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Included in this Newsletter:
Pottstown Borough Authority - November 2017 Meeting
Towamencin Muncipal Authority - March 2018 Meeting
Industrial Pretreatment Conference
YP Tour of Reading Treatment Plant
Future Events
Pottstown Borough Authority
November 2017 Meeting
Dale Miller Resigns from the Presidency
Actually, that is FAKE News. I meant to say that the November 2017 Meeting was Dale’s last as President of EPWPCOA and he went out with a HUGE bang (of the gavel).
Truth be told, Dale’s last meeting enjoyed near record attendance as 230 people turned out to tour the Pottstown Borough Authority (PBA) Wastewater Treatment Plant and visit with 78 Vendors. 
The 16.5 MGD (max capacity) plant was in great shape thanks to the hard work of the staff of 15 who man the facility 24/7/365 (except on leap years). The plant serves Lower, Upper, and West Pottsgrove Townships (East Pottsgrove said no thank you) plus the Borough of Pottstown and has gone through many upgrades over the last 30 years (I’m too young to remember that far back, but some of you might).
In addition to touring the facility and talking to the vendors, all enjoyed a continental breakfast sponsored by the ATC Group and breakfast sandwiches sponsored by Spotts Stevens and McCoy.
The lunch and business meeting were held at the SunnyBrook Ballroom in Pottstown. For those of you who are unaware, the SunnyBrook Ballroom is a great venue with a huge dance floor and a really interesting history. Here is an excerpt from their web page: “One of the few remaining dance halls of the pre-World War II era still in existence, The SunnyBrook Ballroom is a vivid and well-known landmark of Pottstown, Pennsylvania.
It began as a swimming club in 1926, featuring a large circular swimming pool where the socialites spent their summer days basking in the sun. In 1931, after the depression, the ballroom was constructed rising to prominence as one of the country’s great dance floors during the big band era of the 1930’s and 1940’s.
Throughout its heyday, the historic ballroom was a regular stop on the tours of all the era’s big bands, including: Benny Goodman, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra.”
The education presentation of the day was on the PBA Fats, Oil, and Grease Program., which, to be clear, had nothing to do with the lunch of Garden Salad, Chicken Bruschetta, Oven Roasted Baby Potatoes, Green Beans, Dessert, Coffee and Tea.
Additional thanks go out to the Mailing Sponsors – MGK Industries and the Lunch Sponsors – Gryphon Environmental, LLC and Kappe Associates, Inc.
And thanks again to the Plant, the Vendors, the SunnyBrook Ballroom, all our Sponsors, Volunteers and of course, Marykay, for a very successful day.
And Good Bye President Miller, we will never forget you Drew.
And welcome new President David Kershner!
Faithfully (and somewhat accurately) submitted by Phil Schwartz,
Past-Past President of EPWPCOA.
Thank You to our hosts - Pottstown Borough Authority. 2017 EPWPCOA President (right) presenting plaque of appreciation to host Brent Wagner.
The Vendor Tent is always full of activity..
particularly around the donuts and coffee.
Towamencin Municipal
Authority ~ March 2018 Meeting
(left: Ralph Jacoby accepting plaque of appreciation
from David Kershner)
The March 2018 Meeting was held on the 16 th at the Towamencin Municipal Authority (TMA) Wastewater Treatment Facility. We had 168 in attendance touring the plant and chatting at the 73 vendor tables. Side note: does that mean I should have had an average of 2.3 people at my booth at all times? Where were you people hiding? Maybe at a booth that actually gave away stuff?
I don’t recall the weather that day, but it might have rained since it seems like it has been raining steadily for the last several years (Ark Sales are up 200% on Amazon this year).
By the way, Towamencin is a Native American word, which loosely translated means: “Decent place for a Wastewater Treatment Facility.” 
Or is it two facilities in one? Towamencin is actually two parallel treatment plants. The original plant, referred to as Stage I (or Dave), was placed in service in 1967 as a 1.3 MGD trickling filter facility. Stage I was upgraded in 1989 to a rated capacity of processing at 2.17 MGD. The Stage II plant (or Buster), with a rated capacity of 4.33 MGD, was placed into service in 1987. Recently two centrifuges and associated equipment were installed for improved bio-solids..
The TMA services all of Towamencin Township, the western portion of Upper Gwynedd Township, and receives sewage flows for treatment from portions of Hatfield, Lower Salford, and Worcester Townships and Lansdale Borough (but none of the Pottsgroves).
A very nice continental breakfast was sponsored by Bursich Associates, Inc. and Kershner Environmental Technologies, LLC. The Mailing Sponsor was Fox Tapping, Inc.
The Mini-Training Session covered In-house maintenance versus contracted maintenance. TMA saves hundreds of thousands of dollars performing its own maintenance. Way to go TMA- give everyone a big raise with the money saved.
The luncheon, business meeting and awards followed at the Holiday Inn in Lansdale. It was not a Holiday Inn Express, but I know I felt a lot smarter after leaving the hotel. 
It could have been the scrumptious meal which made me smarter, it included Sliced Tenderloin of Beef and Twice Baked Potato. I don’t know about you but I can never bake my potato too many times.
I know I just mentioned meat and the meeting was on a Friday during lent, so sorry if you couldn’t eat the meat, it was really really good meat.
The education presentation of the day was on phosphorus removal at the TMA. They must be doing a good job, cause I didn’t see any phosphorus anywhere.
 As always we want to thank everybody that contributed to a great outing including the plant staff, the vendors, sponsors, volunteers, Marykay, etc.
And a special shout out to David Kershner who presided over his first meeting as President. According to Dave, during his term he plans to “lower taxes, fix healthcare, and add more meat to the luncheons.”
Anonymously authored by Phil Schwartz, President before
Dale Miller, but after Ed Treat (way way after ).
A Unique feature of the Towamencin meeting - the vendor tent in a building.
27th Annual Industrial Pretreatment Conference
On April 19th & 20th, 2018, the 27th Annual Industrial Pretreatment Conference was held at The Inn at Reading. This event was again co-sponsored by the US EPA and the EPWPCOA and the first time without John - however the immortal words were uttered - "it depends." 121 people attended the conference. We would like to thank all of the presenters and vendors. They did a great job. A special thank you to Steve, Maggie and Ryan from the US EPA for their hard work and many contributions. The next conference is being planned. (At a new location!)
City of Reading Fritz Island WWTP Tour - YP Event
On Friday, April 27, 2018, the YP committee hosted a much acclaimed training event at the Fritz Island WWTP. The large construction project taking place was the topic of the day - looked at from the perspective of the engineer, manufacturer, project manager, engineer and most importantly - the WWTP manager. 45 people attended - earning 2 wastewater contact hours. A big "Thank You" to all the Companies that helped with this event: The City of Reading, Dutchland, Great Valley Consultants, Hazen & Sawyer,
M. F. Ronca & Sons, Penn Valley Pump, R K & K, and Weston Solutions.
Upcoming Events
Trade Show 2018
Join us on September 21, 2018 at the Leesport Farmers' Market Hall.
Over 60 Vendors, tchotchkes, door prizes lunch buffet and now the EPWPCOA Officer elections during the Regular Meeting.
IPP Training:
Industrial Inspections
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
6 PADEP contact hrs water & wastewater
In conjunction with the EPA - "Industrial Inspections 360" training will take place at the Holiday Inn Landsdale, Kulpsville. Registration deadline is Wed, Sept. 12, 2018.
Safety Training:
CPR and First Aid
Friday, October 26, 2018
6 PADEP contact hrs water & wastewater
Life saving CPR willl be taught as well as Basic First Aid techniques. Join us at Telford Community building in Telford, PA. Registration Deadline is Tues, October 2, 2018 .
Laboratory Training
"Back to Basics - Understanding the Fundamentals of Water Testing
and Sampling Techniques."
5 PADEP contact hrs water and wastewater operators .
If you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran who would like a refresher - this course is for you. Registration deadline is:
Thursday October 18, 2018.
Please let us know if you have an idea for a story or something you would like to include in a newsletter.


Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Operators Association

Dale Miller, 2017 President
David Kershner, 2018 President
Cora Shenk, Editor