Volume 10 Issue 6| March 22, 2021
University News for Faculty and Staff
March is National Women's History Month

Why is it Important?
We haven't given women their due attention
For many years, women weren’t acknowledged in historical texts. This isn’t because women weren’t in the midst of important discoveries or helping out with important conquests. It’s mainly because men wrote the majority of historical documents for thousands of years. In March, we dig deep to uncover many of the important roles women have played throughout history.

Women are inspirational
Learning about women who have stood up for their rights and fought for what they believe is fantastic motivation. We all have the power to influence the direction our world is headed in, and National Women’s History Month reminds us of that.

It recognizes the strength and power of women
It’s easy to get caught up in the grind of daily life, but this month is an excellent opportunity to put a spotlight on all of the major things women accomplish each and every day. From domestic chores and carrying babies to fighting wars and governing countries, women are pretty darn amazing.

Open Positions
Alumni Coordinator - Assist the Alumni Director in providing communications and services to MIU Alumni. Use Google Docs, Office 360, 4th Dimension and other web-mediated communications tools to provide services, events and communications for alumni.

Administrative Assistant for Career Services - Compro Department
Duties include front desk, communications, administration, customer service, database maintenance. Send resume and cover letter to jgarrett@miu.edu

Please contact cpassos@miu.edu if you know of anyone who is interested and qualified to fill any of these open positions.

Maharishi School Dorm Supervisor - Female Resident Supervisor for Maharishi School grade 9-12 students in Hildenbrand Hall: 30 hours per week in the evenings and weekends, ten months per year. Compensation includes salary, room and daily meal.

An on-call weekday supervision position is also available. This can be any gender. It can also be combined with the residential position. 

Contact Terry Weiss (tweiss@maharishischool.org)

Maharishi International University is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Health and Wellness
Spring forward into a fresh new season feeling rejuvenated with our expanded wellness offerings here at Maharishi Ayurveda! We’re thrilled to offer NEW seasonally appropriate body-care, skin-care, and personal-care products from Farmtrue to help you reveal your natural radiance. Skin—your largest organ—“digests” what you put on it, making it especially important to choose skincare without harmful synthetic ingredients. Mindfully made with nourishing ingredients like organic, grass-fed golden ghee, creamy coconut milk, refreshing rose petals and calming lavender, Farmtrue’s Ayurvedic formulas will help you hydrate, gently exfoliate, and cleanse impurities from your system, naturally.  
Get better Zzzs! Up to 50% Off
One unbounded ocean of consciousness: Simple answers to the big questions in life
Available for Pre-Order. This item will be available on April 1, 2021
Five places to order the book:
You can pre-order the book online at any of the locations below — the book will be available around April 1. We’ll send reimbursement instructions in the next few days. If as many people as possible pre-order the book today, all on the same day, your purchase will help push the book up the best-seller lists.

I am pleased to tell you that the new book from Dr. Tony Nader that you may have been hearing about is being published as an ebook — and that several of our Trustees are making it possible for all the staff and faculty to receive a free copy.
I believe this book — entitled One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness: Simple Answers to the Big Questions in Life — will enrich our understanding of Maharishi’s knowledge and help us appreciate the special value of our university even more deeply.
Dr. Nader’s book presents an incredible journey of discovery into the deepest nature of human consciousness and its role in developing the full potential of our mind, body, and relationships. One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness addresses life’s biggest questions: who we are, what we are doing here, and what we are meant to become. 
As always, I deeply appreciate your dedication and great service to our university.
President Hagelin
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Campus Culture Survey
If you have not already completed the survey!
At MIU, we welcome and celebrate a rich diversity of cultures, backgrounds, identities, and values in a community that cultivates openness and togetherness, authenticity and respect, kindness and mutual support. Our first campus-wide climate survey MIU’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, in collaboration with the Diversity Committee, is administering our first campus-wide campus culture survey. We want to learn how students, staff, and faculty feel about the campus climate, especially around diversity and inclusion.

Responses will be anonymous. The survey results will be available on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website, and we will announce the results as well as a link to the final report when they’re ready. The results will be used to help us create a more welcoming environment for everyone on campus, especially those from underrepresented groups, help us develop our Diversity Strategic Action Plan, and support research, education, and programming that will advance inclusivity at MIU.

Do you have further questions about the research or your rights as a participant? If so, please contact our survey administrator, Nahom Abegaze, Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: nabegaze@miu.edu

Click here to compete the survey
Spotting scam emails
March 17, 2021 by Emily Wu, Attorney, Federal Trade Commission

Let’s say you get an email about a charge to your credit card for something you aren’t expecting or don’t want. Your first instinct may be to immediately call the company or respond to the email and to stop the payment. Scammers know that, and are taking advantage of it in a new phishing scheme.

People tell us they’re getting emails that look like they’re from Norton, a company that sells antivirus and anti-malware software. (Tip: the emails are NOT from Norton.) The emails say you’ve been (or are about to be) charged for a Norton product — maybe an auto renewal or new order. If this is a mistake, the email says, you should call immediately. (Tip: don’t.)
If you call, you’ll be connected to a scammer. Some scammers might ask you to “verify” your credit card information, while others might say they need your password to remote into your computer so they can remove the Norton program. But if you let them, they could install malware, block you from getting to your own files, and sell you worthless services.

If you get an email or text you’re not sure about:
  • Don’t click on any links.
  • Don’t use the number in the email or text. If you want to call the company that supposedly sent the message, look up their phone number online.

  • Never give your password to a stranger on the phone, even if they claim to be from a company you recognize.
  • If you did give out your password, change it right away, update your computer’s security software, run a scan, and delete anything it identifies as a problem.
New eBook - Maharishi speaks on Fulfillment

In this profound lecture from 1965 in London, England, Maharishi speaks on a topic we are all deeply interested in – the nature of fulfillment.
This eBook was created with audio and text from Maharishi’s lecture, along with pictures of Maharishi, some of them are very rare.

To open the eBook, click here or on the picture above. We highly recommend viewing it on a computer with Google Chrome as this gives a very full and enjoyable experience. Please turn the pages slowly and wait for the audio bar to begin playing on the selected pages with audio. The first audio bar appears on page 4 after the title page.

To view more eBooks, please click here.

We kindly request not to repost this Maharishi eBook on any social media platforms.
New eBook - Spiritual Regeneration of the Whole World
This latest eBook was created from a lecture in 1968 in which Maharishi explains how his Movement began, how training the first teachers of Transcendental Meditation came about, and how the first Academy was built in India.

Maharishi tells these stories of early Movement days in such an inspiring, captivating and delightful way. The eBook is with audio from that meeting along with the text, and with some rare pictures of Maharishi and the first Academy.

To open the eBook, click here or on the picture above. We highly recommend viewing it on a computer with Google Chrome as this gives a very full and enjoyable experience. Please turn the pages slowly and wait for the audio bar to begin playing on the selected pages with audio. The first audio bar appears on page 6 after the title pages.

To view more eBooks, please click here. We kindly request not to repost this eBook or any of the pictures in the eBook on any social media platforms.
Curbside Service for Box Lunches Now Available to Everyone!

Available to anyone and everyone in the greater Fairfield area, including Maharishi Vedic City!
Order Here: 641-470-1375

IMPORTANT: The pick-up location will be in the Ladies' Dome Parking Lot-- not in front of the store.

$10 for 1 Boxed Lunch
Dahl $3.50 for a bowl or $2.00 for a half

$4.50 Whole and $2.50 Half

MENU This Week

Monday, March 22nd
Noodles & Nuts
Mustard Tofu w/ Kale
Vegetable Pot Pie (G, D)
Broccoli w/ Carrots
Butternut Squash

Tuesday, March 23rd
Lemon Rice
Paneer W/ Green Beans in Coconut Sauce w/ Toasted Coconut (D)
Spinach Pie (G, D)
Zucchini Tian 
Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Wednesday, March 24th
Chinese Sweet & Sour Tofu Balls 
Creamy Cheesy Polenta w/ Pesto & Vegetables (D)
Cauliflower & Broccoli
Sliced Roasted Beets

Thursday, March 25th
Pasta Pesto
Chana Masala
Spinach Enchiladas (D)
Zucchini, Corn & Tomatoes 
Acorn Squash

Friday, March 26th
Saag Paneer 
Nut Burgers (D, G) 
Green Beans and Carrots 
Potatoes Au Gratin

G= Gluten  D= Dairy  GF= Gluten Free

How it Works - Please Read Carefully
  • You must 1) Call in your order, 2) Pay on the phone 641-470-1375, and 3) Make an appointment time for your curbside pick-up box lunch.
  • Payment is made over the phone using your Dome Market Account, or by using a credit card over the phone (takes longer).
  • TIP: If you plan on using this service on a regular basis, then it is best to open an account with us. It is quick and easy!
  • Make your appointment for pick-up between Noon - 1 PM. Monday - Friday
  • Call to place an order after 9 AM along with pick-up time
  • The pick-up location will be in the Ladies' Dome Parking Lot-- not in front of the store.
  • Please call the Café when you arrive: 641-470-1375
  • In order to identify you in the parking lot, please put your name in big letters up in the window on a piece of paper.
  • Please have your mask on to receive your order
  • The menu for the box lunches is set and the same for everyone.
  • Substitutions are available for people with food sensitivities or a restrictive diet.
  • Menu items with tofu, wheat, and dairy may be replaced with the grains and vegetables available that day.
  • But you must let us know about your substitution when you call-in your order-- we need to know in advance.

Upcoming Events and Courses
Maharishi International University launches new distance education course
MIU has just launched a new, FREE course, Introduction to Maharishi Vedic Architecture consisting of 11 lessons and 4 bonus videos. The lessons are comprised of edited versions of our webinar series and will be supplemented with periodic, live Q & A sessions open to all who register for the course. As an online course, the lessons can be viewed at any time.

Exciting opportunity
to live in brand‑new Maharishi Vastu apartments on campus
Maharishi International University is pursuing a proposal whereby the trailers in Utopia Park will be replaced with very comfortable, elegant two‑bedroom, two‑story Maharishi Vastu® apartments, all within a short stroll from the Domes.

These two‑bedroom apartments would normally rent for $1,200/month, but that would be reduced to $600/month for those who commit to regular Dome attendance. (This is only slightly more than the antiquated trailers currently rent for, and just half the rental charge for similar homes in North Campus Village.)

The impetus behind this ambitious project is to support a permanent group of over 2,000 Yogic flyers in Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City, creating powerful coherence every day.

It is also a vital part of this plan to have 25 Maharishi Vedic® Pandits in Maharishi Vedic City doing long program and Yagyas, as we have had in the past.

There will be two requirements to live in these Vastu apartments
  1. Commit to doing program in the Domes at least of 75% of the time. Please note: There is no requirement to attend the long second round — but, of course, you are warmly invited to do so.
  2. Two people will live in each apartment (whether a couple or two friends), and both are asked to fulfill the 75% attendance in the Domes.

Action step: Please add your name to our list
We are now poised to add 250 beautiful and affordable homes, right in the heart of the Fairfield community on the auspicious MIU Campus. (See the architect’s rendering of one of the planned buildings below.)
In order to confirm the viability of this plan, and to gauge how quickly we should move forward, please fill out this brief survey so we can add your name to the list of interested Sidhas and Governors.

Phase I development
The first phase of development will be to replace 13 trailers with 16 new two‑bedroom, two‑story apartments. In order for our donors to break ground on this Phase I construction, they want to know that the demand for these first units is secure. From your survey responses, we’ll be able to create a waiting list for these 16 units — i.e., 32 individuals.*
(*Note: A family of three or four can comfortably live in these apartments, so 16 units can accommodate substantially more than 32.)

Wishing you all great happiness,
Jai Guru Dev
Dr. John Hagelin
Have you been enjoying the wonderful, new videos from Dr. Tony Nader and other TM speakers. Where can you find the replays ?

Please note: Replays will usually be posted within 2-3 days after the live event.
Maharishi YogaSM Asanas and Pranayama Online Group Instruction and Practice

Followed by a 20-minute Online Group Meditation.
Offered two times per week!

Led by Maharishi International University Faculty
TM Connect: Daily Morn­ing & After­noon Large Group Meditation More

No re­serv­ations needed. Just call in.

Meditate with thousands around the country! Bob Roth will host the call, lead a Group Meditation, and share insights about TM and brain functioning, with tips for balance in life.

► Connect by phone: dial (929) 205-6099 or (253) 215-8782, then enter Meeting ID 177 174 913#
Special Articles
HEAVENLY LANE TO MIU, Maharishi International University 3 min.
Words of Wisdom

As we move forward during these uncertain times, I thought I’d share a couple of quotes to help shine some light on the road ahead. Enjoy!
If you meditate, I encourage you to be regular in your practice so you can access that transcendent field of energy, power, and happiness that lies deep within you—and all of us—the true basis for health and success in life.

I also would like to invite you to join our twice daily group meditation call. Thousands of us, from all over the world, meditate together. It is a beautiful way to support ourselves and each other.  If you are interested in learning more, please visit www.tm-meditate.org
Bob Roth, CEO
David Lynch Foundation
 How Is TM
Different from Mindfulness, in Practice and Effects?
Dr. David Orme-Johnson answers your questions

I heard that a recent study found mindfulness may cause anxiety for some people. I learned the Transcendental Meditation technique to reduce my anxiety, and it has really worked. I used to get full-blown panic attacks, but now I never do. Can TM practice cause anxiety for some, or any other undesired effects?

No, the TM technique does not cause anxiety or unwanted side effects. Your experience of reduced anxiety from practicing TM is well documented, both by randomized controlled trials and meta-analyses of peer-reviewed studies.
TM practice is completely different from mindfulness-based techniques, and more than 650 studies over five decades have shown it to be beneficial for health, well-being, intelligence, creativity, and performance. And with the recommended twice-daily TM practice, its benefits have also been shown to be cumulative over time.

A discussion with world-class jewelry designer Temple St. Clair
Temple St. Clair is considered one of the world’s leading jewelry designers. In 2016, she won the Jewelers of America (JA) GEM award, the industry’s most prestigious prize for jewelry design. She has been crafting original jewelry designs since 1986 and is credited with the creation of timeless, collection-worthy fine jewelry.

In 2015, St. Clair debuted her Mythical Creature collection, the first chapter of The Golden Menagerie, at The Louvre Museum in Paris. In 2017, she joined Louis Tiffany and Alexander Calder as one of only three American artists to be inducted into the Musée des Arts Décoratifs permanent collection at the Louvre.

St. Clair discusses her career as a jewelry designer and the role her Transcendental Meditation practice has played in enhancing her creativity. She lives in New York City with her husband and two children.
Humor Corner
TM in the News
I went down many wellness paths to get to a space where I can finally reach homeostasis, and a lot of them worked in short spurts but never truly made me feel at peace with myself in the long run. I've known about Transcendental Meditation (TM) and its benefits for alleviating anxiety and general angst for years, so I thought, Why not try this out?

This year I went to the Brooklyn TM Center for my first foray into this meditation technique. Although there are over seven million people who practice TM daily, you can find very little information on the internet on how to practice TM. It's so mysterious that I honestly sat in an Uber on my way to my meditation lesson thinking: Why does it seem that only celebrities do this? Why do I have to pay? Am I about to join something along the lines of Scientology? Rest assured, it is so far from that.

TM is a meditation technique that you do every day for 20 minutes twice a day using a mantra assigned to you by a TM teacher. Simply put, you sit in a comfortable position and silently repeat a mantra to yourself until your time is up. It was initially brought to the States by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi over 50 years ago and has deep roots in Vedic traditions from thousands of years ago. It's a practice that requires you to relinquish control over your thoughts and just let everything be. There is no emphasis on being in a quiet place or sitting criss-cross in a field while incense wafts around you—the focus is on the pure and innocent act of enjoying the silence one can create within themselves through meditation.

Giggling guru’s vision of harmonious homes

Ancient principles espoused by The Beatles’ meditation master will bring good vibrations to Scotland’s peace palace

Jean West March 14, 2021
Leonardo da Vinci, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the children’s science boffin Dr Bunhead have little in common at first glance.

But their shared tenets for harmonious living are embodied in Scotland’s first maharishi peace palace, honouring the wishes of The Beatles’ famous guru.

They have all exalted the principles behind vastu shastra, an ancient Indian practice which aligns the ideals of architecture and people with natural law to achieve good vibrations and positive living.

Now the building in Edinburgh, which comprises ten carefully designed flats where residents can immerse themselves in transcendental meditation and ancient teachings, is almost complete.

The maharishi, once known as the giggling guru, became increasingly interested in the principles of vastu after bringing transcendental meditation to the world.