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AutonomouStuff leads the industry in enabling, accelerating and deploying the future of autonomy . Our team works hard to remain at the forefront of technology in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry. Despite constant change and innovation, one goal remains steadfast: help our customers succeed . Communication is a vital component of that goal, so each month we share what's new, what's exciting and the success of our partnerships.
In this issue:
  • Safety Q&A on ISO 26262 and beyond with VP John Buszek
  • University of Illinois expands autonomous safety with AS

  • Highlight: Qumulo Shift for AWS S3
  • In stock: Velodyne Alpha Prime

What's happening at AutonomouStuff?
  • Meet the team: David Van Geyn
  • AutonomouStuff culture
  • Hexagon's response to COVID-19

  • Upcoming webinar: AutonomouStuff, Qumulo and unified data platforms
  • Webinar on demand: Integration of Functional Safety and Cybersecurity
  • Upcoming events
Safety Q&A on ISO 26262 and beyond with VP John Buszek
AutonomouStuff Vice President of Products and Services John Buszek's work with our engineers and customers often involves considerations for complex automotive safety standards .

The ISO 26262 standard represents the benchmark for electric and/or electronic systems safety in production automobiles. A rigorous, risk-based analysis is necessary to achieve such certification — and it comes at great cost to manufacturers.

We asked John, What are some challenges in developing autonomous vehicles towards the ISO 26262 standard?

And he answered, "Software development time and cost are among the many challenges. That’s not unique to autonomous driving, but there is even more time and cost in developing ASIL autonomous system software when compared to other domains of automotive electronics, due to the increased complexity. Moving prototype autonomy software into a development process required by ISO 26262 is a very significant investment."

Be sure to read the full Q&A with John to learn more about how considerations for safety standards impact autonomous vehicle development.
University of Illinois expands autonomous safety with AS
The Center for Autonomy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has been busy putting an AutonomouStuff Polaris GEM Automated Research Development Platform enabled by the PACMod drive-by-wire system to good use: exploring autonomous vehicle safety in a variety of contexts.

The GEM has been instrumental for:
  • publishing research.
  • procuring grants.
  • creating an autonomous research safety course.

Check out our updated case study with The Grainger College of Engineering for more details on how students and faculty are using our platform to develop the next generation of mobility .
Highlight: Qumulo Shift for AWS S3
The industry leader for hybrid cloud storage solutions has introduced the first-ever native cloud service enabling organizations to seamlessly leverage their data with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The launch of Qumulo Shift for AWS S3 moves any file data from Qumulo on-site storage or public cloud clusters into Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and transforms it into an open format.

With Qumulo Shift for AWS S3, organizations can:
  • take full advantage of valuable and growing file data.
  • create faster business outcomes leveraging the cloud.
  • migrate and store data from thousands of sources.

Qumulo Shift for AWS S3 is a free addition to Qumulo file systems. Learn more from Qumulo's launch release , or visit our Qumulo products page to find the tools for its implementation.

And don't miss our upcoming webinar with Qumulo for more details on how data intelligence accelerates autonomous vehicle research.

The Velodyne Alpha Prime 360-degree spinning LiDAR sensor provides the range, resolution and accuracy required by the most advanced autonomous vehicle programs — specifically made for autonomous driving and advanced vehicle safety at highway speeds. It provides real-time 3D data with up to 0.1-degree vertical and horizontal resolution and a range of up to 245 meters.
What's happening at AutonomouStuff?
Meet the team: David Van Geyn
David Van Geyn is the Open Autonomy Engineering Manager at AutonomouStuff's research facility in Ottawa. Before joining our Open Autonomy team, David developed software for the automotive industry for several years.

"Making the jump to AutonomouStuff gave me the unique ability to focus in specifically on projects with customers and researchers that cover all aspects of autonomous vehicle development ," David said. "New challenges, new experiences, many varied customers, and colleagues – some familiar and some new — all made the decision to take on a new role an easier one to make. The changes are ever-present in the autonomous vehicle industry, with new sensors, technology, and software being constantly updated and introduced ."

We always thrilled to have talented professionals join our team and help define a new era of mobility!

Learn more about our awesome team  here.
AutonomouStuff culture
AutonomouStuff values relationships — with employees, partners, and the communities where we all live. We strive to give employees opportunities to grow alongside the company, while together setting a course for the future of transportation. We consider the culture that has evolved at AutonomouStuff a vital part of the enterprise, and we work hard to maintain an environment that cherishes individuality, nurtures teamwork, and ultimately makes us more like family than colleagues .

Learn more about our culture.
Hexagon's response to COVID-19
COVID-19 is affecting everyone on a global scale, which means that we all must work together to limit the spread of the virus and protect the people at risk. At Hexagon, our priority is keeping our employees and customers safe, and we are following all guidelines and recommendations set up at national, regional and local levels to do so.

Through all of this, we recognize that our employees and our customers are relying on Hexagon more than ever. Rest assured that we are taking all necessary steps to protect our employees and to minimize risk to the supply of our products and our services to our customers.

At Hexagon | AutonomouStuff, we see our customer relationships as partnerships — working together, we can all achieve our goals. That’s how we established ourselves in the autonomy industry over the last decade. We take that responsibility seriously, now more than ever, and are taking all the necessary steps to support our partners and the communities where we all live.
Upcoming webinar: AutonomouStuff, Qumulo and unified data platforms
Mark the calendar for 1 p.m. CDT July 16 to discover how data intelligence can accelerate autonomous research and development.

We're teaming up with industry leader Qumulo to present a free webinar: "The Unified Data Platform for Machine Learning and High Capacity Storage."

We'll discuss the partnership between AutonomouStuff and Qumulo, as well as the ways their hybrid cloud storage solutions are integrated with our Automated Research Development Platforms to help store, distribute and ultimately analyze the vast amounts of data generated by vehicle sensors and cameras. Registration is now open.
Webinar recap: Integration of Functional Safety and Cybersecurity
Functional safety in the automotive industry is no longer just about mechanical components. With the increasing prevalence of onboard computers, sensors and connected technology, safety engineering now demands a more holistic approach to entire systems and the ways they communicate .

On June 18, we hosted Functional Safety Engineer Zoltan Molnar as he presented "Integration of Functional Safety and Cybersecurity — Analysis Connection Points in Automotive Standards and Beyond."

The webinar and Q&A with Zoltan is now available in its entirety for on-demand viewing and can be found here .
Upcoming events

July 16, 2020: Qumulo webinar

July 27-30, 2020: AVS

September 28-30 : MINExpo (postponed)

October 4-8, 2020: ITS World Congress (virtual)

January 6-9, 2021: CES 2021