoom.us/j/177174913. If you join by opening your Zoom app first, click Join, then enter Meeting ID 177-174-913.

Second choice: Connect by phone. Call 929-205-6099 or 253-215-8782, then enter the Access Code 177-174-913#.

Weekday morning schedule: 6:00 am or 8:15 am

Daily afternoon schedule: 5:00 pm

Weekend morning schedule: 7:30 am or 8:15 am
Special Articles

Life can be challenging when everything has been turned upside down. Learn ways to find happiness in the midst of change from the head of the worldwide TM organizations, Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R., in a replay of his recent Facebook talk—over 1 million views in the first week!
A medical doctor, M.I.T. and Harvard-trained neuroscientist, and scholar of meditation, yoga, and consciousness, Dr. Nader is inspiring millions with ways to implement solutions from the transcendental level of inner peace and clarity.

Each weekday, Bob Roth, best-selling author of Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation, releases a new episode of his Stay Calm with Bob Roth series on iHeartRadio. He shares bite-sized personal stories about the power of the TM technique, with simple, practical tips about living well.

In these turbulent, uncertain times, find a moment of calm by tuning in to Bob’s daily podcast. While we may not always have control over outside forces, there are things we can do to find that calm within.

Stay Calm with Bob Roth is a daily reminder of the inner strength we already possess—and how our TM practice helps us tap into and expand that core of silence.

Subscribe for free to this popular new series—already over 70,000 subscribers in the first three weeks! Download and listen to the Stay Calm podcast on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Humor Corner
TM in the News
David Lynch offering transcendental meditation to healthcare workers fighting coronavirus

April 14, 2020
“Twin Peaks” director David Lynch thinks the world will be a “kinder place” after the coronavirus pandemic as his transcendental meditation foundation offers free help to exhausted medical workers.

Lynch, 74, believes COVID-19 is a sign the world has gone down a wrong path. “I have a feeling … that Mother Nature is running the show on this, and said, ‘Let’s just hold on and stop this crazy world for a while so that people can reflect and think about what we are doing as human beings on this planet,'” he told Page Six.

“I think the world is going to be different when this virus goes, it is going to take with it a lot of the old and the new is going to be better … a kinder place. I think it is already bringing the world together.”

The David Lynch Foundation launched Heal The Healers Now to provide free transcendental meditation training to medics to cope with the stress surrounding the pandemic and protect against burnout.

Transcendental Meditation has been said to reduce stress-related disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder and decrease anxiety and depression. Celebrities such as Katie Couric, Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Roberts and hedge fund billionaire Dan Loeb have all practiced TM.

A pilot study of physicians in the Emergency Medicine Department at New York’s Weill Cornell Medical Center-New York Presbyterian Hospital — one of the busiest hospitals in the US in the fight against COVID-19 — found significant reductions in burnout, insomnia, and symptoms of post-traumatic stress over a three-month period in those practicing TM.

Not in India but in this country, note the picture of Lord Ram!
The name Rama is considered to be of great importance in Hinduism. People include Rama’s name in their salutation. But do you know that how the notes of Mahatma Gandhi are carried in India, in the same way, there is a country where no one but the photo of Lord Ram appears on the note? The country we are talking about is Netherland. It is said that notes of Lord Rama’s name go on here. Yes, just as there is a photo of the Father of the Nation on every note in India, the picture of Lord Shri Ram is made on every note here.

According to information, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had issued notes of Lord Rama’s picture in this country in 2002. Since then, they go so far. One Ram name note from Netherland is believed to be worth about 800 rupees in Indian currency. By the way, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who played a note named Ram, was born in a Kayastha family in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh and he gave knowledge of spirituality and religion in Shankaracharya’s ashram for about 13 years.