The Comet's Tale  
April 7, 2017
ASTEC has a new and improved website!
ASTEC is proud to announce the launch of our brand new website! The web address hasn't changed ( and the new site contains all the important information prospective students and their parents need to make the decision to become a Comet. 

The site also contains current information about our clubs and activities, videos of our leadership staff and students, updated portraits of our faculty and staff members, links to our newsletters and much more.

Designed by Communications Director Heather Warlick using the WIX CMS platform, the new site is intended to be an eye-catching and easily-navigable core of ASTEC's online presence.

"Without an attractive, functional website, social media outreach can fall flat," Warlick said. "Our new site will be dynamic, changing constantly and highlighting all the amazing a ctivities and accomplishments of our Comets and the ASTEC Foundation." 

Jarvis De Leon signs with
York College for soccer scholarship

Huge congratulations are in order for ASTEC senior Jarvis De Leon, The Comets’ star soccer player who was recruited by the head coach of the York College team.

March 27 was the big signing day for De Leon.

“This is a dream come true and could not be possible without my family, friends, coaches and teammates,” De Leon said. “I truly appreciate everyone who has supported, motivated and pushed me to be the person I am today. I could not have done it without you. Thank you and I love you all! Next stop, York, Nebraska.”

"This signing ceremony for Jarvis De Leon could not go to a better student-athlete. Jarvis is the best example of what ASTEC Athletics is about,” said Jacob Miller, athletic director at ASTEC Charter Schools. “Jarvis is a high character young man, who leads by example on and off the field. I wish Jarvis nothing but success in his future endeavors.”

York college is in York, Nebraska and is a NAIA Division 1 school.

Comets win cash for college
On Thursday, Dean Hall and ASTEC scholars Julio Gonzalez, Jackelyn Zamacona, Glendi Barrios, Goretti Barrios, Irma Lopez, Abraham Mendieta attended a scholarship award ceremony and luncheon where the students were granted $2,000 scholarships each from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. 

A big "Thank You" goes out to the Foundation and way to go, Comets!
ASTEC Scholars medal at meet
Ms. Christy Hanna took a group of ASTEC Scholars to the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Scholastic Meet today and we had two medalists! 

Brenda Olveda took 5th in the psychology contest and Jandi Barrios took 5th in the algebra I contest. Congrats Comets!
Meet ASTEC's April Scholars of the Month
Each month, our esteemed faculty and staff select two scholars of the month for each grade level and their photos are posted on Facebook, in a special display case at school and in our newsletters. 

We decided to get to know a little more about these special scholars by asking them to tell us about themselves. 

This month, we asked each Scholar of the Month their favorite class, favorite teacher and five words they think best describe themselves. Here are the scholars and their responses. 

Here are Kassey Herrera (left) and Kevin Do, our sixth-grade Scholars of the Month!

Kassey Herrera

My favorite class is science class. I like that class because I love science, and I get to do lab and it’s really fun.

I like all of my teachers, but my favorite teacher is Mr. Sprecher, because he makes a lot of jokes, and he is funny and he makes his class laugh.

Five words that describe me:
Happy, shy, nice, respectful, and thankful.

Kevin Do

My favorite class is technology because I love computers and I love doing projects on the computers.

My favorite teacher is Mr. Painter because I like the way he knows that I do everything and whenever I'm the first to be done with work he always says nice things

Five words that describe me:
Smart, nice, calm, quiet,trusting

Here are Samantha Hernandez (left) and Bryan Heredia, our seventh-grade Scholars of the Month!

Samantha Hernandez 

My class is reading with Ms. Johnson because she gives us a lot of free time.

Five words that describe me: Weird,nice, funny, annoying, trustworthy.

Bryan Heredia

My favorite class is PE because we do sport activities.

My favorite teacher is Ms. Johnson because she lets us have free time on laptops when she’s is a good mood.

Five words that describe me:
Nice, funny, smart, athletic, caring

Here are Alexis Goddard (left) and Oscar Alvarez, ASTEC's eighth-grade Scholars of the Month!

Alexis Goddard

My favorite class is PE because we get to be active and have fun.

Ms. Norton is my favorite teacher because she treats us like family.

Five words that describe me:
Lit, smart, caring, funny, chatty.

Oscar Alvarez
Technology is my favorite because it’s fun.

Mr. Porter is my favorite teacher.

Five words that describe me:
Athletic, smart, caring, funny, handsome

Here are Lorena Mendoza (left) and Roberto Garcia-Mijares, our ninth-grade Scholars of the Month!

Lorena Mendoza

My favorite class is Algebra 1 and English, because I like math and I like to read also.

My favorite teacher is Mr. Blackston because I like the way he teaches Algebra class and he’s a really nice teacher.

Five words that describe me:
Respectful, kind, caring, happy, and honest.

Roberto Garcia-Mijares

My favorite class is Computer Media because I like the things we do in there.

My favorite teacher is Mr. Blackston because he make his class be more easy to understand.

Five words that describe me:
Responsibility, trust, funny, serious, happy