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FORT PIERRE, S.D. – Ken Fideler, mayor of Volga, SD, was recognized earlier this month with the prestigious Excellence in South Dakota Municipal Government Award.

The award is presented by the South Dakota Municipal League each year to a municipal employee or elected official who has made significant contributions to their municipality and community.

Fideler has devoted countless hours to his city as an elected leader, first serving 20 years as a city councilmember and then serving in his current role as mayor for the last year.

Fideler’s focus is ever on the future – he is the first to step in and help train newly elected council members, and he acted as a guiding force towards establishing a much-needed city administrator position for the rapidly growing community.

He has also served on numerous community organization leadership committees including as board president for the school board of a local Christian school, as a regional board member for the Elevator Managers Association, and as the city’s representative for the municipal golf course – a course he was instrumental in developing.

Fideler’s impact on the people of his community and area continues through his personal efforts. Through his involvement in his church, Fideler works with people in need by administering needy assistance and by working with individuals to increase their self-sufficiency. In another example of his servant leadership, he assisted at the 2015 Delmont tornado disaster by not only gathering equipment and resources to address the devastation, but he also operated that construction equipment during debris cleanup.

Fideler was nominated by the City of Volga in appreciation for his many contributions to the improvement of the city and dedication to its citizens. 

The award was presented to Fideler as part of the South Dakota Municipal League’s annual conference, held Oct. 3-6 in Rapid City.

Congratulations to Mayor Fideler!

From your City Administrator, Michael Schulte

With the cold temperatures and windy days the past few weeks, a lot of leaves have quickly fallen and the city begins to look more bare and brown. Usually, from around April to October, I want the months to move slower, and from November to March, I am eager for the next month to arrive as that means it is closer to the end of winter.

Even with winter limiting outdoor activities for most, be on the lookout for some winter activities from our City and Parks & Recreation Facebook pages. The Volga Optimist Club has started some roller skating nights at the auditorium. Coming up on December 2, Downtown In December in Volga will take place (more details to come soon). Sioux Valley athletics will be hosting various athletic events such as basketball games and wrestling matches very soon. Before the snow and ice arrive, make sure to check out the Born Learning Trail at the "One-Acre Park" (details below).

If you're like me and winter is your least favorite season, we hope some of these community activities help you make it through to the end of winter!

Observe Truck and Trailer Ordinances on City Streets

Per City of Volga Ordinance section 11.1.2 - Prohibited truck and trailer traffic:

It shall be unlawful for the driver or owner of any motor truck or trailer to drive, operate, park, or leave standing, or permit to be driven, operated, parked or left standing, except for the purpose of loading or unloading, any motor truck or trailer with a manufacturer's gross vehicle weight capacity of four (4) tons per axle or greater, in or adjacent to a residential zoned area or where otherwise prohibited by an official sign or marking. Vehicles exceeding this weight limit must use designated streets.

Thank you for your cooperation!