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Get an “On” and “Off” Switch for Your Debit and Credit Cards With the PAHOFCUCards App
Smartphones have made life easier in a lot of ways, from ordering takeout to Online Banking. Now, you can use that same smartphone to take control of your PAHO/WHO FCU debit and credit cards with the free-to-download PAHOFCUCards App.

We’re Your Home for Mortgage Options
Whether this is your first or next home, or you’re looking to refinance a home you already love, the PAHO/WHO FCU home loan team is here to help. From first homes and refinance loans to investment properties, we have you covered with the right loan options

Serving the Global Health Community
Boost Your Annual Bonus Dividend
Our mission is to help members of the global health community live better, healthier financial lives. Part of that commitment is sharing in the success of the Credit Union and giving back an annual bonus dividend. It’s our way of saying “thank you for being a member.”

We’re Here to Save You Money on Your Next Personal or Vehicle Loan
Saving money is a good thing. It’s especially good when you can save money every month on a personal or vehicle loan. When you have more than one loan with the Credit Union, we’ll give you a discount on a new personal or vehicle loan, with a maximum rate discount of .50 basis points (half of a percent).*

Financial Wellness Matters
Should You Refinance or Get a Home Equity Line of Credit?
When you own a home, you instantly have options. Those include what colors to paint the walls, whether or not to put in a deck, and how to access the equity in that home. When it comes to equity, two of the best choices are a cash-out Refinance Loan or a Home Equity Line of Credit. Both have their advantages, and one may be right for you.

Learn More about Money (at no cost to you)
Solid financial advice crafted by professionals who know a thing or two about the world of money is available anytime you need it. Best of all, it’s totally free. Check it out for yourself.

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