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Week Three - January 18, 2021
Education Committees Get Overviews
The House and Senate education committees spent the first meetings of the legislature with overviews from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), Minnesota Management Budget, House and Senate Research and Finance staff and the associated non-partisan staff.

This coming Wednesday, the House Education Policy Committee is scheduled to hear HF 4, a bill to combat the educational effects of COVID-19. A portion of the bill deals with adjusting pupil counts, an issue MSBA has been advocating for and has a resolution on from our Delegate Assembly.

The House will also hear a bill on HF 14 (Eklund) a bill to transfer $60m each year of the next biennium to DEED to fund the border-to-border broadband account. MSBA's 2021 Legislative Agenda promotes funding broadband and the 2020 Delegate Assembly passed a resolution on broadband funding as well.

Documents from House and Senate Committee Meetings
Many documents are shared with members during the first weeks of session. These are to help members understand the intricacies education finance and the current financial situation. Many board members and superintendents find these documents helpful as well.

House Education Finance documents (District-by District Runs)

House Education Policy documents

Senate E-12 Finance and Policy documents

Federal Covid-19 funds

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