Please know, in these crazy times, your deputies are here 24/7. We have the ability to add many, many more deputies, and physical assets. We are in contact with the PBSO Fusion center regularly. This unit’s function is to sift through all the intelligence reported from Law enforcement and all social media platforms. I am on daily conference calls with all the commanders of the northern districts and beyond.

We work closely with Riviera Beach Police; I spoke with their Assistant Chief of Police on Sunday afternoon and was briefed as to what they may know. The communication lines between us remain open.

Over this last weekend, we were joined by other deputies from other divisions such as traffic motors and special events personnel, along with our marine units. Many of you have met some members of these units as they enjoy coming to our town from time to time.
At the same time our town, like others, has begun to open to some sort of normalcy. The town’s resorts and marinas are coming back to life after the long hiatus due to COVID19. Traffic will slowly increase as the resorts occupancy increase to their normal levels.

On a less urgent note, please remember all golf carts in town are treated under Florida law as a motor vehicle. As such, the golf cart operator must meet standards and be State REGISTERED, like your car. The golf cart must respect the same laws as you do while driving a car. The golf cart cannot be on the town’s parkway or inlet walkway. It is improper and illegal for a golf cart to drive where a car cannot.

We have given many warnings, and time after time we meet the same folks in non-compliance. Please remember, we do not wish to issue anyone an expensive citation or tow the golf cart. However, we must ensure the safety of all, including pedestrians.

It is that time of year when some of our residents move north. As you do, please contact us to enter the closed house program. Contact numbers remain the same. The main non-emergency numbers are (561) 688-3400 and (561) 844-3456. Emergency, of course, is 911. My email is Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement during these events and know we are here for you.