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AutronomouStuff isn't just part of the autonomy industry, we embody it. That means our company changes quickly and constantly, though one goal remains steadfast: help our customers succeed. Communication is a vital component of that goal, so each month we share what's new, what's exciting, and the success of our partnerships.
In this issue:
  • Case study: Extended Perception — Cohda Wireless CAVs
  • Product highlight: Lidar Object Processing software
  • New product: Machine learning workstation
  • Available today: Velodyne VLP-32C
What's happening at AStuff!
  • Meet the team: Dan Mullins
  • Join our team!
  • April events
  • Upcoming events
Case study: Extended perception — Cohda Wireless CAVs
Perception systems guiding highly automated vehicles need input from more perception sensors than those housed onboard. Employing automated research development platforms built by AutonomouStuff, Cohda Wireless has designed connected autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology that broadens the perspective of individual CAV systems through cooperation. The technology enables real-time, low-latency data transfer , in essence granting CAVs awareness of environmental factors not within a line of sight.
"By seeing the world through other people's eyes and merging that view, you can make better judgments," says Cohda Wireless Chief Technical Officer Paul Alexander. "That's critical to the safety side of what this technology brings.”
Read more about how Cohda Wireless developed CAVs using AutonomouStuff platforms in the latest case study.
Product highlight: LiDAR Object Processing (LOP) software
Developed by AutonomouStuff, LiDAR Object Processing (LOP) software features a modular design and was built for ROS applications. LOP was tuned for optimum functionality with a Velodyne VLP-32C sensor. The software uses data generated by the sensor to create a three-dimensional point cloud, identifying the ground plane while detecting and tracking objects above it. The LiDAR object detection and tracking software solution provides tremendous value for customers using the VLP-32C with automation applications. AutonomouStuff engineers are actively searching for features that would enhance LOP software's utility and value, including compatibility with additional applications.

Features include:
  • Easy installation, setup and use (startup guide included)
  • Tune parameters for ground segmentation
  • Data clustering and object tracking

Learn more about LOP and see it in action here .
New product: Machine learning workstation
We chose to partner with Lambda, which creates ideal workstation solutions for machine learning algorithms , with workstations and servers built both for individuals and teams. Lambda's GPU-accelerated products can be used for autonomous vehicle perception system training and inferencing.
Features of Lambda workstations include:
  • 2-4x GPU hardware intended for office settings.
  • ideal specifications for individual machine learning engineers who need faster "local computing" for model training.

Features of Lambda servers include:
  • 8x GPU hardware intended for server rooms or data centers.
  • ideal specifications for machine learning teams in need of remote access to powerful machines for model training.
  • ability to rack-mount several machines together for larger companies that want to build a cluster.

Find out more about Lambda here .
Available today:
Velodyne VLP-32C
With best-in-class performance and a small form factor, the Velodyne VLP-32C is a high-resolution LiDAR sensor designed for automotive applications. It provides a 360-degree surround view with 3D data such as distance, reflectivity and rotational angles.
What's happening at AStuff?
Meet the team: Dan Mullins
We love to take the time to introduce you to the rock stars working at AutonomouStuff. This month, you have the pleasure of meeting integration technician Dan Mullins. Dan has been a part of our team for almost two years.
"I loved it from the start — I've done automotive work, but I'm more of a stereo and electronics guy. On the integration team, I'm able to work completely on the other side of automotive mechanics," Dan says. "Every day we're getting a new challenge, figuring out something. When you get to uncover an answer that nobody has ever worked on — what's more gratifying than that?"
Some people use the term "problem" to describe things that need uncovered answers, but Dan labels them the "highlights" of his career at AutonomouStuff. The most recent clip to add to Dan's highlight reel features unprecedented drive-by-wire system and sensor integration in a new platform, the Chrysler Pacifica .

We are very grateful for Dan's hard work and dedication at AutonomouStuff!

Read more about our awesome team.
Join our team!
AutonomouStuff's rapid growth continues. We have more than doubled the size of our employee population since December 2017, and we are not slowing down. If you'd like to work for a company that values family and culture, that gives employees opportunities to grow along with it, and that is truly changing the future of transportation and so much more, we could be the perfect fit for you.

If you are interested in becoming part of our family, check out our   careers page .
April events
The AutonomouStuff team attended as well as hosted several events in April. Among those attended were ATZ Live in Germany and Auto Shanghai in China. Meanwhile, AS hosted a leadership session for the Morton Chamber of Commerce at the world headquarters in Morton and kicked off a series of meetups covering a range of issues at the Silicon Valley office. AutonomouStuff plans to host several more meetups and attend numerous events all over the world throughout the spring and summer.

Check out more about the events in our blog post.
Upcoming events
April 18-25, 2019: Auto Shanghai

April 25, 2019: Data Intelligence Meetup

April 30- May 2, 2019: XPONENTIAL

May 1, 2019: Autoware Meetup

May 6-7, 2019: Tech.AD China

May 14-16, 2019: SmartDrivingCar Summit

June 11-13, 2019: CES Asia

June 11-14, 2019: HxGN LIVE

July 15-18, 2019: Automated Vehicle Symposium

September 12-22, 2019: IAA

October 16-17, 2019: ELIV

October 21-25, 2019: ITS World Congress

January 7-10, 2020: CES 2020
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