NOVEMBER 6, 2020
We are closely monitoring Tropical Storm Eta. Current information from the Palm Beach County Emergency Operations Center indicates that Palm Beach County has a 20%-30% possibility of experiencing tropical force winds, beginning as early as tomorrow afternoon. 30 MPH sustained winds with gusts up to 40 MPH are likely. Palm Beach County officials indicated that a Tropical Storm Watch and a Flood Watch will likely be issued today or tomorrow. Heavy rains are forecast ranging from 3-9 inches in South Florida, with 6-9 inches for eastern Palm Beach County. The five-day rainfall forecast models show a possibility of 8-10 inches of precipitation. The Flood Watch is anticipated to be in effect through Tuesday. To that end, high tides for the Port of Palm Beach over the next few days are predicted to occur between midnight and 2 AM and again between noon and 3 PM. Residents should avoid travel on flood-prone streets, especially Lake Drive, during the hours of high tide. The inundation of rainwater during high tides will render storm drains and outfall pipes ineffective and prevent street drainage.

Heavy seas (15 – 20 feet) are also expected during the storm event. The beach, inlet seawall, pumphouse, and inlet walkway will be particularly hazardous under these conditions. Please exercise due caution and maintain a safe distance from the water in these areas. Palm Beach Shores will continue to monitor the storm and relay additional information as it is received.