Issue 2 | June 2023

Welcome to the City of Volga Newsletter!

The OTD Committee is looking for 24+ haybales to use as seating and decor in the City Park. Bales should be picked up late Saturday afternoon after the park festivities conclude. Please contact Lindsey at

605-627-9113 if you have some bales we can borrow!

**Grass longer than 8 inches is considered a public nuisance. Grass longer than 8 inches will receive a notice to correct and if the lawn is not mowed, the City will mow and charge accordingly. Unpaid bills will be assessed to the property's property taxes. For more information, see Section 7, Article 4 in our City Ordinances located on our website.**

2023 Volga Tree Program

The Volga Tree Program is still accepting reimbursement applications for up to two approved trees per yard. Click the link for more detailed information on the new program.

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From your City Administrator, Michael Schulte

Projects & Construction Begin Again

After a long and snowy winter, the warm weather has finally moved in which allows new construction to begin or continue.

West 6th Street from Westland Ave out to the City Disposal Site is now paved which makes accessing the community gardens, dog park, and archery range a lot smoother. From the City Disposal Site to Kasan Ave is one mile, and from Kasan Ave to Caspian Ave is one mile, making 6th Street a nice two-mile paved road to walk, run, or bike on.

Painting on the new water tower tank has finally begun. The progress we are at right now is where we were supposed to be one year ago before the derecho bent the steel of the water tank out of place. With supply chain disruptions and worker shortages across the country, the derecho made a serious dent in the timeline of constructing the new water tower with having to rebuild the tank. If all goes to plan, the new water tower will be all painted by the end of June and jacked up to the top to be placed after the 4th of July. The water tower will be fully operational this fall. Weather, crew availability, and prompt delivery of supplies will impact the schedule to completion.

Currently, two new wells are being constructed southwest and down the road from the community gardens. These wells will add more gallons per minute pumped to keep up with demand during our peak usage in the summer. This is another project where supply chain disruptions may impact its completion. The hope is to have the wells operational by mid-summer.

Later this year, a 69kV electric transmission line will be installed to connect our east and west substations. You can find more information about the pathway for the transmission line, and its benefits of constructing, on our homepage of our website.

Have a great beginning of summer!


Does My Project Need a

Building Permit?

With nicer weather approaching, you may be planning a summer building project. Building permits are to benefit the property owners to ensure projects meet any city setbacks or ordinances and ensure safe and reliable construction. A building permit is needed for, but not limited to, the following types of projects:

-New House

 -New Commercial or Industrial Building

 -New Additions

 -Finishing Basements

 -Remodels where Interior Walls or Structures are Significantly Modified

 -New Egress Windows or New Differently-Sized Windows (where walls are modified)

 -New Fencing

 -New Shingling/Roofing

 -New Siding

 -Detached or Attached Garages

 -Accessory Structures such as Garden Sheds

To learn how to apply or to learn more about the process, click here to visit our website.


The Volga Pool Opens Saturday, June 3rd!

Volunteers needed! Feeding South Dakota is in need of volunteers to load food into vehicles at the Volga Community Center due to long-time volunteers retiring. Upcoming shifts, all from 10AM to 11:30AM on Mondays, include:

June 5

July 24

August 28

September 25

To learn more and to register, please click here.