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Microbiome in the Spotlight
The Microbiome Coalition is Coming to Town!

TMBC will be hosting a series of informal networking events this coming Fall through early 2019 to bring the microbiome communities together in San Diego, San Francisco, Boston and Washington, D.C.

These events are meant to help the community connect, chat, share a beverage and hopefully learn more about what the community envisions for TMBC and the future of the microbiome.

Stay tuned for further information about dates and locations. if you are interested in sponsoring an event in one of these cities, or your city if is not listed and you'd like us to visit, please get in touch at

In Business News 
Biomica, Evogene’s Newly Established Subsidiary, Announces Therapeutic Areas of Focus Biomica, an emerging biopharmaceutical company developing innovative microbiome-based therapeutics utilizing Evogene's Computational Predictive Biology (CPB) platform, recently announced its focus on the development of therapies for antibiotic-resistant bacteria, immuno-oncology, and GI-related disorders. Full press release here

Evelo Biosciences Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering Evelo Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVLO) recently announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 5,312,500 shares of common stock at a public offering price of $16.00 per share, before underwriting discounts and commissions. Full press release here

Thryve Secures $1.4 Million Funding to Expand Personalized Probiotics and Individual Microbiome Testing Thryve, a provider of high quality microbiotics and microbiome testing, announced recently that it has secured $1.4 million in funding. Participating investment firms include PivotNorth Capital, Unilever Ventures, Darling Ventures, Candela Paramount, Abstract Ventures and Joyance Partners. Full article here  

Scioto Biosciences Closes $1.8M in Series A Financing, Receives NIH and State of Indiana Grants Funding Indianapolis-based Scioto Biosciences Inc. has closed a $1.8 million round of funding and has also been awarded nearly $400,000 in grants from the National Institutes of Health and the state of Indiana. The preclinical stage company says it will use the funds to further the development of its microbiome platform technology. Full article here

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In Research News
Gut microbiota utilize immunoglobulin A for mucosal colonization Researchers have been trying to understand how a strain of the gut bacterium Bacteroides fragilis can persist for years in the ever-changing environment of the gut. In exploring the bacterium’s stable existence in the gut, it was found that IgA was critical. The bacterium coated its cell surfaces with sugars that bind IgA in large numbers. In this case, IgA caused the microbes to clump together along the gut lining and penetrate the protective mucus layer, allowing them to cozy right up to the gut’s cells. Without IgA, the microbes fail to permanently colonize the gut. Full article here

Evaluating the information content of shallow shotgun metagenomics There presently exists no cost-efficient method for precisely characterizing the species and genes present in microbial communities. In this paper, the researchers evaluated the information content of shallow shotgun sequencing and describe a library preparation protocol that enables shallow shotgun sequencing at approximately the same per-sample cost as 16S. Although deep whole-genome shotgun sequencing remains the gold standard for high-resolution human microbiome analysis, they recommend that researchers consider shallow shotgun sequencing as an alternative to 16S for performing large-scale human microbiome research studies. Full article here

Metabolic products of the intestinal microbiome and extremes of atherosclerosis Researchers at Western University and Lawson Health Research Institute have shown a novel relationship between the intestinal microbiome and atherosclerosis, one of the major causes of heart attack and stroke. This was measured as the burden of plaque in the carotid arteries. Full article here

Biocodex Microbiota Foundation Awards Grants to Two Innovative Researchers in the Microbiome Field North American Dr. Singh and Fernandez will use the grants from the Biocodex Research Foundation to field new research that examines dietary interactions with the gut microbiome in gastrointestinal disorders Full article here

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Watching This Week...
Clinical Manifestation of C. Difficile Infections In a recent video, four physicians highlight common symptoms that help clinicians diagnose Clostridium difficile infection. In 2017 there were clinical practice guideline revisions, and these physicians walk through the changes in a short panel discussion. Full video here

Federal partners Release Interagency Strategic Plan for Microbiome Research 
A group of 23 U.S. government agencies, including the National Science Foundation, have joined to produce the Interagency Strategic Plan for Microbiome Research, which outlines the objectives, structure and principles for coordinated research in this important field of study. The Microbiome Interagency Working Group's five-year strategic plan recommends three areas of focus for collaborative, transformative work:

(1) Supporting interdisciplinary, collaborative research to enable a predictive understanding of the function of microbiomes in diverse ecosystems in order to enhance public health, improve food and environmental security, and grow new bioeconomy product areas.
(2) Developing platform technologies to generate critical insights and improve access to and sharing of microbiome data collected across ecosystems.
(3) Expanding the microbiome workforce through educational opportunities, citizen science and public engagement.

Learn more here 
Job Board
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Director of Microbiome Research, Janssen R&D As Director of Microbiome Research, reporting into the Global Head of the Janssen Human Microbiome Institute, you will give guidance and mentorship to members of the team, and make your microbiome expertise available across the organization. As Director you will be the primary responsible for driving several of their research projects towards and through product development stage, and for identifying additional internal and external beneficial partnerships. In addition, you will formulate, design and oversee execution of microbiome research strategies. Learn more here

Application Software Engineer, Whole Biome Whole Biome is currently seeking an applications developer to build beautiful tools for laboratory and data science teams. This position will be responsible for the successful development, testing, documentation and deployment of web and cloud-based applications that enable rich access to their data analytics platform for their lab and clinical scientists. Learn more here

Research Associate in Protein Sciences, Second Genome Second Genome is seeking a highly-motivated protein scientist to join a multidisciplinary research team. This position will play an important role in the discovery and development of next generation protein-based therapeutics. They value team players who can thrive in a fast-paced dynamic environment and are willing and eager to learn new technologies. Learn more here

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Upcoming Conferences
ASM Microbe 2018 This conference showcases the best microbial sciences in the world, and provides a one-of-a-kind forum to explore the complete spectrum of microbiology from basic science to translation and application. Eight tracks allow you to narrow in on your scientific niche, and connect with the experts in your field. Atlanta, GA. June 7-11.  

The Microbiome Movement, Drug Development Summit This conference is a forum that focuses exclusively on the development and commercialization of microbiome-based therapeutics; with case-studies from target discovery all the way through to clinical trial development, manufacturing, and beyond. Boston, MA. June 20-22.  

7th International Human Microbiome Congress 2018 This microbiome meeting that will focus on the latest science developments, as well as a strong industry-led session on bringing microbiome technology to the marketplace. Killarney, Ireland. June 26-28.  

Kenneth Rainin Foundation’s 2018 Innovations Symposium The 7th annual symposium is titled “ Basic Science, The Patient – Have You Two Met? ” This event brings together researchers, trainees and clinicians to encourage dialogue and build bridges that enhance Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) research. San Francisco, CA. July 16-17.  

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Microbiome Awards, Fellowships, and Prizes
Foundation Calls for U.S. Researchers to Study Microbiomes in the Gut-Brain Axis The Biocodex Microbiota Foundation is looking for young academics in the United States to submit proposals to research microbiota within the gut-brain axis. The total grant amount is $50,000, and the deadline to submit an application is August 17, 2018. Learn more here
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