Issue 5 | September 2023


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From your City Administrator, Michael Schulte

In my head, summer ends and fall begins the day after Labor Day. It is hard to believe Labor Day weekend is now here and the fall weather will be coming in soon.

Even with summer coming to a close, there will still be plenty of activities happening in Volga this fall. Electrical work, piping, and dirt work will continue at the water tower, work at the wells site will be completed, the construction of our electrical transmission tie project will begin, housing continues to go up in the Westland Addition, and construction such as Legends Diner & Sweeterie, BankStar Financial, and businesses in Creekside Industrial Park will progress.

The community gardens are full of produce and there has been great activity at the archery range and dog park located on W 6th Street.

With schools back in session, fall sports beginning, and fall harvest coming soon, I hope everyone has a great fall and that you fulfilled all your summer bucket list items!