Volume 9 Issue 11 | June 1, 2020
University News for Faculty and Staff
Maykel G. Morera from Costa Rica started the M.B.A. Program in Sustainable Business at M.I.U in Fall 2019, after completing the E.S.L. Program for three months, and the Maharishi TM Sidhi program. Morera has an International Bachelor Degree in Accounting and more than 20 years of experience in Accounting, Business, and Financial Administration. He recently joined the H.R. Office team after working for the Student Accounts Office for the past year.
Open Positions
Open Position: CEO at Maharishi Ayurveda Products International (MAPI). ►  Job Opening: CEO at MAPI

Maharishi International University is an equal opportunity employer.
Health and Wellness
Spring is Kapha season, a time of cool and wet weather, when your immunity may need extra help. Ayurveda recommends taking herbal supplements to shore up your digestion, remove toxins, and revitalize your natural ability to keep illness at bay. Favor a warm and lightly spiced, seasonal diet to counteract Kapha’s cool and slow nature.
  • Favor fresh, organic, well-cooked foods sautéed or flavored with small amounts of ghee or olive oil and Kapha balancing churna or flavors. 
  • Heating, pungent foods such as radishes, spinach, and mustard greens and spices such as ginger, cardamom and pepper, can help warm the body, kindle the digestive fire and keep Kapha moving. Be your own guide for Pitta and Vata dominant types, as these herbs may be overly stimulating. 
  • Bitter leafy greens like kale and dandelion greens and spices such as dill, cumin, and turmeric support healthy weight management and help to eliminate accumulated ama (toxins).
  • Dry, astringent tastes found in pomegranate, pears, honey (raw, unheated)*, spices such as basil, oregano, and rosemary, and beans such as mung dahl, garbanzo and red lentils can also help to remove accumulated ama and excess moisture.
Keep in mind that diet is a self-referral process. When you eat, listen to your body and be quietly alert to how you feel afterward and the next day, and adjust your diet accordingly. Remember that your body may respond differently to foods during different seasons and each of us is unique. There is no "one size fits all" diet. 

I hope this finds you and your loved ones staying safe and healthy during these challenging times! 

Amidst the many uncertainties we’re all facing, one thing is for sure, the season is changing! 

If you’re north of the equator, spring is blossoming forth, bringing with it a vital wave of physiological detox and rejuvenation, according to Ayurveda. Even better, we can enhance that rejuvenation with a little diet and herbal know-how.

Check out my blog for 6 super simple ways to support your body’s natural springtime “detox” and shed toxins while you boost your immunity in the weeks to come: https://drlonsdorf.com/2020/05/11/detox-spring/

Craving a deeper dive on detox? Check out my Spring Detox video here…  https://youtu.be/qnocZi9Qkxo

Meanwhile, stay safe, keep a distance, wear a mask, and take advantage of this precious springtime for your yearly “built-in” dose of refreshing rejuvenation.
Immunity for your Body Type? Learn more in this stimulating Instagram LIVE interview with Dr. Nancy

Love a brief, lively conversation re: Ayurveda, immunity and optimal health?

Check out the interview with former Fox News anchor, Shibani Joshi!

You can follow Shibani on Instagram at @Shibani_Joshi.

Enjoy and stay in balance with the tips I share above!
New eBook - Maharishi in India, 1961
This ebook has a series of pictures of Maharishi in India from 1961. The beautiful background painting is by Werner Bandel.

To view the eBook, click here or on the picture. It is best viewed on Google Chrome. Please turn the pages slowly and click on any page to enlarge.
Our Guiding Light eBook by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
In "Thirty Years Around the World - Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment (Vol. 1.)," Maharishi is quoted speaking of his teacher Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev.

This new eBook combines Maharishi’s quotes with rare pictures of Guru Dev. Click here or on the photo to view; best viewed on Google Chrome. Please turn the pages slowly and click on any page to enlarge.

We kindly request that you not post this Maharishi eBook on any social media platforms.
Everyone seeks to attain excellence and happiness in their lives, yet world-class performance is rare. Research shows that education accounts for only 1 per cent of performance levels, work experience only 3 per cent, and age in adults 0 per cent.

Dr Harald S. Harung and Dr Frederick Travis  looked deeply and uncovered the secret of world-class performance: Excellence in any profession or activity depends on the single variable of high mind-brain development.

Upcoming Events and Courses
Online Group Instruction and Practice of Maharishi Yoga SM  Asanas and Pranayama for Men and Women

Every Friday at 4:00 pm Central Time (60 min.), followed by a 20-minute Online Group Meditation

►  Register here  (no charge)

Led by Maharishi International University Faculty
Benefits of Maharishi Yoga Asanas and Pranayama
  • Maharishi Yoga Asanas remove physical stresses, create greater integration of mind and body, strengthen flexibility, and improve health.
  • Pranayama helps to settle the body and mind, which, along with asanas, deepens your TM® experience.

  • Prior instruction in the TM technique
  • Comfortable sports or yoga wear
  • A yoga mat or thick blanket
  • A settled environment

No charge At this time, this class is being offered as a free service.
TM Connect: Join the Daily Group Meditation

Call in & enjoy your morning/evening meditation with a large group—from the comfort of your home
No reservations needed. Just call in.

Support your regular practice with this new option for daily morning and afternoon group meditations—connect by phone or Zoom (audio only).

Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, will host the call, offer a few important reminders on proper practice, and take you in and out of meditation.

Join the large group meditation by calling in, and catch the wonderful wave of silence generated by thousands meditating together.

How to connect
FOR BEST RESULTS, connect by Zoom. Download the Zoom app on your device, and click this link:  https://zoom.us/j/177174913 .
SECOND CHOICE: To phone in, use 929‑205‑6099 or 253‑215‑8782, then enter the Meeting ID 177‑174‑913#.

Weekday morning schedule: 6:00 am or 8:15 am

Daily afternoon schedule: 5:00 pm

Weekend morning schedule: 7:30 am or 8:15 am
LIVE Every Day 11 AM: Join Dr. Tony Nader M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R.

Meditation & knowledge
for creating calm in mind & body
Every day at 11:00 AM
Please join Dr. Tony Nader for a continuation of his series of live 30‑minute sessions on meditation, insight, and practical techniques for reducing stress and creating calm in mind and body.

WHEN: Every day at 11 AM CDT.

WHERE:  Click this link  or visit Dr. Nader’s Facebook Videos page, and look for the video labeled LIVE. (It will be in the upper left corner under ALL VIDEOS.) Registration is not required. The sessions are free and open to the public.

Each session ends with a brief meditation, with thousands around the globe meditating at the same time. Connect to your inner Self through the Transcendental Meditation technique and help create inner and outer coherence. Friends and family are invited.
2020 Purusha Capital SM
Course Schedule for Men
Top Leaders Coming Again This Year

We invite all male Governors and Sidhas to join us for deep experience and knowledge on one of our courses. During these courses, top leaders of the TM ®  organization will share their knowledge and the latest news and developments in their area of expertise.

For a complete list of all courses, including detailed course descriptions, please visit  PurushaCourses.org .

Upcoming World Peace Assemblies (WPAs)

  • June 13–20: WPA on the Bhagavad-Gita — with Purusha Raja John Bright
  • June 29–July 6: Guru Purnima WPA
Special Articles
Dhammajarinee Witthaya School (Thailand) wins Rona Abramson Women's Initiative Award PR Newswire
 ROCKVILLE, Md., April 29, 2020
The 2020 winner of the Rona Abramson Women's Initiative Award goes to the Dhammajarinee Witthaya School (thaischool.org) based in Thailand. The in-residence school is a refuge for over one thousand at-risk girls from the school years of nursery through grade 12. The School's successful mission is to provide these vulnerable girls the opportunity to grow in a loving and protected environment and to empower them to live healthy, productive and successful lives. 

Many of the School's girls have either been abandoned or come from households with no source of income. The alternative is a traumatic, unsafe and hungry future.  Now they receive award winning education, a nurturing home, proper food and healthcare.

The Dhammajarinee Witthaya School's effort to care, support and protect Thai girls not only focuses on their immediate survival needs but also on their long-term integrated development. This includes the twice daily practice of Transcendental Meditation®  (TM) by all the girls, which results in a reduction in their stress and an increase in their happiness and academic success. The Schools' unique curriculum also incorporates practical life skills and vocational training.

Each weekday, Bob Roth, best-selling author of Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation, releases a new episode of his  Stay Calm with Bob Roth  series on iHeartRadio. He shares bite-sized personal stories about the power of the TM technique, with simple, practical tips about living well.

In these turbulent, uncertain times, find a moment of calm by tuning in to Bob’s daily podcast. While we may not always have control over outside forces, there are things we can do to find that calm within.

Stay Calm with Bob Roth  is a daily reminder of the inner strength we already possess—and how our TM practice helps us tap into and expand that core of silence.

Subscribe for free to this popular new series—already over 70,000 subscribers in the first three weeks! Download and listen to the Stay Calm podcast on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Humor Corner
TM in the News

Scottish folk legend Donovan and US film-maker David Lynch are fundraising to offer transcendental meditation to frontline Covid-19 NHS workers who develop post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during the pandemic.
The balladeer from Glasgow, who penned Mellow Yellow and Hurdy Gurdy Man, travelled to India with The Beatles to receive the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

He said the evidence-based practice reduces stress, improves mental health and helps manage deep trauma.

The Scot urged the public to study scientific papers in publications such as The Lancet outlining the impact of transcendental meditation (TM) on high blood pressure and cortisol levels, sleep and concentration as well as combat stress and PTSD.

Heal The Healers Now UK, a joint initiative by the David Lynch Foundation UK and TM Organisation UK, is already offering stress reduction and breathing techniques for NHS employees exposed to Covid-19.

Looking ahead to the end of the lockdown, it hopes to provide free in-person TM training to as many as possible working in hospital settings, which have been compared to war zones.

Donovan, who has just released a new album about climate change — called Eco-Song — is supported by a raft of health professionals already benefiting from the practice.

The singer, recently forced to postpone the album’s London launch until October because of Covid-19, said: “We are ready to take calls from families of workers who we know are going to experience enormous PTSD after this.

“When stress continually builds up people become ill. But anybody will experience a stress-free event deeper than sleep by practicing this method twice a day. It has been known for at least a thousand years that there was a technique that relaxed the nervous system deeper than sleep. It is the most wonderful thing.”

Lynch added: “Imagine the stress that the healers are taking on during this crisis. We want to give them the greatest stress-buster there is — transcendental meditation — along with our thanks.”

TM is regarded as both spiritual and non-spiritual and rooted in Hinduism. It involves an in-person four- day training during which a personalized mantra is transmitted. Practice is for 20 minutes twice a day.

Experts last week flagged up the potential for serious PTSD among health workers. A report by the British Psychological Society warned of a “future mental health crisis” among frontline NHS staff, and said early intervention was vital.

Lynch claims Donovan inspired him to take up TM as an angry man in the 1970s and has never missed his practice.

Donovan, who attributes his creativity to the Eastern practice which reeled in the Fab Four in the sixties, has made it his life’s mission to spread the teaching.

There are centres across Scotland and a global community of millions, including celebrities like Sheryl Crow, Katie Perry and Russel Brand.
The Mechanics of Meditation
Barbara Ann Briggs

“How do we meditate? My mind is so active! Isn’t it very difficult to make the mind quiet?” This is a common question. The answer is: Meditation is not difficult to practice. It is a very simple, natural and effortless process. Everyone has the ability to meditate and experience the benefits such as more skill in action, broader comprehension, and the ability to focus more sharply, improved health and more fulfilling relationships.
The idea that meditation is difficult stems from the notion that it involves controlling the restless mind, or forcing the mind to focus on a particular point of attention. The mind is often compared to a monkey, jumping from branch to branch of a tree. Because the mind wanders from thought to thought, the assumption is that it is the nature of the mind to wander and therefore the mind must be controlled. But this is a misconception.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation technique explains: “Every mind has the ability of unlimited concentration. It is not necessary for the mind to acquire this ability because it is already there. No mind will remain on something that is ugly or which does not provide happiness. Every mind is attracted to something that is charming and joyful. Everyone therefore has the ability to concentrate to any extent.” The TM technique uses this natural tendency of the mind to go to a field of greater happiness in order to effortlessly enable the mind to experience pure consciousness, the source of unlimited bliss, creativity and intelligence.

To elaborate on this theme, we may take an example. If one is reading a book, and in the next room, one hears one’s favorite song on the radio, one’s attention will naturally shift from the book to the sound of the song. This shift of the attention from a field of lesser charm to a field of greater charm happens automatically. It does not require any effort for the mind to shift its focus to the song because it is the natural tendency of the mind to move to a field of greater happiness. In the case of a monkey jumping from branch to branch of a tree, initially we may infer that the monkey is jumping about aimlessly, but if we observe closely, we will see that the monkey is actually searching for food. There is a purpose behind its movements. Until the food to satisfy its hunger is found, it will continue to jump from tree to tree. When the monkey finds the fruit, it will sit on the branch and begin to enjoy it .