August 2021
Libraries: Your Community Connectors
Pennsylvania PBS stations collaborate with libraries throughout the Commonwealth all year long. Libraries offer a variety of programs and events to engage learners of all ages - just like your local Pennsylvania PBS station!
This summer, we are talking with our library partners to learn how libraries serve as a community connector. For our next installment, we sat down with librarians from Greensburg Hempfield Area Library in Greensburg, PA, Indian Valley Public Library in Telford, PA and The Helen Kate Furness Free Library in Wallingford, PA.
"The biggest impact we have is allowing people to be life-long learners, to pursue their interests, and have the opportunity to learn, grown and develop."
-Jessica Kiefer, Head Children's Librarian, Greensburg Hempfield Area Library
The Greensburg Hempfield Area Library (GHAL) is in Westmoreland County, southeast of Pittsburgh. GHAL is one of 23 libraries that make up the Westmoreland Library Network. Serving approximately 70,000 residents, GHAL also welcomes newcomers and visitors as they explore and continue their life-long learning.
In this video, we spoke with Jessica Kiefer, Head Children’s Librarian at Greensburg Hempfield Area Library.
"The reason why we are able to offer such great programs and have such a great staff is because of our community support. There are so many ways you can support local libraries."
-Nicole Husbands, Young Adult/Outreach Services Librarian, Indian Valley Public Library
Indian Valley Public Library (IVPL) is located in Telford, PA and is an independent member of the Montgomery County Library District. IVPL offers a variety of programs and services including "Book Club in a Bag" and museum passes for free admission to local museums and historic sites.
In this video, we spoke with Nicole Husbands, Young Adult/Outreach Services Librarian, and Robbie Fischer, Youth Services Assistant.
"We are a non-judgmental place. Whatever you need to work on, whether it's a job interview, tutoring or other life skills, we want to meet people's needs where ever they are."
-Lori Friedgen-Veitch, Head of Children and Youth Services, Helen Kate Furness Library
The Helen Kate Furness Free Library is located in a beautiful residential section of Nether Providence Township in Wallingford, and is part of the Delaware County Library System. Their mission is to “be the place in the neighborhood that brings lifelong learning, discovery, and joy to the community.”
In this video, we spoke with Lori Friedgen-Veitch, Head of Children and Youth Services at the Helen Kate Furness Free Library.

Check out the other videos in our "Libraries: Your Community Connectors" series. Be sure to see what activities your local library has to offer all year!
Pennsylvania PBS stations support educators, students and families as they start the new school year!
"WQLN Homeroom" returns this school year with brand new episodes! This WQLN-produced program is designed for preschool-aged children and is an at-home supplement filled with fun and engaging lessons and activities. With American Sign Language interpretation, "WQLN Homeroom" benefits children of all abilities.
Join WITF for Ready Set Go Kindergarten and Friends on September 24!

This free family event is designed to help preschoolers transition and thrive in the next steps of their education. While supplies last, children also receive a fun giveaway bag.
Lehigh Valley Reads is an educational initiative developed by United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley and PBS39. As part of Lehigh Valley Reads' 3rd grade reading campaign, they created this collection of short videos that offer tips for parents and caregivers of students entering Kindergarten.
More educational resources from these stations!
Access the September schedules and activity sheets by clicking on the buttons below.
Your Learning Neighborhood
Pennsylvania PBS is starting the new school year by expanding our theme of Learning at Home to Your Learning Neighborhood!

Your local Pennsylvania PBS station supports the learning needs of children and families throughout the commonwealth, and we recognize that learning occurs everywhere: at home, at school, and in your community. 

When you are Learning at Home, we connect you to thousands of hours of educational and entertaining videos, activities and games for preschoolers through high school. 

When you are Learning at School, we support teachers and caregivers with resources that align to state standards. 

We also connect you to free events and activities where you can Learn in Your Community. 
Your local Pennsylvania PBS stations are proud to be a part of Your Learning Neighborhood!

Look for updates on our website in September!
20th Anniversary of 9/11
Remembering 9/11

This year marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Your local Pennsylvania PBS stations offer a variety of TV and radio programs that reflect on how the events of September 11, 2001 continue to resonate, nationally and within the commonwealth. Get the list (pdf) of programs and educational resources by clicking the button below.
The new documentary Generation 9/11 marks the 20th anniversary of the twin tower attacks by following the children born to fathers who perished in the disaster. Generation 9/11 is one of the programs featured on your local Pennsylvania PBS station.
WITF is offering a free virtual screening and panel discussion for Generation 9/11 on Thursday, September 2 at 6pm on WITF’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Questions can also be submitted by emailing by August 31.
Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Nominations
Congratulations to the Pennsylvania PBS stations nominated for Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Awards!
Collectively, the stations received 56 nominations from the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the National Television Academy. The nominations include programs that were part of the Learning at Home schedule in the past school year: "The Robot Doctor" and "Family Night: Coding".
This year's ceremony will be held virtually on September 25. Click on the button for the list of nominations.
Pennsylvania PBS - Who We Are

Pennsylvania PBS (PA PBS) is the collective name for seven public media organizations located throughout the Commonwealth.

Our Vision

Inspired and empowered by its partners, Pennsylvania PBS will be a keystone in the civic, educational and cultural fabric of the Commonwealth.

Our Mission

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Pennsylvania PBS reaches over 12.4 million Pennsylvanians in large, diverse, rural and under-served communities.

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