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  • Farewell Message from President John Troutman
  • Introduction 2020 Officers
  • Young Professionals Clay Shoot
  • Mid-Summer Expo
  • September Meeting- Chalfont-New Britain Joint Sewage Authority
  • Young Professionals Yuengling Mill Creek Brewery/ Tour
  • Golf Tournament
  • November Meeting- Borough of Topton and Bear Creek Mountain Resort
  • Webinars Available
Farewell Message From the President - John Troutman

On November 15 my year had come to an end but I know just as I’ve had the support of the vendors, executive board, committee chairs and general members that President Wisser and the association will move forward and continue as a 1 st class organization which I hope each and everyone of you can at the same time get involved in and take advantage of the benefits it offers. In my 3 years as 2 nd and 1 st vice president and president I have had the pleasure or fortune to have Marykay as our Executive Director. Marykay’s efforts and support keep the association in a positive direction and make the meetings, trainings, and other events seamless. The effort to plan, prepare, and execute functions are not recognized enough and I am truly grateful of the work Marykay has done. I look forward to staying active in the association and know the experiences I have had during the last 3 years will help me in supporting the future association presidents and members.                
Introducing Your 2020 Officers
Michael DiSantis (Secretary/Treasurer), Tina Myers (First Vice President), John Troutman (Immediate Past President), Marykay Steinman (Executive Director), David Wisser (President), not shown Art Achenbach (Second Vice President)
Young Professionals Clay Shoot

May 23, 2019 | M&E Sporting Clays in Hamburg, PA

Heather Heltzinger, Keystone Engineering Group, Inc., took home the title of this year's "Best Female Shooter".
On May 23, 2019 the EPWPCOA Young Professionals hosted their first Sporting Clays event at M&E Sporting Clays in Hamburg, PA. 31 registrants enjoyed the day!
Mid-Summer Expo

June 21, 2019 | St. Benedict's Picnic Grove in Mohnton, PA

Dale Miller, Entech Engineering, volunteering and having fun at the Mid-Summer Expo.
On June 21, 2019 EPWPCOA hosted their Mid-Summer Expo at St. Benedict's Picnic Grove in Mohnton, PA. The event was Mardi Gras themed and catered by Wegman's and Go Fish Seafood. 166 people registered and a donation was made to RiverHouse of PA.

Thank you to the Vendors, Sponsors, and Volunteers for their support!

  • AccentPDIR
  • Advanced Rehabilitation Technology
  • Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc.
  • CW Sales Corporation
  • Dutchland, Inc.
  • Geiger Pump & Equipment Company
  • Kershner Environmental Technologies, LLC
  • LB Water
  • Mobile Dredging & Video Pipe, Inc.
  • Municipal Parts & Supply, Inc.
  • WSG & Solutions, Inc.
  • Xylem
Raffle Baskets

  • A. C. Schultes, Inc.
  • Ed Treat
  • Entech Engineering
  • Epoxytec
  • Spotts, Stevens & McCoy
  • Steve Blefgen
  • Suburban Water Testing Labs


  • Mailing Sponsor, Lehigh County Authority Wastewater Pretreatment Plant operated by Jacobs
  • Location Sponsor, Exeter Supply
September Meeting- Chalfont-New Britain Joint Sewage Authority

September 20, 2019 | Chalfont-New Britain Township Joint Sewage Authority, Doylestown, PA

President John Troutman and John Schmidt from Chalfont-New Britain Joint Sewage Authority
Beware Burning Biosolids (it stinks) 

On September 20th, 2019 we visited the Chalfont-New Britain Township Joint Sewage Authority Wastewater Treatment Plant. Bet you can’t say that fast 10 times, and if not, just simply say CNBTJSAWWTP instead, which makes “EPWPCOA” almost seem short. 

Thanks to John Schmidt, Tom Hauser, and the whole crew for hosting the meeting and making the plant look great. Especially after John explained that the plant had been under construction since 1872 and had just completed Phase 49C of the most recent upgrade. 
130 attendees toured the plant and some even talked to the 73 Vendors. The plant serves portions of 9 municipalities and has an average daily design flow of 4.625 MGD (approximately).

It has some treatment stuff and a fantastic SCADA system that John and Tom can’t stop talking about. In fact, every time they see me, they comment on the SCADA system. 

Kudos to BioAir Solutions for the mini-training session and CKS Engineers for the Continental Breakfast (that means breakfast foods from all states except Alaska and Hawaii). 
The mailing sponsors were Envirep/TLC and Iron Horse Environmental. 
After the plant activities, we sauntered (or drove) over to the Pine Crest Country Club in Lansdale for a sit-down meal which I really enjoyed since I don’t like eating while standing. 

Tom Hauser of CNBTJSA presented about the fire at their Biosolids Building which was a hot topic for everyone. Matt Mascaro also provided an interesting review of their composting facility. 

Oh yes, there was also a business meeting where we talked about some business stuff and elected the new officers who will be officially inducted at the November meeting. I don’t remember who they are, but they’re probably OK. 

“Honestly” reported by Phil Schwartz 
Young Professionals Yuengling Mill Creek Brewery/Plant Tour

September 27, 2019 | Yuengling Mill Creek Plant, Pottsville, PA

Attendees listening to a presentation from D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. before touring the Mill Creek Brewery
On September 27, 2019 the EPWPCOA Young Professionals hosted an event at Yuengling's Mill Creek Brewery/Plant in Pottsville, PA. 55 registrants enjoyed the day.

D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., America’s Oldest Brewery owns and operates a 0.4 MGD Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (U.A.S.B.) pre-treatment system at its Mill Creek brewery. The U.A.S.B. system is designed to reduce high strength organic loadings before being further treated by the Greater Pottsville Area Sewer Authority (G.P.A.S.A.). The Mill Creek brewery produces over 1 million barrels of beer per year.

This event celebrated the 10-year Anniversary of the creation of the Young Professionals Committee. Their first event was a tour of Yuengling Brewery!

Thank you to D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. for letting EPWPCOA tour the facility and for sponsoring breakfast! Thank you Hartco Environmental and Keystone Engineering Group, Inc. for sponsoring lunch.
Golf Tournament

October 11, 2019 | Heidelburg Country Club, Bernville, PA

Golfers enjoying the beautiful weather and a day on the course
On October 11, 2019 EPWPCOA held the 12th Annual Golf Tournament at Heidelberg Country Club in Bernville, PA. The event sold out with 144 golfers registered.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored and volunteered at this year's event, and congratulations to this year's contest winners!
November Meeting- Borough of Topton and Bear Creek Mountain Resort

November 15, 2019 | Borough of Topton WWTP, Topton, PA and Bear Creak Mountain Resort, Macungie, PA

President John Troutman and Alex Lord from Borough of Topton
Holiday Special: 2 for the Price of 1 

EPWPCOA was in the holiday spirit for the November 15, 2019 Meeting. Was Marykay dipping into the egg nog again, or maybe just listening to her old friend the Capitan (Morgan, that is)?

Yes friends, those in attendance at this event were able to tour two treatment plants for the price of one. Not only that, but the really lucky ones also got to attend the much-anticipated “Academy Awards of EPWPCOA.”
And did I mention the skiing? Yes, rumor has it that some EPWPCOA members were out on the ski slopes as well. In fact, some Operators were seen tasting the snow for quality and to see if treated effluent from the wastewater plant was part of the flavor.

Alright, how about some actual facts? The November meeting was held at the Borough of Topton’s Wastewater Treatment Plant located in Longswamp Township (just east of the short swamp). The 300,000 gpd plant is an Aero-Mod 2-stage extended air facility which includes rotary fine screening, copper precipitation, chlorine disinfection, phosphorus removal, de-chlorination and reed beds. Topton also has 8 miles of sewers and 2 pump stations. Thanks for hosting Topton!

Side note: It was a cold day, but the vendors stayed warm in the tent thanks to the space heaters. Some, vendors (who shall remain nameless) even complained that it was too warm (I think it was probably Art Auchenbach).
After Topton, attendees were bussed to the Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Conference Center to tour their treatment plant and then went to lunch and the business meeting in the beautiful lodge. 
The business meeting was followed by the aforementioned (pretty fancy word, huh) Awards presentation, aka the “Academy Awards of EPWPCOA”. The awards were hosted by the talented and famous pair of Christina Crawford and Sara Stump. Some people even said that having those two host the awards was worth the $45 membership fee by itself (OK, nobody really said that or anything remotely close to that). Seriously, congratulations to all the deserving award winners.

Also, thanks to the following folks:
  • DELCORA- the mailing sponsor (although Mike DeSantis could have just yelled to everyone instead)
  • Barry Isett & Associates- the continental breakfast sponsor
  • Harry Garman of Barry Issett for the education presentation
  • Jason Opferbeck and Exeter Supply for the mini-training session
  • Topton & Bear Creek for hosting and the use of their facilities
  • The Vendors (for paying)
  • Marykay (for everything)
  • My Mom (in case she reads this)

By Phil Schwartz, Director of Silly Articles (written while I was supposed to be working).
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