With this year’s flying season right around the corner, we’re excited to bring you an update on what’s new at Dynon for 2019!
2019 Dynon SkyView product line adjustments
Consistent with Dynon’s longstanding commitment to affordability while at the same time offering best-in-class features and performance, we’re excited to announce some restructuring of our SkyView product family for 2019.

As our line has evolved over the years the SkyView family has grown to four different EFIS models:

  • SkyView HDX - The premier SkyView experience, featuring our best touchscreen display, beautiful design, unrivaled control ergonomics, and next-generation touch interface.
  • SkyView Touch - SkyView Touch system set the standard for marrying intuitive touchscreen control with a full set of hard, tactile controls for use in turbulence.
  • SkyView Classic - The original SkyView that set the benchmark in the industry and continues to provide outstanding performance and value today.
  • SkyView SE - Our entry level EFIS system, essentially a SkyView Classic with GPS and navigation omitted for those who already have a navigation solution and are interested in the lowest price point possible for a true EFIS system. It also makes a great replacement for legacy D100 series systems.

Effective immediately we are retiring SkyView Touch, and we are lowering the price on SkyView Classic and SkyView SE!

Why are we making these changes?
SkyView Touch has served us well, but with the HDX now our state-of-the-art offering with an enhanced user interface, better display quality, and a full touch interface we felt there was too much overlap and consumer confusion. With the EFIS market getting ever more competitive, it is now time to trim the line and focus on the HDX experience on the high end while opening up lower price point opportunities with our more mature technology. SkyView Classic and SkyView SE systems see price drops of between $200 and $500 per display, depending on the model. With these changes, 7” SkyView SE systems are priced almost the same as the Dynon D100 legacy products they replace and add additional optional capabilities like 2020 ADS-B Out compliance.

Other updates
The SV-EMS-221 engine monitoring module for Rotax 912 iS and 915 iS engines is reduced from $1,050 to $600, putting it at parity with the SV-EMS-220 for other engine types. There are various pricing changes to engine monitoring packages and harnesses. Current list pricing for all of Dynon’s products can be found on our website.

Lastly, we are also beginning the process of retiring our D10/D100 series legacy products. Due to certain parts that are no longer available, the entry-level EFIS-D6 and the EFIS-D60 have been fully discontinued. The rest of the D10/D100 series remains available as part of Dynon’s “legacy” line of products. These legacy products will continue to remain in production but will have limited availability as they wind down.

With these changes, we are pleased to reinforce our commitment to delivering affordable, advanced avionics systems for light aircraft owners and pilots.
2018 was an exciting time for Dynon Certified. We received the first STC approval for our flagship SkyView HDX system for most Cessna 172 models and then completed an amendment to include our complete suite including autopilot. While that’s a great start, we are aware there are thousands more of you that have indicated your interest in Dynon Certified products for your other aircraft makes and models. In 2019 we will continue expanding our reach to make that happen.

Simply put, growing the approved model list (AML) has gone slower than we’d hoped, and the government shutdown didn’t help when FAA progress essentially stopped. Though we had hoped to be able to deliver to a tighter schedule we have learned much about the process that we’ll benefit from, and that will continue. Now that the FAA is back in business, we expect to receive approval for the 35 series Bonanza in the coming weeks. Expect a formal announcement of that once it is signed, most likely during the month of April.

Going forward, we’re changing our approach to both expanding the AML and how we communicate our progress. Instead of publishing a calendar that predicts various models against specific dates, we’ll more simply tell you what we’re working on now and what we expect to be working on next. We’ll only estimate dates for aircraft that we’re actually working on until we get a better sense of our pace going forward.

From an implementation perspective, we anticipate going deeper into specific makes and models to capture as many of the variants of a particular aircraft family as possible. Practically speaking, this means that the next aircraft that we will be adding to the AML after the 35 series Bonanza is the A36 family. In fact, we’ve acquired an A36 for this project and work has already begun.

In addition to the Bonanza line, work continues on the piston twin Piper Seneca with approval expected in the first half of 2019. After that, the Cessna 182 is up next and we expect that to be done before the end of 2019. All further additions to the approved model list are yet to be determined.

Since the outset of the Certified program, we’ve been committed to a quality experience for our customers. We feel strongly that that is the key to our long term success. We have therefore added a relatively small number of dealer/installer partners - especially while our AML is limited - that we are confident will provide a good customer experience. With this newsletter, we are pleased to announce two additions to our dealer network. Check out our complete dealer list at http://www.dynoncertified.com/stc-install.php

As 2019 and beyond unfold we expect the list of planned aircraft to evolve as we continue to learn. In short, we want to let you know our honest thinking without over-promising specific models and dates. A continuously updated list of active and planned aircraft approvals is available at Dynon Certified website .

Our Advanced Flight Systems division continues to be at the forefront of avionics innovation. With its recently refreshed website and its updated ADVANCEDPANEL complete avionics panel solution, Advanced is showcasing how its unique business model lets it Go Beyond.

Buying a pre-built panel has always meant buying from a company that essentially acts as a system integrator from multiple vendors. But with an ADVANCEDPANEL , almost everything in the panel is designed, manufactured, and configured by Advanced and Dynon. All of your aircraft systems are linked together with Advanced’s latest creation - the Advanced Control Module (ACM). The ACM is the heart of your aircraft and the only product of its kind. It’s the first and only comprehensive power and distribution center for your aircraft’s electrical system, avionics, headsets, aircraft lights, autopilot servos, trim servos, flap motor, control sticks, panel switches, and all your customized harnesses. All of these connect to the ACM with pre-made harnesses, allowing a completely “plug and play” installation, and saving builders hundreds of hours of wiring, crimping, troubleshooting and frustration. For more information about ADVANCEDPANEL , visit http://www.advancedflightsystems.com/ .
We look forward to a great 2019 and wish to thank our customers for their interest and support!
Additional Information

For more information about Dynon portable products, visit our website at www.dynon.aero/portable.