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Exciting New TMBC Updates!
TMBC Regional Networking Event - SUCCESS

TMBC's first ever networking event, co-hosted by the SF microbiome meet-up and Qiagen, was a huge success!

Graciously hosted by Susan Lynch at UCSF over 150 people came out to hear Susan, Nicole Kimes of Siolta and David Kyle of Evolve Biosystems discuss the importance of the microbiome both in maternal and infant nutrition.

While David emphasized the importance of B. infantis to supplement mother's breast milk, and the degradation in the amount of this bacteria in the first world, Susan and Nik emphasized the fact that we are just at the beginning of understanding this journey and that there is a lot of research yet to be done.

For those of you who are not in the Bay Area, look for our next event coming up in Boston in early 2019. Further information to follow!
In Business News 
RECAP: FDA Workshop: Science and Regulation of Live Microbiome-Based Products Used to Prevent, Treat, or Cure Diseases in Humans. The FDA's public workshop provided small insights into the topics and issues that the FDA is focused on in the microbiome space and little additional insight into the open questions about the regulatory path and challenges. For two somewhat differing opinions on the value and outcome of the workshop, read this and this .

Takeda Signs Deal to Commercialize Enterome's Microbiome-Targeting Treatment for Crohn's Disease. Under the terms of the deal, Takeda will pay Enterome €44M upfront, and up to €560M for achieving key milestones in the clinical development of  Enterome’s  treatment for the inflammatory condition. Enterome and Takeda are also to share the costs and profits of drug sales if it gets approval in the US. Learn more here

Vedanta Biosciences R eports Positive Preliminary Data from Phase la/lb VE303 Trial. Vedanta has reported positive preliminary results from a Phase la/lb clinical trial that evaluated the safety and tolerability of VE303 for gut microbiota restoration after antibiotics. The preliminary results showed that single and multiple doses of VE303, after vancomycin administration, were safe and well-tolerated and that repeated dosing resulted in increased robustness of strain colonisation. Full report here

Using AI to Personalize Microbiome Nutrition and Skin Products. Microsoft and Eagle Genomics have partnered up to use Eagle's AI platform to more look at the genomics of the microbiome with plans to use it to assess a product's suitability for consumption or use by examining its impact on the complex human microbiome, with the goal of accelerating market entry and mitigating risk. Learn more here

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In Research News
Transplant Success May Depend on Gut Microbiome . I n a first-of-its-kind study, scientists from the University at Maryland School of Medicine have revealed that the success or failure rate of a heart transplant may be influenced by a key factor: the gut microbiome. The link between the two is the immune system. Certain bacteria in the microbiome can trigger pro- or anti-inflammatory signals, and these signals can affect how the immune system responds to the transplanted organ. Full article here

Noah's Ark of Microbes . Researchers are calling for the creation of a global microbiota vault to protect the long-term health of humanity, akin to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, the world’s largest collection of crop diver sity created in case of natural or human-made disasters. Full article here

Questioning the Value of Probiotics. In an article in JAMA, Dr. Pieter Cohen questions the value of taking single or even multiple strain probiotics outside specific clinical settings, such as preventing  C difficile  and antibiotic-associated diarrhea, noting that widespread use, particularly among people who are healthy, has greatly outpaced the science.  Read more

Combination Antibiotic and Probiotic Eradicates Wound Infecting Bacterial Strains. Scientists at MIT have encapsulated a probiotic within a biofilm to deliver it along with an antibiotic to eradicate pathogenic bacteria in wounds. Learn more here

Norwegian Cohort Study Finds Correlation Between Gut Microbiota in Infants and Obesity. Investigators showed that the gut microbiota composition at two years of life is associated with body mass index (BMI) at age 12. Also, the BMI at age 2 was not significantly higher in children who later became overweight/obese, indicating that gut microbiota composition may be the earliest warning sign for detecting obesity. Read more here

Temporal Development of the Gut Microbiome in Early Childhood from the TEDDY Study. P ublished this week in Nature, the article describes how early life shapes the infant gut microbiome and risk of disease looking at 4 countries, 6 clinical centers, 800 kids, 10k+ samples. Read more here

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Watching This Week...Because Halloween!
Are You a Zombie to Your Microbes?! Because "Halloween" is this week, we offer a few interesting and amusing bits of reading on how microbes might just be making us zombies. Where's Rick Grimes when you need him?? Zombie trick or treat here and here and here and here

But also just because it's fun . . .

Does the High Protein "Bro Diet" Contribute to Increased Microbial Diversity? Dr. Orla O'Sullivan studded 40 elite rugby athletes whose microbial diversity was remarkably higher than non-athletes to determine the cause fo the increased diversity. In additional to consuming higher amounts of fruits, vegetables and non-processed foods, exercise and protein, specifically whey protein - were shown to be the only correlating factors with the increased diversity. TMBC wonders however if it is not the fact that rugby is played outside on grass and involves substantial close human contact that might also have an impact on the diversity of these athlete's microbial diversity. Read more here
Job Board
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Scientist, Genomics and Microbiome. DuPont Genomics and Microbiome Sciences Group. S eeking a highly motivated and talented bioinformatician to support company goals in probiotic and human nutrition science. The successful candidate will be focus on evaluating and interpreting multi-omic datasets from studies of probiotics and the microbiome. Learn more here

Lab Manager, Microbiome, Assembly Biosciences . Specific responsibilities include lab operations & safety compliance, serving as a liaison between scientists and the building facilities team to ensure clear communication on any facilities-related matters, ensuring compliance with lab safety regulations, troubleshoot and report deviations etc. Learn more here

Research Fellow, Microbiome, Mayo Clinic. The gut microbiome laboratory at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN seeks a highly motivated and creative postdoctoral research scientist with experience in synthetic biology, microbial metabolism or systems biology, who is interested in investigating host-microbiome interactions. Learn more here

Scientist I, Microbiome Research, MedImmune. We are seeking a highly motivated Scientist to join the Microbial Sciences group to study the microbiome in drug development utilizing various molecular tools. The Scientist will use next generation sequencing or deep sequencing technologies to examine airway and gut microbiota in animal and human samples in order to understand microbiome changes during disease progression and from drug treatment intervention. The candidate is expected to conduct experiments in the wet lab with strong analytical ability. Learn more here

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2nd Annual Microbiome Movement, Gut-Brain Axis Summit, Boston, MA, Nov 14-16. Website

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