Update from Town Hall - December 23, 2020
I will start with a hearty wish for a MERRY Christmas to all. As I was collecting my thoughts for the Christmas edition of the newsletter, this reflection came to mind: Even in the Muslim Countries that I have lived in, there was a holiday feeling in the air during the Christmas Season. So, no matter your religion or your beliefs, somehow it is a season to reflect and rejoice in the wonders of life and this amazing world in which we live. Take time to enjoy your families, neighbors, and friends. Rejoice in the wonders of our world, try to forget the grimness of the year 2020, even for a few brief moments.  And, remember the refrain of Little Orphan Annie: “The sun’ll come out tomorrow,…. and tomorrow is only a day away.”  Merry Christmas to All.

As the year-ends and the Holiday season approached, the pace of Town business slowed and it will essentially come to a halt during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. The office will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day ( all day), and will close at 1:00 p.m. on New Year's Eve, so plan accordingly. 

Both the December workshop and the Commission meeting had short agendas. The following items were covered at the Workshop:

  • Dodi Glas provided a super informative presentation covering the use of landscaping concepts to facilitate stormwater runoff management. She also presented other concepts, such as the use of fully permeable pavers in place of the standard brick pavers. All found her presentation very informative and we will work to incorporate the concepts into the Town drainage improvement plans currently being formulated.

  • Frank Zizzamia provided a status report on his plan to select an Events Planner to schedule and manage up to 30 special private events per year at the Town Community Center. This equates to 2.5 special events per month. Such events would be scheduled around the traditional Town events held at the Center. The 2019 events calendar was used to determine the “Blackout dates” when the Center is unavailable for special events. Frank estimates the 30 events would generate approximately $80,000 in Town Revenue. Traditionally the Center has operated at between $20 - $40,000 annual deficit, meaning it is a Town budget expense item. Frank’s plan would reverse this equation and turn the Center into a $50,000 revenue contributor to the Town budget. The main issue is parking. We will need to accommodate up to 65 cars, 60 for guests and five for event staff. To accomplish this, 45 beach lot spots would be used and 20 Town Hall lot spots. The Commission gave Frank a thumbs up and he will present the final plan for a vote at the next Commission meeting.  If the vote is positive, he will then seek bids from those planners who are interested, and several very highly qualified firms are chomping at the bit to work with the Town. 

  • There was another discussion of “Golf Cart used in Town. It was determined that the vehicles being used qualified under State law as “Slow Moving Vehicles”. This category allows them to run on Town Streets, whereas a Gulf Cart requires special signage and approval. The differentiating fact is State registration, which requires several safety measures and stipulations. Some progress was on the issue of these vehicles parking near the Inlet, but the issue was not fully resolved.

  • Finally, there was a discussion concerning the trimming of palm trees in the Town right-of-way (AKA the ten-foot strip). The Town used to cover this expense. This was stopped in 2019 as a budget-saving item. Some feel strongly that the Town should continue to cover this expense, both to ensure uniform trimming and help protect the health of the trees. It was decided to get a quote with and without this trimming. We will then decide which way to go.

The December Commission meeting was equally short. It included the following:
  • Second reading of an Ordinance updating the regulation of signage in Town so that our Code conforms with new Supreme Court decisions. The ordinance also liberalizes signage for a garage sale or similar commercial event. Five “Garage Sale” signs will now be authorized. One sign can be placed on the lot where the event is held. Four additional signs can be placed on private property or the ten-foot strip on neighboring houses or lots on the same street, and/or on the Town property, along the intersection of the street along which the sale is located and South Ocean Ave, Atlantic Ave, and Lake Drive. To maintain a uniform appearance, the signs will be printed and provided by the Town. A small deposit will be required and will be returned when the signs are returned.

  • The second ordinance, the first reading, corrected existing language in the Town procurement code. The State allows municipalities to “piggyback” on an existing contract for the same service with another municipality or governmental entity. For example, Palm Beach Shores is “piggybacked” on a Broward College contract in our recently signed contract to install a back-flow prevention value on the Bamboo and Lake Drive storm sewer outflow pipe. This will prevent saltwater flooding of the Lake and Bamboo intersection.  For purchases below $25,000, our current code language requires three (3) written quotes, which defeats the purpose of piggybacking. 

  • Due to the mini spike in Town Covid-19 cases (last week we had between 8 and 13 cases in Town, the highest count to date.), the Seasiders decided as a safety precaution to their members and attendees to cancel the annual Charity Bazaar, which is traditionally held in February.  With Town approval, which was given at the Commission meeting, they are planning to hold a Town-wide “Charity Donation Drive”.  Their goal is to replace the approximate $14,000 they earn from the Bazaar. The funds will go to the various charity groups that the Seasiders have traditionally supported. You will be hearing more about this activity in January. 

I also provided a brief undergrounding update. 
  • FPL is completed except for three property restorations by Viking and the installation of the automated switch. The switch type has been selected and is ordered. It should be installed before storm season 2021.  Wire and transformer removal and the topping of the pole are continuing, with a break during the Christmas/New Year holiday. The crews will resume work on Claremont when they return.

  • Comcast continues to convert customers to their new service. They are now working on a few multi-family-dwelling units (MDUs) in the northeast quadrant of Town and the houses in the southwest quadrant. They will soon be doing their last drill, from Edwards to Inlet along the east side of Ocean Drive. When this is done, they are on the down hillside of the mountain. They will move quickly to complete the remaining conversions. They have not given us an estimated completion date. Comcast and the Town expect some complications with the MDUs on the south side of Inlet.

  • AT&T has been a big surprise. Their team has been fast and efficient; all their boxes in the north half of Town are installed. They are (today- 22 December) installing a run of conduit down Edward to Lake. When this is done. The underground prep work in the north half is done. The fiber cable has been paid for by the Town and will arrive in January and should be pulled (installed) by mid-February. After the New Year, we will begin focusing on lining up AT&T customers in the north half of Town to convert to the new service. Remember, unlike Comcast, this is an entirely new service and requires customers to call AT&T and arrange for conversion. (Old AT&T modems will not convert a light signal to digital. A new modem is required.)

Again, enjoy the holiday season.


Almost There! Christmas is upon us and 2021 around the corner.

All of your deputies wish you the merriest of Christmases, Hanukah, and Holidays.

Our lobby area is now open. We received special permission to open it due to our size. Aside from Lake Park and Mangonia Park, all other districts are still closed to walk-in folks due to COVID-19.

We began placing the speed trailer around Town in response to resident’s complaints of speeding on Town streets and will continue to move them about. Between that, the motorcycles and our regular patrol, I believe that will help. Please let me know if you have any specific concerns we may be able to help with.

We received a 911 call of 2 loose horses on the Town’s parkway 3 weeks ago; we explained they were ours. Our mounted horse unit has taken a liking to our Town and has stopped by quite a few times in the last few months. The last time they brought the Clydesdale and another gorgeous horse.  They just walked the parkway and streets and spoke with folks. Great guys if you get a chance to meet them. I never know when they are going to show, they just show up.  When the horses have upset bellies and need a rest stop, I point them to Tom Turner’s house.

I know many of you have been getting to know our deputies this past year, and you have given me great feedback. When an opening occurs here, the Sheriff has given me the ability to choose from the many, many deputies who wish to transfer here. Please take some time and say hi; a great bunch of guys and girls; the best I have ever worked with.

Please remember now that our lobby is open, and so is the prescription medication disposal bin. We are here Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Feel free to stop by.

If you are coming home from an extended stay, please let us know so we can take you off the closed house list. If you are going away for a while…on our web page is a closed house form that you can fill out. When submitted, the form will go directly to me, or call us during the same period.

Thank you again for all your support, and as always we are here if you need us.

Sgt. Steve Langevin

The Palm Beach Shores Seasiders have decided to cancel their annual Charity Bazaar in February for the safety of our members & attendees due to the ongoing COVID virus.

This is our largest fundraiser for our charities. We will launch a Town wide donation drive in mid January called “Seasiders Share by the Seashore”.

Our Best Little Town in Florida has always supported us and we hope this will continue for this endeavor.

More details will follow after the Holidays so please stay tuned.
Please click on the LINK for more detail