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Miller Trust Grant Awards Announcement
 In 2002, the George Sydney and Phyllis Redman Miller Trust designated WinnFeline Foundation as one of its advisor organizations. Winn has subsequently been provided an unprecedented opportunity to make annual recommendations for grant awards to the San Francisco
Foundation, trustees of the Miller Trust. The total grant funding varies each year.

For 2018, we are excited to have made the following recommendations for Miller Trust Grant Awards totaling $132,104:

Metagenomic and metabolomic analysis of the short-term and long term effects of antibiotic therapy on the intestinal microbiota in growing kittens and their relation to the overall health status of these kittens; MT18-003

Principal Investigators: Jan Suchodolski DVM, PhD, ACVM; Texas A&M University; Panagiotis Xenoulis, DVM, PhD; University of Thessaly, Greece; $34,800
Antibiotic treatment in children is associated with changes in intestinal bacteria that predispose to obesity and other diseases later in life. This study evaluates similar effects of antibiotics in kittens during their first year of life.

Planned Giving Tip

Traditional IRAs require minimum annual distributions once you become 70 1/2 years of age. Generally distributions from a traditional IRA are taxable and the penalty for skipping a minimum distribution is 50% of the minimum distribution missed. 

A qualified charitable distribution (QCD) is a nontaxable distribution made directly by the trustee of your IRA to a qualified charity by which you may satisfy the distribution requirement. By having your trustee transfer funds directly from an IRA to an eligible charity the amounts transferred count toward your minimum distribution but are not subject to taxation. 

For donors 70 ½ years of age or older up to $100,000 a year may be transferred tax-free from your IRA directly to charitable organizations. A QCD won’t be part of your taxable income so you DO NOT need to itemize your taxes in order to take advantage of the rule. You must make your QCD by December 31 and the charity must be a 501(c)(3) organization, such as the Winn Feline Foundation, to exclude that amount from your taxable income and avoid the penalty for failing to make the minimum distribution. 

For more information please see IRS Publication 590 B.
Honored Donors -
November 2018

Honored Donors are donations over $100. We are thrilled with all of our donations Winn receives. We have so many generous supporters and appreciate your willingness to help every cat, every day benefit with Winn funded research.
Winn Holiday Photo Contest
We loved all of the holiday photos of your cats and had a great number of them come in.

We are currently reviewing the submissions and will have results soon. Be on the look out for our winners!

Thank you to all who submitted!