From Bel Canto to Bel Tone...
The Voice is a metaphor of how we express energy in the world.
Our Fall & Winter Programs are devoted to
deep listening into the subtle in Sound, as we will co-create with drones and melodies like the divine play of Shiva and Shakti . Directing our practices to accumulate life force ( prana ) and to refine the quality of attention to tone magic and silence.
Join in Here and Everywhere!
(Berkeley, Brazil, Florida, Bahamas, India, France, Japan)

Upcoming in Bay Area
Shruti Box & Vocal Meditation Lab
Saturday November 17, 10-30 to 12:30PM
Location in Berkeley, 2748 Adeline Suite D.

• Learn how to make the most of the Shruti Box as an accompanied instrument.
• Find your comfortable tonal center
• Learn to use the iTabla Pro App, and more...

Tuesday Evening Ragas,
The Chant of Dhrupad Practice - Candle light Vocal Mediation
November 20 & 26, December 4 & 11, 7-8:45PM
Location in Berkeley, 2748 Adeline - Suite D. READ MORE

All Vox Mundi Program required Advanced Registration

Vox Mundi International (VMI)
Magical Brazil
January 8-21
Rio & Bahia
Embody joy and e-motion.
Amazing collaboration between Japanese Dance Theater, Afro-Brazilian Ritual Chant, and the Ragas of India. Reard More

Divine Bahamas
Voice & Sound Healing Training and Retreat
January 27-February 5
w/ Dr John Beaulieu and Silvia - @ Sivananda Ashram, Paradise Island

Life Transforming India
February 18-March 6
Bihar & Varanasi -
during Dhrupad Mela
Immersive Raga Chanting retreat, learning from two highest masters of the art of Naad yoga. Silvia will be teaching as well.
Only one space left - Contact asap/

Sound Science -
Individual and Small Groups
Virtual Sessions
with Silvia & Vox Mundi International
(VMI) Faculty
Empowering mastery and
the way of the Spirit.
Feature Article

I n Search of Naad; The Vibratory Quality of Silence
by Silvia Nakkach, M.A.MMT

As part of a meditation or contemplative practice, an experience of Naad or Nada —savored in the intimate and spacious union of sound and silence—creates and opening to the therapeutic process....The journey to wholeness starts with awareness, clarity, and a moment of suspension. Nada is both the beginning of all sounds and manifestations, and, in the realm of consciousness,
Nada is the vibratory rate of silence. Read More