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Conexon Newsletter | May 2019 Issue
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“Conexon knows how the auction works, which meant we didn’t have to learn all of the aspects. All the legal and advisory services were part of the process with Conexon. It was nice not having to worry about the mechanics of the auction, Jonathan Chambers and the team knew how it works, so there was no learning curve. Had we done it by ourselves, I’m not sure we could have gotten our paperwork ready and participated, given our late start.” 

“As a result of having a feasibility study both pre-auction and post-auction, it was made clear to us that the win will allow us to cash flow in year one. We will not be subsidizing from the electric side.” 
–Tim Smith, General Manager
East Central Electric Cooperative
CAF II Award -- $22.2M
“The CAF money changed our economic picture significantly.
We felt very comfortable that Conexon could help us set up the process and structures to make sure we were in compliance, and we were very successful in the auction in large part to Jonathan Chambers knowledge and insights.” 
“Having that revenue guaranteed for the first 10 years gives us the breathing room to work through growing pains. The biggest benefit is that it offsets the losses in the first few years when otherwise we would be building significant debt to the co-op."
–  Gary Wood, President & CEO
Central Virginia Electric Cooperative
CAF II Award -- $28.6M