Volume 9 Issue 25| December 14, 2020
University News for Faculty and Staff
Holiday Travel
Travel may increase your chance of spreading and getting COVID-19. CDC continues to recommend postponing travel and staying home, as this is the best way to protect yourself and others this year.

Maps, charts, and data provided by the CDC

This link is also illustrative--just change state name at the end of the link for particulars of any state

Open Positions
Departmental Assistant in Human Resources
Financial Aid Officer
Departmental Administrator in Student Life

Please contact cpassos@miu.edu if you know of anyone who is interested and qualified to fill any of these open positions.

Maharishi School is looking to fill three positions:
Facilities Care: help clean the school and assist with lunch service. Full-time, weekdays, 5:30am-1:30pm.
Lower School Lunch and Recess Supervisor: 11:50 - 12:50 on school days.
Children’s House Assistant Preschool Teacher: weekdays 8:30 – 1:00
Contact Terry Weiss at tweiss@maharishischool.org.

Maharishi International University is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Health and Wellness
The Basis of Strong Immunity is Balance - The Ayurvedic Perspective

by Alan Marks, CEO
Ayurveda is the science of balance. The focus on symptoms or particular illnesses circulating at any given time is not the primary focus of Ayurveda. It is certainly concerned with these, but rather it addresses the core of health, that which allows illness to take place in the first place – imbalance. Ayurveda encourages daily, life-long attention to maintaining balance. When our body is in balance, when our doshas are in balance, we naturally respond in the most powerful way to our environment, whether it be stressful situations, environmental pollution, or pathogens. Ayurveda talks of the “seed and land theory” – if the land is fertile the seed will grow. If the body is out of balance, stress, or pathogens will have a place to take root.   

How is balance achieved?
First, digestion. The best place to start is with digestion. Strong digestion is the underlying foundation for good health and strong immunity. Try our Organic Digest Tone (Triphala Plus). This traditional formula, thousands of years old, is a daily detoxifier and rejuvenator for the colon. It supports the assimilation of nutrients and thus helps make all other herbals you may be taking more effective.
Second, understand your current state of balance. Take the dosha quiz. Answer it according to your most recent experiences known as Vikriti, your current state of balance. Based on your results, follow our Ayurvedic dietary and herbal recommendations to maintain or bring yourself back into balance. If you have learned self pulse diagnosis, practice it daily. This simple technique gives one profound insight into the state of the body. Want to learn more about Maharishi Self Pulse Diagnosis? I recommend taking the Maharishi International University (MIU) Pulse Diagnosis online course. MIU, also founded by the founder of vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda, specializes in Ayurveda having a fully accredited Ayurveda track from undergraduate through the Masters and Doctoral level. If you want to be immersed in the knowledge of Ayurveda, or even become a professional practitioner helping others, MIU is the place to start. I also recommend the MIU Intro to Ayurveda online course.
Third, be self-referral in nature. Ayurveda recognizes the unique makeup of each individual. Each of us has a truly unique dosha combination. Some Pitta dominant, some Vata, and others Kapha, but it actually goes much, much deeper than this. For example, you may be Pitta dominant emotionally, but your digestion may be Vata dominant. So you may have to avoid pressure situations to keep your Pitta heart soothed, but also avoid raw foods and spicy foods to keep both your emotions and digestion in balance. How do we know what direction to go? Learn the food and habits right for your dominant dosha (VataPitta, or Kapha) or doshas and then pay attention to the results of your different behaviors and diet. Let your body, mind, and heart guide you.
Balance is essential to good health and strong immunity, so with a little attention over time we can be our own best medicine.  
Healthy holiday gift ideas inside!
Comfort and relaxation are on everyone’s wish list right now! Delight loved ones near and far with thoughtful gifts to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Explore our Ultimate Ayurvedic Holiday Gift Guide and find self-care gifts for everyone on your list. Choose from soothing bath salts, tranquil teas, zesty spice blends, and much more.
December Holiday Meal

Wednesday, December 23
Available to anyone and everyone in the greater Fairfield area, including Maharishi Vedic City!
You need to place your order by December 16th.
Reservation for Pick-Up Time Required.
You may order over the phone: 641-470-1375

PICK-UP HOURS 11:30 to 2:00 PM

$15 per meal Roasted Pepper and Cheese Tarts
(Gluten-Free Crust can be requested)
White Rice with Butternut Squash & Sage Butter
Acorn Squash with Blueberries
Broccoli*Cauliflower*Carrot Medley
Palak Paneer

Dahl – priced separately $3.50 whole cup/$2.00 half a cup

Priced Separately
Chocolate Trifle with Berries - $4.50
Gluten Free Mixed Berry Pie - $4.50
Sugar Free Apple - $3.75
Apple Pie - $3.50

Important Points - Please Read

•You must give a Reservation Time for pick-up. 

•All orders need to be picked up at the time you requested. 

If you are not on time then everyone else's pick-up time will be thrown off. The schedule for the last holiday meal was very tight and that happened. Please be on time for your Reservation. Thank you!

  • Pick-up location: Ladies' Dome parking lot. Have your name in the window of the car.

• Meals are purchased as a whole. Items cannot be purchased individually. Except for Desserts or Dahl.

How it Works - Please Read Carefully
Thank you for being patient with us during this process.

1. Place your order
2. Payment
3. Pick-up

1. Place your order. All orders must be made by December 16th. Call the market with your order by phone. Café Direct Line: 641-470-1375,

• You must give an Appointment Time for pick-up.
• Meals are purchased as a whole. Items cannot be purchased individually.
• If you choose not to have tofu, we will put more of other menu items for your meal

2) Payment
• We accept credit cards but using a Dome Market Account is the easiest way to pay (for us and you). If you don't have an account, you may call in your credit card information. Or if you would like to set up an account we can do that over the phone.
• If you order by credit card, then we will call you on November 24th to get your credit card information to process your payment.

3) Pick-up
If you are not on time then everyone else's pick-up time will be thrown off. The schedule for the last holiday meal was very tight and that happened. Please be on time for your Reservation. Thank you! •  Please have your mask on to receive your order.
• In order to identify you in the parking lot, please put your name in big letters up in the window on a piece of paper.
• Please call the Café when you arrive: 641-470-1375

The SPECIAL EXTENDED HOURS 11:30 to 2:00 PM FOR PICK-UP is for this day only.

Thank you for being patient with us during this process. We want you to enjoy gourmet organic food, be nourished, and be happy!

Café Phone Number
Order Here: 641-470-1375
Dr. Larry Domash Memorial
MIU held a memorial service on Saturday, December 5
Speakers included:
• Dr. Keith Wallace
• Dr. Bevan Morris
• Dr. John Hagelin
• Dr. Susie Dillbeck
• Drs. Rhoda and David Orme-Johnson
• Friends of Larry
Dr. Domash, MIU president from 1977 to 1980, was a brilliant physicist who worked closely with Maharishi to uncover parallels between human consciousness and physical systems, greatly advancing humanity’s understanding of consciousness.

He helped demonstrate the reality of an underlying field of pure creative intelligence, pure consciousness, easily accessible by anyone through the simple technique of Transcendental Meditation.
Dr. Domash was a brilliant teacher. The undergraduate courses he taught at MIU were transformational for the many hundreds of students who took them.
As MIU President, Dr. Domash guided the university through a period of expansion and development, internal and external. It was under Dr. Domash’s presidency that MIU received its accreditation — becoming the first Consciousness-Based education university in the world to achieve this status.
It was also during his presidency that the Maharishi Patanjali Golden Dome was constructed — the first facility for group practice of Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness, which he described as “a particle accelerator of consciousness."
MIU continues to benefit from his many contributions. We remember him with great love and affection.
New Audio eBook - Maharishi speaks about Guru Dev

Maharishi gave a very moving lecture about Guru Dev to a course on Santa Catalina Island, California, on 10 October, 1961.
This eBook with audio and text is from Maharishi’s lecture. Also included are very rare pictures of Guru Dev.

To open the eBook, click here or on the picture above. We highly recommend viewing it on a computer with Google Chrome as this gives a very full and enjoyable experience. Please turn the pages slowly and wait for the audio bar to appear and begin on the selected pages that have audio on them. The first audio bar appears on page 4 after the title page.

To view more eBooks, please click here.

New Audio eBook - Why Maharishi left the Himalayas to Teach TM
In Humbolt, California, 1972, Maharishi is asked by a reporter why he left the Himalayas to teach Transcendental Meditation around the world.
Maharishi’s answer is very profound and joyful. This eBook contains audio and text from that interview and also includes wonderful pictures of Maharishi.

To open the eBook, click here or on the picture above. We highly recommend viewing it on a computer with Google Chrome as this gives a very full and enjoyable experience. Please turn the pages slowly and wait for the audio bar to appear and begin on the selected pages that have audio on them. The first audio bar appears on page 4 after the title page.

To view more eBooks, please click here.

We kindly request not to repost this Maharishi eBook on any social media platforms.

Gift cards now available for Maharishi Veda App!
Gift Cards available for the Maharishi Veda App as presents for holidays, birthdays and special occasions are now possible with cards for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year subscriptions. These can be purchased by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Click here to go to the Gift Card page
All proceeds from the Maharishi Veda App go to support the Maharishi Vedic Pandits.
Curbside Service for Box Lunches Now Available to Everyone!

Available to anyone and everyone in the greater Fairfield area, including Maharishi Vedic City!

Order Here: 641-470-1375

IMPORTANT: The pick-up location will be in the Ladies' Dome Parking Lot-- not in front of the store.

$10 for 1 Boxed Lunch
Dahl $3.50 for a bowl or $2.00 for a half

Khichari Now Available!
$4.50 Whole and $2.50 Half

MENU This Week

Monday, December 14th
Tofu /Orange Ginger Dressing
Acorn Squash
Tuesday, December 15th
Turmeric Rice
Saag Paneer
Aloo Gobi - Potatoes and Cauliflower
Sesame Green Beans
Wednesday, December 16th
Schezwan Tofu w/Vegetables
Vegetable Quesadillas
Summer Squash w/Corn

Thursday, December 17th
Coconut Rice
Tandoori Paneer
Spinach Pie
Vegetable Curry w/Garbanzo
Roasted Beets
Friday, December 18th
Sesame Tofu
Black Bean Burgers
Carrots w/ Thyme
Baked Potatoes

Café Phone Number
Order Here: 641-470-1375

(Menu subject to change based on availability of vegetables from our suppliers).

How it Works - Please Read Carefully
  • You must 1) Call in your order, 2) Pay on the phone 641-470-1375, and 3) Make an appointment time for your curbside pick-up box lunch.
  • Payment is made over the phone using your Dome Market Account, or by using a credit card over the phone (takes longer).
  • TIP: If you plan on using this service on a regular basis, then it is best to open an account with us. It is quick and easy!
  • Make your appointment for pick-up between Noon - 1 PM. Monday - Friday
  • Call to place an order after 9 AM along with pick-up time
  • The pick-up location will be in the Ladies' Dome Parking Lot-- not in front of the store.
  • Please call the Café when you arrive: 641-470-1375
  • In order to identify you in the parking lot, please put your name in big letters up in the window on a piece of paper.
  • Please have your mask on to receive your order
  • The menu for the box lunches is set and the same for everyone.
  • Substitutions are available for people with food sensitivities or a restrictive diet due to health concerns.
  • Menu items with tofu, wheat, and dairy may be replaced with the grains and vegetables available that day.
  • But you must let us know about your substitution when you call-in your order-- we need to know in advance.

Café Phone Number
Order Here: 641-470-1375
Dear Faculty and Staff,

This is a reminder to continue to log complaints you receive from students. All complaints, including complaints about faculty, grades, university services, housing, or food, should be logged. If you receive a complaint but aren't the person to resolve the issue, you're still the person responsible to record the complaint. After you record it, email the person who will help resolve the issue, including details about the complaint and letting him or her know that you submitted the complaint on the log. 

This procedure for addressing complaints is important: it helps keep our attention on improving student satisfaction and retention. We're also required by both the Higher Learning Commission and the US Federal Government to maintain institutional records of student complaints.

The Complaints Log is HEREPlease bookmark and continue using it.

Student Life
Upcoming Events and Courses
Upcoming Advanced Technique Course
Dec. 26th and 27th at the Peace Palace
“The purpose of Advanced Techniques is to take the experience to another, higher level. Advanced Techniques are like fertilizers; fertilizers bring better fruit to every tree. To enjoy greater achievement and fulfillment in life, take advantage of this beautiful program of Advanced Techniques to enrich the development of higher states of consciousness.” —Maharishi

Dear Meditators,
Here’s our final reminder of the dates for the required orientation meeting for Advanced Techniques. We look forward to seeing you there. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Reminder: An orientation meeting is an opportunity to learn more about Advanced Techniques. It is free, and there is no obligation to take the course. But if you want to learn an Advanced Technique at this time, you must attend the orientation meeting and then fill out an application form.

Orientation Meeting: Sunday, December 26th at 2 PM

Personal Instruction: December 26th • 4 PM to 10 PM

Checking Meeting: December 27th (time to be announced)

With best wishes,
Wally and Olga
Maharishi’s Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness, Part 1

With Dr Peter Warburton
Live, interactive, multilingual online course
18 January – 25 February March 2021

Available in English, Arabic, Russian, and other languages based on demand.

Mondays and Thursdays 18:30 – 19:45 CET

Free introductory session 18 January 18:30 CET

MERU is delighted to invite all Meditators to explore Maharishi's Total Knowledge with Dr Peter Warburton to start the New Year. Held for an international audience, with translations in multiple languages, part one of this special online course includes deep insights into the development of higher states of consciousness.

Over twelve sessions, participants will enjoy a refinement of experience and understanding of higher states of consciousness, appreciating more and more the profound truth that consciousness itself is the field of Total Knowledge, the field of all possibilities. The course features an inspiring selection of Maharishi's talks, as well as discussion, exercises, and engaging personal stories of life with Maharishi to illustrate the knowledge for everyone. 

Apply now for this international, multilingual course, and join us for the free introductory session of this special course on 18 January to get a taste of the course experience!

Or, apply simultaneously for both Parts 1 and Part 2, which will start immediately after Part 1, and receive a special discount.

12/3: Free Celebration/Concert: Hugh Jackman, Katy Perry, Sting, and more!
“Meditate America”— has launched! Over 40,000 people participated in a virtual benefit celebration and concert.
It was an extraordinary evening with a stellar line up of artists coming together to raise awareness and support so that people under trauma and stress can all learn to meditate for free.
In Case you Missed the Live Performance Click Here for the Replay
First Seminar on Arts for Enlightenment
Celebrating the Founding of the Academy of Arts for Enlightenment
“…When an artist opens his awareness to the fullness of pure creative intelligence within, he draws together the strokes of inspiration and ultimate achievement and enjoys them in the oneness of eternal freedom.” – Maharishi, International Symposium on the Science of Creative Intelligence, July 1971, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
The Academy of Arts for Enlightenment (AAE) is a new global organization dedicated to raising consciousness in the Arts through Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology of Transcendental Meditation.

Raja Anthony introduces the Academy’s mission and scope using a beautifully presented slide show. A series of short videos on the arts follows, by experts: Dr Eike Hartmann, Minister of Architecture of the Global Country of World Peace, who spoke on art and its relationship to Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, the Vedic Science of architecture and art; Dr Lawrence Sheaff, artist, researcher and author; Brenda Boozer, opera soloist with the Metropolitan Opera of New York; Dr Peter Westbrook, musician and musicologist; Dr Jacqueline Carr-Phillips, Russian literature professor; Dr David Orme-Johnson, artist and leading researcher on Transcendental Meditation and Creativity; and Dr Anna Bonshek, artist and expert on Maharishi Vedic Science.

Special Yagya Opportunity - Skanda Shasthi: Day of Kartikeya
The highly auspicious day of Skanda Shashti, Day of Kartikeya, falls on 20 December.
This is an ideal opportunity to have a Well-Being Special Yagya on a day traditionally associated with supporting success, vitality, joy, good fortune and overcoming obstacles. You may also have a birthday or planned a special starting point around this date — making a Special Yagya ideal at this time.

Applying for these Yagyas is very easy and can be done here. Please request your Yagya at least seven days in advance. To read more about the Special Yagyas please click here.

All proceeds from the Yagyas go towards supporting the Maharishi Vedic Pandits in India and are deeply appreciated.
Have you been enjoying the wonderful, new videos from Dr. Tony Nader and other TM speakers. Where can you find the replays ?

Please note: Replays will usually be posted within 2-3 days after the live event.
Maharishi YogaSM Asanas and Pranayama Online Group Instruction and Practice

Followed by a 20-minute Online Group Meditation.
Offered two times per week!

Led by Maharishi International University Faculty
TM Connect: Daily Morn­ing & After­noon Large Group Meditation More

No re­serv­ations needed. Just call in.

Meditate with thousands around the country! Bob Roth will host the call, lead a Group Meditation, and share insights about TM and brain functioning, with tips for balance in life.

► Connect by phone: dial (929) 205-6099 or (253) 215-8782, then enter Meeting ID 177 174 913#
Special Articles
Old Photos of Fairfield, Iowa

Steve Farber, a leadership consultant whose bestseller The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership was one of the 100 Best Business Books of All Time, talks about his newest book, Love Is Just Damn Good Business. As founder and CEO of The Extreme Leadership Institute, he has helped 25+ companies earn a spot on the Best Places to Work list.
Thanks to Melinda Arndt for sharing this Thanksgiving poem
Humor Corner
"Stayin' Inside" - Coronavirus Bee Gees Parody

TM in the News
David Lynch Wants to Make Meditation Free for 300 Million Americans
The inaugural “Meditate America” campaign kicks off December 3 with a free virtual benefit concert and fundraiser featuring a star-studded lineup.
ANDREA RICE December 3, 2020
As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, the mounting collective stress and trauma in the nation was the impetus for Meditate America, a new campaign led by the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace bringing free meditation to at-risk populations.

When asked what inspired the cause, David Lynch unambiguously replied, “Take a look at America today.”

Meditate America launches December 3 with a free virtual benefit concert streamed on YouTube featuring pre-recorded performances by Elvis Costello, Angelique Kidjo, Kesha, Sting, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, and others, including live talks with media personalities, and an interview with Hugh Jackman and Katy Perry on meditation and motherhood. The fundraising event will draw awareness and support for the initiative that aims to make meditation free to anyone in America who needs it.

The campaign is part of the David Lynch Foundation’s ongoing efforts to provide the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique to at-risk groups experiencing stress and trauma. Founded in 2005 by the acclaimed filmmaker and avid meditator who bears its name, the David Lynch Foundation has already offered free meditation to 1 million students in underserved schools in 35 countries, as well as thousands of veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and their families, and survivors of domestic violence.

The new initiative will focus on the effects of pandemic-related stress and trauma on healthcare and essential workers on the COVID-19 frontlines, as well as families in underserved communities living in hard hit areas where hospitals are underfunded, and once again, overwhelmed as virus cases continue to rise. Meditate America will also continue to serve veterans at-risk for depression and suicide during the pandemic.

The State of the Nation’s Mental Health
A recent CDC report detailing the impact of COVID-19 on mental health in the country showed that at least 40 percent of adults struggle with substance abuse and mental health issues, with 31 percent experiencing anxiety or depression and nearly 11 percent considering suicide. Some experts have already warned of a potential for long-term psychological effects.

78-year-old Paul McCartney’s fitness routine includes headstands and yoga with Alec Baldwin

Tue, Dec 1 2020

Sir Paul McCartney performs live on stage at the O2 Arena during his ‘Freshen Up’ tour, on December 16, 2018 in London, England.
Yoga and meditation have been part of McCartney’s routine since his Beatles days. In the ’60s, The Beatles famously helped popularize Transcendental Meditation, a form of meditation that involves sitting for 20 minutes twice a day and repeating a mantra.

As the story goes, George Harrison’s wife, Patti Harrison, suggested that the band meet with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, an Indian spiritual guru who was known for introducing Transcendental Meditation to the West. McCartney has referred to meditation as “a lifelong gift.”

“Whenever I have a chance in a busy schedule, I’ll do it, if I’m not rushing out the door with some crazy stuff to do,” he wrote in a 2015 blog post.

Today, Transcendental Meditation is a proprietary practice taught by certified teachers. Hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio took up Transcendental Meditation after hearing about the benefits from The Beatles. And fellow billionaire Oprah Winfrey is also a fan of the practice.

McCartney said on the podcast that his vegetarian diet is another way he stays in shape

Playhouse screens Beatles documentary with rare footage

07 December 2020 
The most anticipated Beatles documentary with never before seen footage screened at The Ridgefield Playhouse on December 18 at 7:30 pm

Purchase tickets HERE.
In 1968, with the eyes of the world upon them, The Beatles traveled to Rishikesh, India, to study transcendental meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In one of the most anticipated Beatles documentaries, Filmmaker Paul Saltzman, retraces his journey of 50 years ago when he spent a life-changing time with John, Paul, George and Ringo. Fifty years later he reveals previously unknown details of this pivotal moment in the Beatles’ career and the inner workings of the masterful White Album.

Fifty years later, he finds “Bungalow Bill” in Hawaii; connects with David Lynch about his own inner journey; as well as preeminent Beatles historian, Mark Lewisohn; Academy Award nominated film composer, Laurence Rosenthal.: and Pattie and Jenny Boyd. And much of this is due to Saltzman’s own daughter, Devyani, reminding him that he had put away and forgotten these remarkably intimate photographs of that time in 1968.

Released: 2020 – Rating: NR – Duration: 85 minutes