Voting Matters! 

Dear Carol,

Just thought I’d share some voting information for the South Carolina Primaries with you. 

Early voting started on May 31 and will run through June 10th In Charleston, voters need to go to the Charleston Election Commission at 4367 Headquarters Road, North Charleston, SC 29405.

Here you can find all the early voting locations across the state.  Once you have a plan, please forward this information to your friends and family.  

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, June 14th.  

Voters can choose either the Democratic or Republican ballot. 

Offices include: Governor, Superintendent of Education, US Senator

and many other local campaigns.  

Did you know that I filed for the Charleston County School Board?  My election will be on Tuesday, November 8.  Once we get through the primaries, you will hear more from me about my commitment to "expecting excellence" for ALL of our students in public schools.  Please show your early support here so I can have the resources needed for my school board campaign.  Together we can make education better via our votes.  

With appreciation,

Carol Tempel

Children Know...

At a recent school event, one of our James Island Elementary students created this voting poster.  Our children in 5th grade already know its importance.  Please vote in June.