Alan Fiers - Mayor
Evyonne Browning - Town Clerk

Thanks to our Public Works Team , a “real” door, and a plexiglass partition have been installed at the front counter area of Town Hall which will allow you to feel secure when you come in to conduct business with us.  

***The header needs to be completed and the door needs to be painted, but Alan, Andrew, and Jared have done a great job on this project!***

Your Town Hall staff (Sandi, Laura, Wendy, Orlando, and Evyonne) are ready for business… but, you must have an appointment , as no walk-ins will be allowed at this time. You can make an appointment by calling us a 561-844-3457. Only one (1) person at a time can be in the foyer area of the office due to the social distance requirements.

Resident Beach Parking Stickers are ready !
Many of you are getting anxious about getting your beach parking passes, and we have them ready to distribute to you, our residents. They are teal-colored this year, which reflects the beauty of your gorgeous beach! You will need to make an appointment so we can maintain safety for everyone. 
Note:  If you are a renter, you must rent on a yearly basis, and you need to bring a copy of your one-year lease. 

Appointments will be made in 30-minute increments. After each visit, we will take time to prepare the front entrance for the next appointment by thoroughly wiping down the counters, doors, pens, etc. with disinfectant so that when you do visit us, you can feel secure. We will also require everyone to wear a mask and have it on before you come inside the building. If you do not have a mask, you will not be allowed inside the building. 

Non-Resident Beach Parking Stickers
Non-resident beach parking stickers go on sale at 8:30 am on July 1! They are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, and only one (1) sticker per person. The cost is $200 each and we have 40 to sell. Historically, everyone is lined up outside Town Hall early in the morning, and this year will no doubt be any different. However, we will need for everyone to maintain the 6-foot social distance requirement. To help, we have place parking cones outside, 6 feet apart. Please help us by adhering to this process.

Building Permits
As a reminder, the Building Department is open for permits on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, but you must call Laura Brown at 561-844-3457 to schedule an appointment . Please make sure that you have everything you need before you come to Town Hall. If you are not sure if your submittal is complete, please speak with Laura ahead of time and she can walk you through the requirements for submittal. 

Virtual Meeting Processes
We have awesome news regarding the much-needed upgrade to the audio/visual system for our Town meetings! On June 22, 2020, Commission Meeting, it was unanimously approved to give the Commission Chambers a complete overhaul by installing a new recording system, new microphones, upgraded wiring, and two (2) commercial flat-screen televisions so we can hold “live” video conferencing at all meetings. The target date for the work to be completed is at the August 2020 Commission Meeting! This will be a great benefit during this current “pandemic” era, but also for our “snowbirds” to virtually attend meetings as well! Thank you, Wendy Wells, for doing the research!  


Steve Langevin - Sergeant - District #20 PBSO
Crazy times sometimes get crazier before they return to some sense of normalcy. Palm Beach County board of county commissioners ordered the beaches closed again this July 4 th weekend. The times will be Friday 11:59 PM to Sunday midnight.

As you know the protest over the Blue Heron Bridge to the Ocean Mall went well and was very peaceful. In just under 3 hours PBSO responded to Palm Beach Shores with over 60 deputies positioned in Town in the event civil unrest would occur, as it did elsewhere. Thankfully all went well. There were no additional costs to the Town whatsoever for the additional deputies, drones, and additional equipment brought in.

The Sheriff has agreed to enhance the current security of the Town with new and improved cameras at the Town's entrances and adding a new system along the Inlet walkway. This is something we have long thought about but budgeting concerns put the project on hold. The $16,701.00 cost is followed by a new Police/District 20 building locking system; a new card swipe system is being installed with all costs paid by the Sheriff.

Some may have noticed this past Friday we had an unannounced visit by the Sheriff's Mounted Unit. The deputy and horse TONKA, walked each street in town, saying hello to residents and just getting to know us.

The large Houseboat was removed from within the Town boundaries in the intercostal waterway on Friday. I hitched a ride with the Marine patrol and spoke with the owner/operator of the vessel, after some back and forth he was given 48 hours to leave our Town’s limit and he did so. He had been issued two marine citations before this by PBSO Marine Unit.

The new parking tickets will be out soon, there is an additional 10 Dollar fee per ticket issued. The clerk of courts office is mandated by statute to add this charge; all tickets will be handled by their office going forward. Before this, we had no teeth in collecting the fines for the parking tickets. Also, while the Sheriff’s office will issue the parking tickets using the in-car computers and printers, the fines will stay with the Town.

Stay safe and call if you need us.

Below is a hammerhead shark that the tides brought in 06-30-2020, Tuesday morning. Florida wildlife commission took possession of the remains.

Trevor Steedman - Fire Chief

2020 continues to be a year of change and challenges. The COVID-19 rollercoaster currently has us heading in an unwanted direction. Our residential and business communities have done an outstanding job of slowing the spread of the virus by practicing the current CDC recommendations. Nevertheless, we exist as part of the larger County and State community that is struggling to keep the virus in check, particularly here in South Florida. The evolving nature of the COVID-19 information, restrictions, and re-openings have been frustrating and daunting at times for many people. To that end, we are experiencing varying degrees of recognition and compliance as evidenced predominately by the 18-34 age group demographic who now account for the most rapid rise in COVID-19 positive test cases. The best analogy that I can offer is akin to predicting hurricanes. The most contemporary science and data is utilized to create predictions, including the trajectory and damage potential of the storm. That information is subject to change, influenced by a variety of factors and variables. The human response to this information varies as well. Some folks will take due notice and choose to distance themselves from the threat. Others accept the risk, board-up, hunker down and ride the storm out until conditions improve. Still, a few dismiss the potential hazards and go dance in the rain. Time-tested efforts to legislate human behavior or out-wit biology have yielded mixed results. Nevertheless, the clear mission remains to keep everyone up to date with the best information possible in hopes to influence good decisions and encourage personal responsibility. Our community has done exceptionally well in those regards. Together, we will continue to be resilient and rise to these challenges. Your Palm Beach Shores Emergency Services are in regular communication with Local, State, and Federal agencies to keep you safe and informed. We will work together as we adjust our course and speed to navigate these recent speed bumps. Here are some updates and general information to that effect:     
COVID-19 Update Information:
Town Beach & Private Beaches:
  •  Palm Beach County enacted Emergency Order # 13, mandating that all beaches close for the July 4th Weekend (from 12:01 A.M. on Friday, July 3rd until 11:59 PM on Sunday, July 5th).

Town Hall & Town Hall Parking Lot
  • Town Hall parking is restricted to Town Hall business and related hours.  Engineering and safety controls were installed in Town Hall for the health and wellness of our citizens and employees. These enhancements provide for limited-contact transactions and minimize the risk of communicable germ spread. Wearing of facial coverings is required by anyone coming into Town Hall per County Order # 12
Hurricane Preparation
We are now officially into the 2020 Hurricane Season. Although many of us are well-accustomed to the planning and preparedness rituals, here is a helpful link: .  This information is also available in Spanish and Creole on the linked site.

Re-Entry Passes
  • We are updating the re-entry permit system and process for our Town residents…More information to come soon.

Shelters with COVID-19
  • Many of our residents have a pre-designated location that they will evacuate during hurricanes. Those residents that plan to use a local shelter or hotel should ask about potential restrictions in advance. COVID-19 has become a critical factor in estimating the capacities of shelters and lodging capabilities, effectively reducing the number of available spaces and accommodations. Please feel free to contact me for more information if you are planning on using a public shelter facility.

As always, please feel free to call or email me with your questions or concerns.

(561) 296-2280