OCTOBER 22, 2020

Even though our leaves don’t change colors and we don’t have frost on the pumpkins, we can tell it is fall. The days are not quite as hot, the ocean water is cooler and rougher, and best of all the night air is a bit cooler and our winter residents are slowly returning. Welcome home!

Fall also brings with it two other things: the end of Hurricane Season and the dredging of the Inlet. This year dredging is scheduled to begin on or about October 26th and will continue 24 hours a day for about three weeks. In years past, the dredge has discharged its sand into a temporary pumping station installed along the south Jetty seawall. This was a noisy operation with floodlights burning all night long. This year the dredge will be discharged in the near shoreline of the northernmost section of the Palm Beach shoreline. 

The below sketch outlines the areas to be dredged. The dark slice near the pump house calls out the area of the settling basin that is to be dredged.  Click on this link for complete details as promulgated by the Port Authority. 

Also, in November, the Corps of Engineers will be holding a pre-construction meeting on the project to repair and restore the Inlet jetty from the concrete pad to the east end of the jetty. Actual construction work will begin in early February. While Corps Engineers are on-site, they will inspect the riprap running west along the north side of the Inlet to Lake Worth. 

Enjoy the Fall, but don’t blink; before you know it, the Holiday Season will be here!