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Microbiome in the Spotlight
Love is in the . . . Microbes?

It being February I really cannot let the opportunity pass to revisit a piece of research that suggested our inclination to love one person over another is related to our microbes. Turns out the Peanuts character Pig-Pen may have been onto something. learn more about the possibilities of microbe-based love here

In more serious news, i t’s that time of year again to recognize the innovators and entrepreneurs driving the agrifood tech sector forward with the AgFunder Innovation Awards. Vote for your favorite company here by 5 pm TODAY! (my vote is to Evolve Biosciences!)
In Business News 
Rebiotix Develops Microbiome Health Index™ to Identify Indicators for Microbiome Restoration Rebiotix, a clinical-stage microbiome company, announced today the development of the Microbiome Health Index (MHI) to provide the microbiome research community with a standardized metric to quantify the rehabilitation of the human microbiome. MHI was established in partnership with data analytics firm, BioRankings®, to enable a non-biased comparison of the efficacy of microbiome-based therapeutics. Full article here

Givaudan, Unilever target the microbiome Growing interest in the skin microbiome has attracted investments by two large firms. Givaudan, a flavor and fragrance ingredient maker, has added high-throughput screening equipment at its labs in Toulouse, France, to boost development of cosmetic ingredients that protect skin microbiota. Separately, consumer products giant Unilever made its “inaugural foray” into microbiome-based products. Full article here

Sirenas Enters Into Multi-Target Collaboration With Bristol-Myers Squibb Sirenas, a biotechnology company harnessing computational approaches to discover therapeutics derived from the global microbiome, announced today that it has entered into collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb to deploy Sirenas’ drug discovery platform against certain undisclosed challenging therapeutic targets to identify potential drug candidates. Full article here

Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Axiom Microbiome Array for Research Thermo Fisher Scientific recently launched the Applied Biosystems Axiom Microbiome Array for simultaneous detection of archaea, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses in human and non-human samples. The array is designed to increase the understanding of microorganisms, while accelerating the translation of these insights into human health and agricultural applications. Full article here

LoveGut becomes the first low-cost gut microbiome test to hit the market Carbiotix announced the release of LoveGut, the world’s first low-cost home gut microbiome test. The new monthly subscription service offered in the US provides microbiome analysis starting at just $9 per sample. Full article here

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In Research News
Strain Tracking Reveals the Determinants of Bacterial Engraftment in the Human Gut Following FMT Although the success of FMT requires donor bacteria to engraft in the patient's gut, the forces governing engraftment in humans are unknown. Here the researchers use an ongoing clinical experiment, the treatment of recurrent Clostridium difficile infection, to uncover the rules of engraftment in humans. Full article here

Intergenerational Transmission of Overweight and Obesity From Mother to Offspring In this cohort study of 935 mother-infant pairs, both vaginally and cesarean-delivered infants born to overweight and obese mothers were at greater risk of being overweight at ages 1 and 3 years compared with infants born vaginally to a mother of normal weight. Full article here

Detection of Stable Community Structures Within Gut Microbiota Co-occurrence Networks from Different Human Populations This study shows that the community structure within the gut microbiota is stable across populations, and describes a novel approach that facilitates comparative community-centric microbiome analyses. Full article here

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Watching This Week... Because Olympics 2018!
PODCAST: Wisconsin Public Radio! Studying the Microbiomes of Athletes Scientists interested in the bacteria makeup of our guts are eager to get their hands on elite athletes to study. That's partly because some research has shown athletes to have much more diverse microbiomes, but for other's, it's a matter of finding the secret to high sports performance. Full podcast here
Job Board
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Immuno-Oncology Scientist, Second Genome They’re on the search for an IO Scientist with a passion for tackling new challenges. They’d love to work with someone who is personally driven but comfortable not having all the answers; resourceful when working toward goals; accepting of the changing demands of the industry environment, and a natural multi-tasker. Our candidate has a PhD degree (or equivalent) with 1-3 years of relevant postdoctoral experience in immunology, immuno-oncology and/or related disciplines. We deeply value team players who understand the importance of communication and the balance between compromise and assertion. Learn more here

Software Engineer, Whole Biome They are currently seeking a bioinformatics software engineer. This position will be responsible for the successful development, testing, documentation and deployment of cloud-based bioinformatics services and APIs targeting in-house data analysts, front-end developers and research scientists. They are passionate about building products that are best-in-class and we are looking for individuals who embody that same desire. Learn more here

Microbiome Research Scientist, Novartis NIBR is seeking an innovative scientist to join a drug discovery program in the area of human microbiome research. The successful candidate will work in a dynamic new discovery department named Chemical Biology and Therapeutics (CBT) that aspires to discover and create new types of small molecules and biomolecules to identify new therapeutic targets, to dissect human biology, and address key unmet medical needs associated with dysregulation of the human microbiome. Learn more here

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Upcoming Conferences
Microbiome, Host Resistance and Diseases This Keystone Symposia meeting will discuss not only host resistance and disease, but also the manipulation of the gut microbiota for metabolic health. Banff, Alberta, Canada. Mar 4-8.  

4th Annual Translational Microbiome Conference The conference will once again bring together the top companies in the microbiome space working to successfully commercialize microbiome-based diagnostics, therapeutics, adjunct therapies and direct-to-consumer services and products. Boston, MA. Apr 18-20.  

5 th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum: Europe As part of its worldwide microbiome series, Global Engage is pleased to announce this conference. Last year’s congress attracted over 330 industry, academic and investment leaders to discuss the microbiome in health and disease; challenges and opportunities in moving research towards commercialisation; and potential partnerships and collaborations. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Mar 21-22.  

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Microbiome Awards, Fellowships and Prizes
QIAGEN 2018 Microbiome Awards These awards provides young, extraordinary scientists with funding and recognition to carry out scientific work in the field of Microbiome research. QIAGEN, the main sponsor of the award, is generously donating a prize package for the 2018 Microbiome Awards. This year's awards will be open to scientists who received their PhD in 2008 or later and will also include a new category for PhD students. Applications will be accepted beginning in May 2018. Learn more about the opportunity here
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