Issue 6 |October 2023


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Join us on Halloween on Kasan Avenue (Main Street) between 1st and 4th Avenues. Bring the littles in costume for treats galore! This event is sponsored by the Volga Business Network.

Observe Truck and Trailer Ordinances on City Streets

Per City of Volga Ordinance section 11.1.2 - Prohibited truck and trailer traffic:

It shall be unlawful for the driver or owner of any motor truck or trailer to drive, operate, park, or leave standing, or permit to be driven, operated, parked or left standing, except for the purpose of loading or unloading, any motor truck or trailer with a manufacturer's gross vehicle weight capacity of four (4) tons per axle or greater, in or adjacent to a residential zoned area or where otherwise prohibited by an official sign or marking. Vehicles exceeding this weight limit must use designated streets.

Thank you for your cooperation!

From your City Administrator, Michael Schulte

The City of Volga contracts out its sanitation and recycling services to the lowest bidder on a three-year contract. Bids were received recently and are currently being reviewed to start a new three-year contract beginning on November 1, 2023. The City Council is expected to make a decision to choose the lowest bidder based on projected data that will cover the level of services the City desires for its residents. Once a decision is made, more information will be provided as to whether trash, recycling, and yard waste totes will need be swapped out or not. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for more information.

The City's agreement with the chosen provider will continue the same services as it has this past year. This includes:

-Weekly trash collection pick-up

-2nd and 4th Wednesday recycling collection pick-up

-Weekly yard waste pick-up during the summer months (typically May - October)

-Three city-wide clean-up events in which residents can place acceptable household items on the curb for pick-up (May, June, and September)

-Year-round city dumpsters (for residential use only) near the blue water tower (please ensure items are acceptable items and placed in the correct dumpsters)

-Year round recyclables and cardboard dumpsters (for residential use only) near the blue water tower (please ensure items are acceptable items and placed in the correct dumpsters)

-Leaf collection dumpsters in the spring and fall located near Hoff Field and the Volga Community Center

-Overflow leaf collection in October & November at the city disposal site located on W 6th Street

Items collected are brought to the Brookings Regional Landfill. It is worth noting that rate increases are trending upwards and charges from the Brookings Regional Landfill are beyond the City of Volga's control. The City of Volga's goal is to cover the cost of services only with our rates. Services may be amended or dropped if neglect or abuse occurs with the services provided. If you have questions on sanitation, recycling, or yard-waste services, give City Hall a call at 605-627-9113.