February 2021
Hello Map Friends,
February brought winter weather to much of the country, including Cape Cod where we had some decent snow, and we hope that you are all doing well, staying safe and warm. Now the first hints of Spring sun are tantalizing us, although we know that warm temperatures are some weeks away. Most of us are waiting in great anticipation for crocuses, daffodils, and all of the other happy harbingers of the new season. In the meanwhile, we have been adding new maps to our website, and we hope you will take a look!

We shall highlight some exciting maps below but you can always visit our Newly Listed Maps section to see everything new from the past month or so. We have a Great Maps - Super Deals category that offers our discounted items. And don't forget that we also have a category specifically for maps under $100!
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Maps using 1870 Census Data
By the mid-19th Century, it was possible to collect data on a wide range of topics. During the 1870 census, statistics were assembled on agricultural production, ethnicity, health, wealth, and even levels of education. The maps from the 1874 census reports are a colorful depiction of the emerging great nation.
1874, Walker/Bien
Maps of Africa
Bob is experiencing a shameful lack of African history knowledge as he watches the Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s "Africa's Great Civilizations" series on PBS. 18th and 19th century maps capture only a small fraction of the detail of African circumstance and background. Of course, seen from a European perspective, maps group almost unrelated political entities and included the speculative Mountains of the Moon in Central Africa well into the 19th century.
Nautical Charts
We continue to sort through our large collection of 19th century nautical charts. We will keep bringing them to your attention as we catalogue and list them.
1889, British Admiralty
1882, corrected to 1902, by the Hydrographic Office of the US Navy
1898, corrected to 1937 by the British Admiralty
Bird's Eye View Maps
These stunning maps continue to be incredibly popular, probably because they not only convey information about a place, but a little of the local flavor as well. The viewer senses the imposing mountains, the lush greenery, the stormy ocean, the tropical sun, or the cloudy sky more deeply than a conventional map could convey. What could be better than enjoying a bird's eye view of a place that you hold dear?
c. 1900, Walker
c. 1900, Walker
Road Maps
Road maps have been the source for many of us to experience an area as we drove around America before the days of GPS (and Covid). Before the advent of the Mobile/Shell gasoline station maps that many know from the 50's and 60's, the format of road maps was varied and often visually interesting.
c. 1925, Clason Map Co.
Clason's Guide Map of Montana- 1918, Clason Map Co.
Other Interesting New Additions
(These maps are a budget friendly option!)
1892, Home Library & Supply Association
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