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Now Hear This: Now Hear This
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All Hands on Deck; All Hands On Deck
Palm Beach Shores is Lagging behind on the
U.S. Census response. 
We need all hands (Residents) to respond ASAP!

This is important to the Town, the County, and the State.  Please read the following message from Janet Kortenhaus-Salmon, our new Town Census Coordinator. Also, you will soon be getting a follow-up call from our newly formed town telephone bank. We will be pestering all residents until our participation rate is 100%. Following Janet’s, you find a couple of short, less urgent news updates. 

Mayor Alan Fiers
(Census Coordinator)
For the last couple of months, you have all heard about the importance of the census, the process of the census, and the rewards of participating in the census.  Since demographics have changed from 2010 until now it is important that all households participate in the census.  The results of the 2020 census will dictate how Palm Beach Shores is viewed for the next ten years to the county, the state, and the federal government.

After the 2010 Census, the published number for Palm Beach Shores was 1142 residents.
For the record-Response rates as of 5/20/20:

National 59.7%                Florida 57.3%             Palm beach County 58.1%

Palm Beach Shores 41.1% Our town response is the second-lowest of all the municipal organizations of Palm Beach County.

Palm Beach County stands to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal money if the count falls short in the 2020 Census. This means Palm Beach Shores will be affected by that loss as well. We must not allow that to happen. And if still, you are not convinced that any of that is important to you, then last but not least, it is in the Constitution of the United States; it is your civic duty, and actually, it is mandated by law.  

Filling out the census form takes just minutes.  Remind your friends and neighbors to fill out the census form.  I have included the link for your convenience.

If you are unable to fill out the form electronically.  Please contact me. We have volunteers who can assist you with doing this.  If you have any questions or have not received any mail for the 2020 Census, please contact me.  The national deadline has been extended so there is still time.

Florida is one of the fastest-growing states in the union. If we continue to fall short in the census count, while at the same time adding new residents, the federal funding gap will just get larger.

“The frightening thing is, there’s no re-do. When the census is done, it’s done. Then it’s for 10 years.”

In a world that is sometimes chaotic and distracting around us all the time, just remember.

  United We Count!!           Thank You, Janet Kortenhaus-Salmon

There is not much new news regarding the COVID-19 situation in the County or Town. There are no new cases on the Island, which means no new cases in town. The positivity rate on county test remains steady in the mid 8% range. And, there is not a new spike in new case numbers. 

However, as we have said before, it will take a full 14 to 21 days to judge the impact, if any, on the relax retractions that have come with the reopening process. We all must continue to be take prudent precautions. Beach and beach parking opening has been uneventful. Thanks to all for your cooperation and understanding.
Town Hall continues on track to re-open to public business on Friday, June 5 th . Permit requests and pick will be by appointment, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. For other Town business please call or email Evyonnne Browning or Sandi Lue before you stop in. This will help the staff prevent crowding in the small lobby.  The Town parking lot will re-open during business hours. 

Office Number: 561-844-3457
Evyonne Browning: