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Developing IP in the Microbiome Space: Newly-Published White Paper
In collaboration with Nixon Peabody LLP and ICOSA, TMBC have developed a white paper providing an overview of the microbiome industry with a special emphasis on obtaining and protecting intellectual property in the space. We are excited to formally share this with you. You can access and download our white paper here .
Microbiome in the Spotlight
The 4th Annual Arrowhead Translational Microbiome Conference, the official conference of TMBC, was held last week in Boston. Bringing together a diverse group of over 200 of the top research scientists, entrepreneurs, academics, pharma, and business professionals for two and half days to present and discuss the latest developments in translating the science of the microbiome into products and therapeutics. Among the topics that were discussed by Christopher Mason of Cornell, Julia Oh of The Jackson Lab, Gang Fang of Mt Sinai, and others was the state of the art, applications, limitations, and standardization of metagenomic DNA and RNA sequencing technology. There were presentations and panel discussions on innovative approaches in the development of microbiome therapeutics ranging from dermatology by Travis Whitfill of Azitra to IBD by Mark Smith of Finch Therapeutics, and the use of phage for both gut and skin disease by Assaf Oron of BiomeX. As the field has progressed we are seeing companies moving from the bench to the clinic with several in Phase II development and a few (Rebiotix and AOBiome) are entering Phase III. To round out the meeting there were presentations and panel discussions on the intellectual property (Nixon Peabody), financing (Cowen and Bain), and regulatory landscapes. To learn more or find out how you can participate in next year's conference, get in touch at
In Business News 
Ferring Acquires Innovative Biotechnology Company Rebiotix Inc. Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Rebiotix Inc. announce that they have agreed to the acquisition of Rebiotix by Ferring. This acquisition brings together two innovative healthcare companies that share a common commitment to exploring and understanding the human microbiome to develop new solutions for patients. Full press release here

Diversigen, Crohn's & Colitis Foundation Partner for Metagenomics, Microbiome Analysis Services Diversigen announced that the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation has selected the firm as a preferred provider for metagenomics and microbiome analysis services, as well as to serve as a central lab for generating and incorporating microbiome data into the foundation's IBD Plexus platform. Full article here

MicroBiome Therapeutics Launches Clinically-Tested Dietary Supplement Engineered to Modulate the Gut Microbiome MicroBiome Therapeutics, LLC (MBT), a leading company applying the science of the gastrointestinal (GI) microbiome to promote health and wellness, today announced the launch of BiomeBliss™, a patented, first-in-class prebiotic dietary supplement specifically developed to support a healthy gastrointestinal (GI) microbiome. Developed by pioneering researchers and entrepreneurs, BiomeBliss nourishes, shifts and protects the GI microbiome. Full press release here

Seres Therapeutics Presents New Preclinical Data Supporting the Development of Microbiome Therapeutics for Immuno-Oncology at the 2018 American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting Seres announced that new preclinical data supporting the development of microbiome therapeutics for immuno-oncology was presented at the 2018 American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting (AACR) in Chicago . The data presented provide new insights on the potential mechanism by which Seres’ microbiome therapies could improve the outcomes of cancer patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors. Full press release here

Amway Partners with Global Leader in Microbiome Testing Amway has announced a new strategic partnership for research and development with a global leader in microbiome testing, Microbiome Insights, Inc. Full press release here

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In Research News
Gut Microbiota Modulates Adoptive Cell Therapy Via CD8α Dendritic Cells And IL-12  
New research suggests that the composition of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract may help predict which patients with cancer may benefit most from adoptive T-cell immunotherapy (ACT), including chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy. Reporting recent findings in the Journal of Clinical Investigations and Insights , Mireia Uribe-Herranz, PhD, and colleagues found that the effectiveness of ACT in a mouse model is significantly impacted by differences in the makeup of gut bacteria and that the efficacy of ACT is improved by treatment with orally administered vancomycin, an antibiotic that targets gram-positive bacteria in the gut. Full article here

Personal Microbiome Analysis Improves Student Engagement
In a study recently published by the prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journal, PLOS ONE, a group of Brigham Young University professors set out to test if student engagement in scientific courses could be enhanced through the use of personal microbiome analysis. Full article here

Targeting The Gut Microbiome To Treat The Osteoarthritis Of Obesity
The inflammatory connection between the gut microbiome and obesity-associated osteoarthritis (OA) was clarified by scientists based at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC). These scientists found that obese mice had more harmful bacteria in their guts compared to lean mice, which caused inflammation throughout their bodies, leading to very rapid joint deterioration. While a common prebiotic supplement did not help the mice shed weight, it completely reversed other symptoms, making the guts and joints of obese mice indistinguishable from lean mice. Full article here

Correcting For Batch Effects In Case-Control Microbiome Studies
High-throughput data generation platforms and second-generation sequencing are susceptible to batch effects due to run-to-run variation in reagents, equipment, protocols, or personnel. In this paper, the authors compare different batch-correction methods applied to microbiome case-control studies. Overall, they show that percentile-normalization is a simple, non-parametric approach for correcting batch effects and improving sensitivity in case-control meta-analyses. Full article here

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Watching This Week...
The Germs That Love Diet Soda, NY Times Opinion Piece There are lots of reasons to avoid processed foods. They’re often packed with sugar, fat and salt, and they tend to lack certain nutrients critical to health, like fiber. And now, new research suggests that some of the additives that extend the shelf life and improve the texture of these foods may have unintended side effects — not on our bodies directly, but on the human microbiome, the trillions of bacteria living in our guts. Full article here
Job Board
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Patent Agent, Whole Biome  As a Patent Agent you will be responsible for all aspects of company's patent practice, including assisting in evaluating invention disclosures, drafting patent specifications and claims, preparing and prosecuting applications and working on proceedings in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Learn more here

Inside Sales Representative, CosmosID CosmosID is recruiting an Inside Sales Representative to support their sales, marketing, and overall growth of the business. This position is for someone who is driven, organized, embraces change, and is very willing to learn in a field that is constantly evolving. Learn more here

Gut Microbiome Research Associate, Viome Viome is a wellness as a service company that applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to biological data to provide personalized recommendations for healthy living. We are looking for a full-time Research Associate that will help us study the human gut microbiome. Learn more here

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Upcoming Conferences
Cancer Microbiome Congress By attending the Cancer Microbiome Congress you will: discover how the microbiome interacts with immunotherapies such as PD1 to improve the efficacy of immuno-oncology drugs, build the foundations of interdisciplinary collaboration between the fields of microbiology, immunology & oncology to accelerate this pioneering field, and more! Boston, MA. May 8-9.  

Microbiome Futures The live event will be the culmination of a thorough research process during which the working group will be gathering input from a global pool of stakeholders in the microbiome space. They will come prepared, having researched and discussed issues from the science of moving from correlation to causation to practical solutions to data and regulatory hurdles. New York, NY. May 23.  

Microbiome Invest The conference is dedicated to showcasing the most innovative emerging companies and academics with commercially viable research that manipulates the microbiome. Active investors, and multi-national nutrition and pharmaceutical companies will also share their knowledge and perspectives on commercialisation and discuss the most cutting-edge products and research in the microbiome space. London, UK. May 23.  

Skin Microbiome Congress The average consumer spends $5 a day on skincare, whilst using up to 515 synthetic chemicals daily to eradicate dermalogical concerns - how can this be good for skin? Introducing the Skin Microbiome Congress. Boston, MA. May 30-31.  

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