January 2019
"Through Our Doors, Walk Tomorrow's Leaders"
EVERY Kid Deserves a Birthday Party!
At the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club , an important aspect of what we do is to pay attention to trends, issues, and the needs of our kids and community. Based on a hunch, Club staff took a survey of our 85 after-school program kids – and what we found was astonishing.  Only 20 of our 85 kids had ever had their own birthday party! Therefore, the Club staff did what we do best - we sprang into action!
The Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club is excited to announce we will host monthly birthday parties at the Club for our kids and we are committed to providing special memories for everybody. On January 24 th the Club held its first Club-wide birthday bash and the kids will surely be talking about this party for a LONG time!

2019 Goal:
500 Hours of Computer Education!
This past fall, we began the My.Future computer education program offered by Boys & Girls Clubs of America . This program lets Boys & Girls Club members of all ages use our computer lab to play, learn and socialize with Club kids across the country. It's a digital version of the stuff that makes the Club great. 
Members can share the great things they've made and amplify their voices. Whether they're making lyrics, videos or apps, they'll be able to share the things they create and connect with their peers across the movement.

New Uniforms for the Club Cheer Team!
Thanks to the All-Star grant provided by Buffalo Wild Wings , our cheer program was able to buy these brand new uniforms! They proudly showed off the new duds at our first Junior Sixers league games on January 12th.
Our ever-expanding program has proven to be popular both on and off the court. Coach Temia and her crew work hard with our squad and also provide them with other programs designed to empower, educate and provide self-esteem. The squad also has attended national tournaments in Chicago, Detroit and Houston - and brought home medals each time!

Club Alumni Receives Four Year Scholarship to DSU
Congratulations to life-long Greater Newark Club kid, Anthony Morales, who was accepted to Delaware State University and received the Inspire Academic Scholarship to attend four years! Anthony has been involved with Club programs, and worked the lunch program in our Summer Fun Club for the last four years. We're very proud of his accomplishment and know that he will do great things as a Hornet! Way to go, Anthony!
The Club is Turning 25!!!
Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club opened our doors on February 24th, 1994. Since then, we've served tens of thousands of kids - and we're still going strong!

Thank you to all of our kids, alumni, staff, volunteers, board members, donors, government officials and friends who have allowed us to do the very best for our kids. A series of year-long celebrations are on tap, with the first being a 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Embassy Suites on February 21st, 2019. This event (5:30-7:00pm) is a great way for past, current and future friends of The Club to see what we've been up to and the impact we've made.
Donations are kindly requested. If you are interested in attending the event, click  here ! If you cannot attend, but would like to make a donation in honor of our milestone, click   here ! We look forward to celebrating with you.